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Come and peruse my wares!

Muulsh pores over his disheveled tent

"Hmm Hmm! Time to get things in order!"

He directs several urchins in the sweeping up and general tidying of the large merchant tent.

"Careful with that vase Waleed! It is Imperial Azlanti! Gemal! Lazier than a donkey in clover! Put some effort into sweeping that entrance!"

Come and peruse my wares!

Muulsh orders his lieutenants to go to the Ranger and Dryad to look for information

Ashara Gyvadoux wrote:

"With that, good sir, I bid you farewell. Don't dally to long in your investigations."

Muulsh smiles and escorts Ashara to the door

As soon as they return I shall send them into the bazaar to accumulate information ..

Ashara Gyvadoux wrote:

"Then that would be the first place to start your investigation. Perhaps you can hire some adventurers to solve this particular mystery?"

She picks up the glass disc and places it in her pocket.

Hmm, I have two mercenary captains on retainer, perhaps I will send them out to discover what is what.

Muulsh strokes his long beard thoughtfully as the magic image talks

Indeed I had no idea that safe was present. I have just done extensive renovations to the property thanks to several very profitable deals I concluded, but this safe was never revealed.

Strokes his beard again

It was a pawnbroker's shop when I first bought it. Perhaps the previous owner had the safe to keep items he was worried about.

Ashara Gyvadoux wrote:
Muulsh the Merchant wrote:

Muulash sends servants with an invitation to Ashara to have her and her secretive gnome associate meet him for dinner at his palace

The invitation is excepted, but there will seating for only one. Ashara Gyvadous arrives alone. Inher possession is a flat glass disc.

Muulsh's servants make her comfortable, and soon the rotund silk-clad form of Muulah himself sweeps into the dinig room where Ashara had been ensconced.

"Greetings and may Abadar's blessings increase your happiness! I am Muulsh, Treasurer of the Merchant's Council, jeweler, and banker. I have heard you have some information on the attack on my place of business?"

BluePigeon wrote:

His contacts deliver good news. One gnome, Pipkin Blackthrone, is indeed alive within the Bazaar. His contact is a rather loyal Aasimar paladin named Ashara Gyvadoux. It is through her Muulsh can set an appointment. The gnome, however will not visit Muulsh, as he is nearing the status of elder gnome and is very reclusive. His unsurpassed skill at designing safes and vault is legendary in and out of the Bazaar. One fact remains about Pipkin. He is honest is his business dealings and very secretive about his trade.

Muulash sends servants with an invitation to Ashara to have her and her secretive gnome associate meet him for dinner at his palace

BluePigeon wrote:
the architect may still alive and somewhere within the vicinity of the Bazaar. The seal appears to be gnomish in origin.[/i][/ooc]

Muulsh calls upon certain of his contacts in the lower orders of the Bazaar to find out any information on this architect. Meanwhile, he contracts for two lieutenants to coordinate his security, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. The two have wandered into the Bazaar after wandering the Interthereal Sea after the destruction of Club Calistria. Low on specie, they have hired out as consultants to the fat wealthy merchant

Sorry I haven't been around, lots going on around here, 'tis outdoor time..

Muulsh does an inventory of his goods, trying to track down what is missing. He also hires more guards and a wizard to enchant his shop against scrying and theives

Muulsh arrives at the scene of the attack and rapidly arrainges for his building to be repaired

What in the Hells was that drow witch after?

Zhalail of the Lost House wrote:

A cloaked dark elf enters the Bazaar and proceeds swiftly, (with obvious magical assistance) towards the nearest bank and moneylender. An amulet of her faith can be seen dangling loosely from her neck.

** spoiler omitted **

The dark elf spies many houses of lending. One in particular, the House of Muulsh is extremely well apointed, with gold and jewels displayed in its window. The sign boasts of banking, lending and goldsmithing services. A huge chimney rises like a squat smokestack from the center of the building, belching an orange-tinged fire smoke. A crossed-hammers symbol is carved below the sign:

Knowledge(Local) 10:

The sigul symbolizes that the merchant is an offical Minter of Bazaar tradecoins, and is legally able to convert metals into standard coinage

Muulsh, after refurbishing his shop to a showpiece and becoming Treasurer of the Merchant's Guild begins loaning some of his newly accquired massive wealth to various merchants, especially those dealing in armaments and bulk grain. He rejoices to hear about the new king's expansion in Sandreef.

"Ahh, one thing you can always bank on is a war starting somewhere or other," He chortles

He dispatches an envoy to the royal court of King Mirathan offering his services as a factor in the Bazaar.

Muulsh is busy directing workmen who are refurbishing his shop. It is being clad in rare marbles and gilt brass fittings. A steady steam of merchants and noble retainers visit him while he renovates

... Yes Lord Groven, I am certain I can lend your leige the required sums at a reasonable rate of interest ...

... YOU THERE! Be careful with that rose marble! That piece of it is worth more than your hide! ...

... Belisarius, I will be more than willing to donate to the new merchant's council building, but I feel I need to assume the post of treasurer if I am to be called on to tender such a large sum ...

Db3's BBEG wrote:
Growing bored with walking along the ground with all the rejects who freqeunt the Bazaar, the lady halfling looks for a new place to walk, and jumps to the rooftops as she continue on her way. Every few moments a person in the Bazaar dies suddenly and the light sound of laughter floats in the air.

Muulsh stares about as people begin to fall in the streets. He hurreidly shuts up his jewelry shop

Arielle wrote:

Reasonable to assume that Muulsh will settle on some exorbitant price for the stars? I'm going to assume so and we can do a flashback to settle things if there's any need.

