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Is there any way to get the modules without the PDF? 35$US is getting expensive for us Canadians for each part of an AP. All six parts comes close to 300$CDN!

I hope the issue is fixed soon. That's all I'm waiting for to purchase this. :) I'd purchase now if we get confirmation that I'd get a refund for the price of the PDF I already own.

Seems like some awesome work. :)

Aaron Shanks wrote:
I don’t expect any PDF corrections until the book sells out and needs to be re-printed.

OK, well in that case could we get the text here so we know what's written under there? I'll add a note to my PDF to correct it in the mean time.


Aaron Shanks wrote:
It is possible. VTT support, that is not via licensed partners, is a new landscape that the pandemic pushed us onto. Adapting will take a good deal of time, planning and budgeting. The vast majority of our resources go into creating print products or convenient PDFs. Once we create such tokens, how would we protect them from theft? Who creates them? Do we hire another full-time member of the art team? How do we price them? Do we give them away as part of a subscriber benefit? do we give them away for free as part of the marketing budget? Are they part of a larger Adventure Path package? What’s the price of that? Wheels are turning. We’ll get back to you. ;)

All very valid questions on your end. Thanks for the reply. Keeping my fingers crossed you guys figure it all out.

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Could these pawns ever be released as official token packs for VTTS such as Foundry VTT? I know you've been releasing the bounties on there, which is awesome! I'd love to be able to get official token packs for the Adventure Paths.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to report this, but on page 57 (XIUH COUATL) of the PDF, the monster's image is above some of the text for the stage 2 poison's damage.

Could we get a fixed PDF update please?

that's a perfect explanation. I've read the rule, and with a TIM for AI, the mechanic can use his drone for minor actions easily and spend an RP for it to act as a full crew member for 1 round.

This is pretty much what I was looking for in terms of rules. thanks again!

Thanks for the answer. That’s nice and clear.

Is that info from the new starship operations manual? I don’t see that in the CRB.

Question kinda says it all. I can’t find anything in the rules about this. Can a drone actually do anything during starship combat?