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2 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


Abby Thrune, Despot wrote:
Elvanna, Witch queen, Ski Bunny wrote:
justaworm wrote:
Skeld wrote:

No thanks. I live in Korvosa.


Hmm, I am trying to figure out who is the Queen ...
There's only one queen that matters.
Oh yeah! Bring it on b+!@#!!

Dear me, is this a popularity brawl! without me!

Kermie, please hold my bag.


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Limeylongears wrote:

'Devastating' Miss Taekwondo is even better.

EDIT: There's a super-glam Monk archetype for you, right there.

That's what Kermey said! i wonder where he went to, i haven't seen him since our last lesson...

Because whenever she instructs Kermit in martial arts, she inevitably blasts him off screen, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and The Swedish chef were my favorites on that show, haven't watched the new version, i hear they're all a##$@+$s now.