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Sam Phelan wrote:

Hello Murawt,

I have updated the shipping address to what appears to be the most recent address added to your account. I have sent you a new confirmation email providing the new applied address. Please let me know if this address is not correct.

I'm trying to spread this bit of process knowledge as we are seeing longer response times during this backlog. We answer inquiries by going to the oldest date and answering forward, this means bumping your thread could push your thread out of where we are currently working - doing the exact opposite by pushing it back in the queue by making the thread newer. I've noticed a lot of people have done this and I'm trying to track them all down, so I'm sorry for the wait!

No no, it's fine. I got the email, and am happy it got shifted to my new address. Thank you for the help :D

Just bumoing this up as it has been a week without a response.

Hello Paizo,

I just put an order in for the 2nd edition swag, but as I was reviewing the order, I noticed that the Lost Omens World Guide is being sent to my old address. I was wondering if you could fix it and send to the address everything else is going to, as that is my current address.

Thank you in advance, and looking forward to reading this new ruleset

~ Murawt

I recently fell in with a group that wants to do max level/1st tier mythic game, as ascended beings going off to save the cosmos, to boil it down to the basic premise.

Anyways, I recently found an old character sheet for a mythic tier Inquisitor that I made back when I was playing in a WotR game. He was a Teifling Inquisitor of Iomaede with the Justice Inquisiton, focused heavily in teamwork feats to take advantage of Solo Tactics, had access to Radiance, since the campaign really only had me as the pious character and the DM was like "Just..take it and don't b*@#*.", and was tiered to Hierophant.

As the title suggested, I want to rework him to be a bit more viable for the campaign, and was wondering what you guys would suggest what I should do for spells, gear ideas, and if I should swap anything out to make him a bit more powerful.

Thank you very much :D

Hello, Paizo :D

I am posting this here because my order for my Pathfindr Adventures Subscription says the following under payment method:

"This order requires a valid payment method."

I have my debit card linked to my account, and have had that paying for the sub since 2015 (albeit, changing cards over cause the other expired recently). Is it something on my end that I can fix, or do I need your guys help to resolve the issue?

Thank you again for taking time to read :D

Hello everyone! I have a question about something I am doing for my game.

While I just started this with my group, I have read through the first volume and gotten into the second to get myself ahead and make sure I am ready for anything my players can throw at me. I got to thinking that I wanted to do something fun with my game, and that was recording myself and using that as the audio gems my players will find later on in Part 1.

My big question is, if the title didn't give it away, was what would Azlani sound like? I was thinking of just translating the English words into Latin, doing my best to speak said Latin, and run with that, but I wanted to ask you guys what old languages would be more appropriate for an Azlanti other then Latin?

That is perfect! Thank you very much for the help :D

Hello there, Paizo people!

so I would like to say that I love the AP sub I got several months ago, but I have a bit of a problem. I had moved recently, and had to change my address. The last part of Hell's Vengeance and the first part of Strange Aeons went to my old address. I got the former from my friend, who now lives at that address, but I missed the Strange Aeons book because he wasn't there to get it.

I went to the post office to find out that it had been returned to you guys, and I was wondering if there is anyway I can get Strange Aeons #1 resent to me at the new address I have added on my account? I have received Strange Aeons #2 at my current address, so this should be the only hiccup.

Sorry if my thought process is all over the place.

Hey all, I have a bit of a question for an idea I plan on using.

I am not sure how Alchemist's fire works when it comes to it's exposure to air, but the common thing is that it ignites when you throw the bottle and it shatters. I had this idea for an upcoming session with a friend of mine where his CE Alchemist makes myself some AF, I use it to douse some furniture in a target's apartment (my character being a NE assassin), and then using a vial of AF to ignite all the doused furniture to start a fire of sorts in the target's house to smoke him out, and get the contract we are under done.

Would this be at all possible, and if so, how careful would my character have to be not to make himself a human matchstick?

Hello there, fellow GM's and players. I have a bit of predicament to work with here, as I think I have worked myself into a corner. ^^;

My party had just found the wreck of the Direption, and found out the plague was man-made. Now, I deviated a bit and used an idea here that Ileosa isn't the mastermind behind the eventual evil in Korvosa, thanks to Inspectre, and instead it's Andaisan's retaliation and making the city burn.

Now, the Sorcerer and Paladin of Abadar of the party lost a good friend to this plague, and both have sought revenge on whoever is behind it. The Sorcerer took it hard, and plans on burning her slowly and enjoying every second of it, while the Paladin thinks it's the right thing to do and wants to cut her down for what she did (even though they have no idea it's her yet.)

Anyways, both are motivated by revenge, and the Magus and Brawler of the party support them fully on this decision. I support the Sorcerers outburst, but I tried to tell the Paladin that he wouldn't be motivated by revenge, and instead would want to bring the perp to justice, but he sees the death of a friend as an "eye for an eye" type of justice.

