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Clever Nano who fuses flesh and steel - Might 9/12 | Speed 8/14 | Intellect 11/20

About Nano Callidus

Ports and Plugs Nano

Callidus has lived on the streets since he was young, finding and stealing tech to sell and learning (with sometimes catastrophic results) to infuse his body with the tech on his own. Since the fusing was done by himself and all of his knowledge of numanera and cyphers was self-taught his cybernetics are a ramshackle and hodgepodge mess of wires, circuitry and ports. Because of this Callidus is always adjusting and fiddling with the tech, tinkering with it, moving wires from one port to another replacing portions with newer or better found and stolen hardware.

Given his lack of appropriate protocols for safely fusing cybernetics with flesh, where his flesh meets steel, or where a port was recently infused his flesh is often pink with infection, or he leaves scars with his untrained incisions and suturing.

Callidus is clever, living off what he can find or steal and while he's a nano he's not great with knowledge or history. He's a natural, self-learner adept at manipulating nanites and numenera without understanding the larger picture, or why things are the way they are. As a petty thief Callidus often finds himself having to quickly talk his way out of a situation, or bluff his way past those in authority.

XP: 2 (spent 8)

Might 12
Speed 14
Intellect 20

- Effort 1
- Intellect edge of 2
- Might, Speed Edge 0
- Light Weapons
- Expert Cypher user - 3 cyphers at once
- Trained in Numenera - attempt to understand and identify properties
- Start with Clothing, Weapon, Book about numenera, three cyphers, 4 shins
- Esoteries - Hedge Magic, Onslaught, Push, Scan, Ward

- +2 intellect
- Trained in all interactions involving lies or trickery
- Trained in defense rolls to resist mental effects
- Trained in all tasks involving identifying or assessing danger, lies, quality or importance, functinon or power
- Never good at studying or training trivial knowledge difficulty in tasks of lore increased one step
- 10 extra shins

Fuses Flesh and Steel
- Connection - Another PC knows the technology and frequency of the broadcast portion of the central processing units attached to Calliduses' nervous system. In addition the PC knows the secret key necessary to decrypt the information in the data stream. With the right equipment anyone with this knowledge could track the location and perhaps monitor aspects of Calliduses' cybernetics such as see what he's seeing through an enhanced eye. With the right skills someone could take control of the various technologies, causing them to trigger, or shut off portions of his systems. The other PC knows this information because for the initial fusing of the control unit into Calliduses' nervous system he had to be unconscious, the other PC had to instantiate a wireless connection and run the boot code.
- Free light tools
- Minor effect - Servos learn from successful actions - +1 to similar actions (after first)
- Major Effect Discharge a small charge into foe - Using same stat that causes Major effect - Make immediate attack - 4 points electrical damage

Tier 1
- +1 Armor
- +3 to might pool
- +3 to Speed Pool
- Special Healing - First 5 damage must be healed by using repairing methods

Starts with 14 because of "Clever"
Shins: 29

Leather Jerkin - 3
Bag of light tools - (Free, Fuses Flesh and Steel)
Messenger bag(backpack) - 2

Spot 1 :
Spot 2 : Numenera EMP
Spot 3:

Appears as a Deus Ex, Elysium, Borg mashup.