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The Thing from Beyond the Edge wrote:

Sneaks up and takes a sample.


AHEM, excuse me.

Hastily scribbles down notes. Oil, necromantic dinosaurs, giant space slugs. I have my next shopping list.


Studpuffin wrote:
Nagpa Nick wrote:
I could sell you a Potion of Singe Ninja Power to help you with that...

Sounds like snake oil to me...


I don't think the Imperial Dragon who *cough* donated a scale for the potion would appreciate being called a snake, but that might just be me.

(Of course, he didn't appreciate donating the scale either, but...)


Studpuffin wrote:
How does one go about mugging a pirate to acquire said rum?


I could sell you a Potion of Singe Ninja Power to help you with that...

Crimson Jester wrote:
No thank you. Can I get some frebreeze in here though?

Ugh, nasty habit. You really should cut down on that.

*paws through the feathers and other refuse, muttering to self*

Lobster of Eire wrote:

You'll never catch me!


*pinchidy pinch!*

Empowered Maximized Heightened Magic Missile

I only need a certain gland. You may have the rest of the carcass, little one...

Vinny da Vulture wrote:
circles the thread once before dive bombing someone

Casts wall of force over himself and continues working over his cauldron, muttering something about embarrassing cousins...

stormraven wrote:
Studpuffin wrote:

<the room darkens, Studpuffin grows to enormous size as flames wreathe him.>


<returns to normal>

*Holds up sign:Did everything just taste purple to you guys?*

Definitely getting a little purple after-taste over here...

Sorry, sorry. Used the newt's tongue when I should have put it frog's liver.

...Do we have any more of that lovely tengu blood available?

*SQUAWK* Tengu blood, just the reagent I needed.

Gets out a sponge and bucket.

I'll stitch you up in a moment, sonny.