Both drew cards related to the final fight:
"The Trumpet" for the Paladin and
"The Survivor" for the Sorcerer

How would I set this up so both feel satisfied with the eventual outcome? And how do I convince the Paladin to bring those behind it to justice instead of killing them?

I have a slight inquiry about my order, if it is not too much trouble.

Upon reviewing the order, it says it has been shipped, but it also says that before being shipped my information was declined twice before being accepted the last time, I do believe.

What is puzzling me is that it says my account was billed three times for the same order, and I have lost a significant sum of money that I needed to pay bills and student expenses. I am not sure if it is a glitch on your end, or my bank, but I thought I would just bring it up just in case.

If it my banks end, I will be heading there tomorrow to get this all sorted out. Thank you for your time :)

Thanks for the feed back, people. It really helps with my problem. Also, another tidbit of information with him is that he wants tot ake the Dragoncrafting feat, which is alright by me, but the way he put it is as follows:

"I am taking it to make all these cool things when I hit this level. Also, I am going to go hunt a dragon when I get it."
"Well, if a dragon comes up, you can use the feat."
"No, I don;t care what you say, I am breaking off from the party to hunt a dragon."

So, after a session last night, I have to ask this.

I GM Pathfinder bi-weekly, with my roommate DM'ing a 3.5 campaign on the weeks I am not doing my thing. While not intentionally bad, I did notice a few things.

The first thing that I noticed is that he inserted a character of his own creation into the game he is hosting, which is completely fine with me. Only problem with it? His inserted character is a way higher level then ours. We have 3rd level characters, and he is using a 10th level character to be "silly" as he puts it. At his turn at the story-weaving helm, he attempted to steal my summoned water elemental (Playing a Halfling Druid, btw, which he thinks is a stupid idea.) saying that because his higher level character knows a language that my character can not speak, he can steal my summon and deny me a support that I needed for a plan I was formulating in my head. I was almost tempted to quit there.

Now, on to last night. I am running RotRL with this group, and I am really trying to get them to roleplay, but they don't want any of it and just want the combat. I prepared a decent session out of the first bit of the book, and a bit with them being introduced to Foxglove. The games I had devised during the Swallowtail Festival were almost gone unnoticed by them, except the Barbarian who participated in a weightlifting contest, the tug-of-war, and a meat pie eating contest. Anyways, I digress.

When it came to introducing the goblins, and as I was trying to explain things, my roommate, the other GM at the table, kept cutting me off. Saying his character wanted to do this before I even set the scene. He constantly brought 3.5 knowledge to the table, which doesn't translate well in PF, and kept talking over a player I had trouble hearing because he had to play over Skype cause his car broke-down.

I don't know what I am going to do. I live with this guy, so I can't cut him out without some kind of repercussion. I need help here, people. Sorry if it seams like I am whining, and I hope it doesn't ^^;

That you very much for the update. I was worrying for awhile ^^;

I don't mean to be a bother, and I know the warehouse is backed up, but I have a question about my order.

When I ordered at the beginning of the month, I set up my payment plan, and checked out when I got an error message form the website. I am not sure if my card went through, and that is the reason why it is pending.

If it did, then I know I am just in the giant pile of back ups from the Great Golem Sale, and I am sorry for being a bother again ^^;

Well, my plan is to create 4 characters, each are selectable as the main focus of the game. Most of the game is seen through their eyes and actions, so depending on the character you pick, you play their lives through the events of the Crimson Throne. While the encounters in the AP will be there, most of it would be their personal stories in Korvosa and beyond.

Again, sorry for being dumb ^^;

Hello all! I have had a question that has been bothering me for a few weeks now, and was wondering if anyone would have an answer for me. But I tend to digress, so please bare with me ^^;

Several months ago, I jumped from the highest peak of a mountain and fell face first into the rushing waters that was Pathfinder. I haven;t been able to get enough of it, and I have had my hands in both GMing and as a player. I fell in love with the system, and have not found anything else like it in terms of openness and creativity.

My first love with he system was an AP called "Curse of the Crimson Throne.", as it was the first game I ever GM'd. Sadly, one of the players had to leave when school started up again, since they would be busy, and the others that were left kept making new characters every session, got heated over loot and coin. I just couldn't handle it, so I dropped it.

I still love the AP, and I always wondered how it would unfold if it had true characters that stayed until the end, didn't desert their comrades every time because of plot device A or deus-ex-machina B. What would of happened, you know?

I big question is, however, is if I would be allowed to turn the AP into a video game using game making software, and be allowed to post it up for people to play for free. Mainly for those who are interested in Pathfinder, but can't seem to find a group.

This probablky sounds like a dumb thing to post here about, but I just want to see if it is alright to do so without breaking any copyright or trademarks for doing free distribution. I tend to get all my bases covered before I do anything that could make me look like a fool ^^;