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I'm surprised no-one has thought of one simple in universe name choice for a demi-god type class...

Aspirant. You are someone aspiring to take the starstone challenge by accruing personal legends and followers to boost some latent divine/profane energy.

Now whilst James did say it contains 3 vowels, he never specified them as all different ;)

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Wow, super surprised no-one mentioned this yet. But what about an Awakened Creature ancestry?

With a base like. +2 Str or Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Int. You can choose 25ft of x speed but if you choose other than land, your land speed becomes 5 ft. Low HP.
Then the ancestries can based on different traits (like aquatic, predator, prey etc).

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I always pictured the Thaumaturge using more of poetic reasoning, even with the werewolf example.

Like I would picture the thought process being 'a wolf is a dog, dogs can't eat chocolate, let's smear some on my hammer before I batter that werewolf'... Or BBQ sauce against a Wereboar

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I've just gone through the old 3.5 classes (retro I know) and come across the Archivist.

A prepared divine caster that uses a prayer book and focuses on the mysteries/libraries/dark knowledge (though it could flex to occult as well).
If there is an unknown class to be paired with the Inquisitor, this would be a thematically sound. The only issue I could see would be making it stand out mechanically

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I think as the Lost Omens Gods and Magic has already come out the next announced book will be primal based, with more wilderness and snares to toy with. Going off this...

I would dearly love a FF Blue Mage style Shifter (with different origins so primal is separate to arcane and alchemical accident, etc). And in fact, maybe that is more what they had in mind with synthesist summoners? As they share nearly the same design space don't they?

I think the only other logical 2nd class would be the kineticist, but I'm picturing more feat lines and powers rather than any actual spells (or casting like the summoner/magus), maybe even elemental skill feats?

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For Magus I personally wanted a cantrip combat based character, using light to blind enemies, mage hand to pull them off balance, a spiked shield variant to bash enemies with, that kind of thing. I don't want it to fall into the trap of just another caster

With the Sally Guard, I have to appreciate the logical reason why they'd have got thrown off their steed... It seems they don't have a saddle haha

Super stoked for this release!

Just have to say my hope for eventual neutral champion's titles to be as follows;
LN: Scholar (as I see them as impartial followers of law, some sort of bonus on restraint?)
N: Adjudicator (more as a maintain the balance, points against emotion effects)
CN: Rebel (kinda obvious, some sort of random effect ability)
Just ideas for now, because you never know haha

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With the Witch I personally was hoping for stronger familiar, more along the line of magical companions. Something like animated nonweapon-objects with familiar traits, so you could have your standard broomstick riding witch all the way up to Baba Yaga's house

Basically what it says on the tin.

I really want a focussed shapeshifting class, I know other classes have flavours of it, but nothing 100%.

I'm imagining the 'shifts' for certain abilities (such as growing claws/pseudopods or turning into a swarm) functioning as stances, with the addition of other monster abilities like the earth elementals reaction of collapsing into the earth.
Like the Shifter in 1e combined with the non-animal companion Hunter but with more.

You can have different origins too; blood, cursed, alchemical, freak accident, divine.

I just think there's too much in the idea to have it relegated to a subfeature of different other classes is all

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Friendly reminder; whips are slashing, you can now have chainsaw whips

I'm wondering if druids now have optional familiars will they still have an animal companion? or will rangers instead have the animal companions in a more hunter class style of mechanic? (because I'm not opposed to that considering all the benefits druids already get)

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I personally am intrigued by the ancestry and ancestry feats; as it gives hopes for a flashbang style halo feat for aasimars, a tail fighting one for tieflings and some sort of jewel encrusted ancestry for an oread (with bonus to charisma obviously).
As for having Goblins as core. Get over it. I mean what about your half orcs raised by orcs? are they stigmatized and no less dangerous?
Also I kinda want to make either a goblin unaware of his heritage (think orphaned and raised by a blind Oracle in the middle of nowhere), or a hellknight's 'squire' (see slave/fodder)

I like the term encounter personally.
Because in my mind this is opening up for ease of social conflict as well as physical, instead of using the clunky term of social combat