Oh yeah, money is always good

Muulsh calls merrily to the small girl and her grandfather as they leave his shop

A pleasure meeting you both! Please come again!

And it most certainly was.. He thought with barely-hid glee

He ducks back inside and closes and locks his door. A muttered word causes arcane runes in the lintel to glow momentarily

The shop is now warded quite efficiently from most magics

He approaches his counter, almost shivering with anticipation. On the black velvet drape that had once held the interesting trinket stones there now gleamed a pile of precious stones.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and a halfdozen other types of stones lie in a heap, twinkling. Muulsh's eyes open wide as he screws a jeweler's loupe into his left eye and squints at his new treasures.

Flawless ... flawless He mutters

His mind is ablaze at the fortune the elder elemental had carelessly dropped on his counter.

A king's ransom ... two king's ransoms ... It's amazing .. He mutters as he feverishly inspects the pile of finely-cut gems.

Arielle wrote:
... How much do you want for them?" she asked with a wide-eyed innocent smile.

Muulsh smiles widely

"Good day child! I am sure you are fascinated by these pretties, but I am afraid I must ask a dear price in gold for them. They are rare beyond imagining and I have several buyers waiting to purchase them."

He turns to a counter and brings down a silver chain with a brightly-colored butterfly pendant.

"Now THIS piece is much more proper for such a lovely young girl. Crafted by the elves of the Great Forest, it's made of silver with mithril chasing. The wings are enameled. What do you think?"

Muulsh trundles to his shop, a high-end pawn/jeweler's building

"Hmm, everyone seems to be searching for these odd gems."

Muulsh opens his beltpouch and spills a handfull of glowing gems on a pad of black velvet.

"Grokus never knew what he held. Ah, the possibilities.."

Muulsh observes the tumult of the newcomers in the souk

Odd that ..

The fat merchant looks up at the gathering stormclouds

Hmm ... we haven't had a good storm in quite a while..

Lightning flashes as anvil-headed thunderheads sail over the Bazaar.

Muulsh bargains hard for a few maps and codexes he finds in Jyssil's shop. He places several large golden coins on her counter

There we are Mistress. A pleasure doing business with you, but now it is time for my chamber luncheon. If you will excuse me?

Gesturing for his secretary to grab the items, Muulsh turns, and departs, bodyguards and secretary in tow.

Jyssill the Farwalker wrote:

"I can't translate the author, but this reads as the Chronicles of the Dragonlance. Fascinating world really, bu too many dragons for my taste. There is something about a journal and a map. Something about the Elemental Plane of Water and a Palace of the Black Pearls. It's a chillingly gothic account. A group of adventurers stormed the lair of a sea-lich, and failed to destroy her."

Muulsh hums and haws

It might be good reading ..

Tristan runs by, followed by the bread merchant

Tch! A thief in the market. That boy is heading straight for the Debtor's Wheel if he isn't careful.

Jyssill the Farwalker wrote:


"Whatever tickles yuir fancy. I have maps of rare locations, of strongholds, of elemetal planes, celestial, the lower planes of the Infernal Hells, and demi-planes. I have journal entries for study if you need to brows through them."...

Muulsh smiles

I just might do some browsing. What journals would you reccommend, Mistress ...?

Jyssill the Farwalker wrote:

The shopkeeper looks at the girthy alderman discerningly. "No guv, afraid not. The Tian Xia guard their lands and maps jealously. They are known to send marauders and assassins to ruin mapmakers."

Muulsh sighs

Ah well, they do guard their secrets well. Well, what maps DO you sell? Planar? Extra-planar?

Yawn ..mornin'

The fat alderman merchant stumps up the road, looking for likely merchants to check on. He pauses in front of Jyssill's shop

Ah! Maps and printing! A fine profession indeed! I say, proprietress? Do you have a map of the far eastern land of Tian Xia?

Muulah sits at a nearby table and samples the provender and the ale

Smashing, simply smashing! I will certainly keep your shop in mind for our monthly council meeting!

Muulsh belches politely and wips the crumbs from his double chin

MacGardun the Brewer wrote:
"Brew, aye, I have a wide selection and variety. Name your brand. And, that be Double Rostland with buscuits, both fresh within the day. Is this a personal order or do ye wish to purchase in bulk for a tavern or feasthall?"

Muulsh smiles, his small eyes bright

Well, my fine sir, I'll take a nice Andoran lager, perhaps an Arthfell Forest Amber? For now, I am just looking for personal consumption, but as the Secretary of the Bazaar Merchant's Council I am always interested in new victuallers for our occasions.

Muulsh looks over MacGardun's stores with a keen eye

MacGardun the Brewer wrote:

Barrels and kegs, like the pyramids of Osirion, are stacked neatly around his large warehouse and before it is stands a stout dwarven merchant. Smaller crates and displays show jams, jellies, spiced honeys. The scent of fresh cheeses wafers from his shop. Robust and red of cheeks, the black-beard dwarf eagerly awaits customers to sample his brews, lagers, and ales.

He eagerly awaits his first customer.

The rotund man waddles up to MacGardun

I say good brewer, your product looks excellent today! Let me have a long pint of your best brew!

Peers over a wheel of cheese

Is that cheese Double Rostland? A slice of that with some biscuits as well my good fellow!

The porty merchant licks his lips in anticipation

A rotund man dressed in fine silks and vair struts along, two large well-armed assistants in tow. He stops occasionally to chat with a merchant or shopper. Fine gold rings adorn his fingers and a large gold alderman's chain hangs on his squat neck.