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Dang it, I knew I forgot something! Sorry, the sleep issues due to my tinnitus acting up has me hella outta sorts.

As Josten summons his guitar, and beings to play, Morriana smiles brightly. "Ooh! Stairway to Heaven, a classic! Mind if I provide vocals?" Assuming the godling agrees, she lifts her voice in song.

After the group splits up to scour the tavern for information, Thal and Eli join their sister for breakfast. As Josten approaches, Windchime bustles over carrying a massive tray laden with food. Delicious smelling french toast, bacon, sausage, eggs, and of course, a massive pot of coffee.

Morriana smiles at Josten's question. "We know of her, but not where she resides nor how to find her. However, there are those elsewhere within the Inn who might be able to assist you."

"If yer curious about what each of you can do, ya might wanna go a round or two in the Pit. Either whackin on one another or tryin to beat up an Arena champ as a group." Morriana suggests from her table, as she finishes up her coffee.

Not that it really matters, but she's sitting about hundred or so feet away from the group of PCs, and her sisters.

"Aye, of course. This spell can reach ya any place in the tavern." The witch replies to the fox.

A similar whisper reaches out to Windchime "Windchime love, be a dear, and take our foxy friend to the Garden. She's in need of a spot o R&R."

As Silvertail searches for a quiet spot to chill out, Morriana's musical voice whispers next to her. "If ya need a spot to settle yerself a bit, yer welcome to visit the Grand Gardenland. Normally, outsiders are no allowed, but we can make an exception for you."

Just as an FYI, PCs are *highly* unlikely to overhear Morriana's message. You could try to make a Perception check, but you're facing a lot of penalties.


You know this is a message spell, and can reply in kind

Morriana turns her attention back to Eldlen "Thank ye for your honesty. Almost nobody comes through from the Feywild into the Garden, aside from the occasional Server. So it threw me for a bit of a loop hearin you came here from there." She says sincerely to gunslinger.

"Ack, no thanks. I appreciate the offer, but my sisters should be joinin me soon, and we have our own booth. Also, don't be botherin them bout no jobs, okay? If we're needin any help, we know to ask. Let us just enjoy our breakfast, yeah?" She says, hoping to cut off her younger sisters being pestered by this seeming rag-tag group of adventurers.

The priestess looks confusedly at Josten "Eh? Assist me how? Accompany me where?" She asks, perplexed.

As a few of the others offer to help her, it dawns on her what's goin on "Ah, that weasel Mitchifier told ya my sisters and I could use yer help, didn't he? Well, sadly, I got nothin for ya right now. I just woke up, and was comin here for some breakfast, when pretty boy over there accosted me on the way to my table." She says with a hint of a playful smile and a jerk of her thumb at the red haired godling. "If yer eager for work, he has a big ol book full of jobs and tasks behind the counter. Have ya checked that out?"

Sense Motive:

You get the sense that Morriana is worried you attacked or somehow incapacitated the Grove Guardians.[/ooc]


The Verbena is a Tradition of mages dedicated to preserving the ancient crafts and wisdom passed down over the ages by witches and warlocks, druids and druidesses, shamans, mystics, and priests and priestesses of the Old Gods.


The Dreamspeakers are a Tradition of mages consisting of individuals who practice shamanism, communing with spirits as part of their magic and existing as intermediaries between the Mortal World and the Spirit World.

"If the Guardians didn't stop you, they musta been called away. Or you did somethin to them." She isn't exactly accusatory, though she is wary. "Either way, tis best if you don't go back right now. If they were called away, it's usually for a good reason." She says, turning down Eldlen's offer to back to the Grand Gardenland.

"Well, that depends. If ya mean where was I born, that's a bit different from where I lived 'fore comin here. As to why there's so few who worship Heckate, well many just don't believe in the Old Gods any more. Tis why I was so excited when I overheard you were from Olympus!" Morriana replies to Aleksandros' questions.

She looks confusedly at Britta. "I just said I was excited, not desperate, though I suppose it's easy to mix em up." She says with a slight, musical chuckle.

It's then that she spots Windchime "Heya Windchime! Long time no see! You haven't stopped by the manor since the Mabon feast several months ago. Elistra says you still owe her a rematch of Gloomhaven."

Aleksandros wrote:
Aleksandros took a half step back, surprised at the sudden fervent questions from Morriana. He looked uncomfortable, the first time you've ever seen him so. "Well uh. I mean... I have seen her. On occasion. I don't know if you would say met. She hasn't spoken to me. There's not much I can tell you." Where before there was nothing but confidence now Aleksandros seems cautious.

"Oh, that's too bad. Ack, where are my manners. I'm Morriana Starwind, and I suppose I'm the current high priestess of Heckate. Though, kinda by default, as there aren't many worshipers of her left where I'm from. Sure, some of the Verbena and Dreamspeakers pay her homage, but for the most part her actual followers are few in number." Her accent is a thick Irish brogue, and her voice has a rather musical aspect to it. "Sorry for sorta bum rushin ya, it's not every day you meet somebody who hails from the home of the gods."

After she apologizes to Aleksandros, she turns her attention to Eldlen. "Aye, her home is in the Underworld. You say you came through the Grand Gardenland? We don't get many who are able to pass through from the First World. Usually the Grove Guardians turn them away." She eyes the gunslinger a bit suspiciously.

The young lady is about to answer Josten when she overhears Aleksandros mention Olympus and the gods. She practically makes a beeline to him, brushing past the other godling. "You lived among the gods?!? I'm a priestess of Heckate, and my ancient ancestor was her high priestess. Tell me, have you met the Lady of the Night?!?" She asks hurriedly, clearly too overcome with excitement for proper manners and introductions.

The woman Mitchifer introduces as Morriana is one of the most stunningly gorgeous women Josten has ever laid eyes on. Possessing an unearthly, empyreal beauty, she has fiery red hair much like his own, deep purple eyes, and a slight greenish tinge to her skin. Her horns reveal some sort of planar lineage, though be it Faerie, Infernal, or Abyssal, the bard does not know. She walks with the confidence and grace of a lady of the courts. Her outfit, however, is a bit more in line with an adventurer's though it obviously of high quality, and seems like it was chosen for both comfort and utility. All in all, Morriana might only be rivaled in her otherworldly beauty by Josten's own mother, Shelyn.

Adding her pic to the discord. She does not currently have her staff, or her raven. Also, her profile pic doesn't match her description, but it was the one I liked the most. Sadly, not enough redheads!