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Clearly, something went awry...

Why! Why did I take Divine Source over Dual Initiative!

Tell me about it.

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Great! Now I gotta use up my surges for the day getting out this...

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Plan worked, the canary is dead:-)

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Also they can't sue you if you've ascended Mythically, so i've heard, from this bird that looked familiar somehow if it weren't for his peculiar mustache.....

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NobodysHome wrote:

Once again I see people saying, "Oh, the problem is the players, not the mythic rules. There's no problem with the ruleset. The problem is that your players are min/maxing munchkins."

I beg to differ.

My party LOVES roleplay. To the point that in my Jade Regent campaign, I just essentially granted them a Wish from a ghael azata, and their wish was, "Please resurrect this 1st-level NPC whose name we didn't even know because he died trying to defend us."

That's the kind of group I'm running.

And yet in mythic rules, they find things akin to:
- "Take +1 to attacks"
- "Take +1 to spell DCs"
- "Have butterflies follow you through a field of poppies."

So thats why i can't catch that f#$&ing Bird!

i get a field of g+&~++n flowers and that Jerk Canary takes Dual Initiative!
i need a new agent

Is this the Coyote Convention then?

or did i take a wrong turn at Albuquerque?