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So, lately I've had a hard time logging in. There just isn't much to do. I can either: farm repetitive escalations, gather resources, or participate in PvP that I find kind of meaningless (I kill someone just to have them repawn a short distance away from me, fully equipped and ready to fight another [not very exciting] fight.)

I'd love to be more excited about the game, so I'm curious to know what many of you do to keep yourself occupied and the fun level going.

Thanks in advance!

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This "gol" organization really likes drama it seems.

What does it do? I'm interested in leveling it because of the keywords but I don't understand the bonus?

<Kabal> Dan Repperger wrote:
Ryan Dancey wrote:
These will be available at the start of Early Enrollment. We are still finalizing the exact contents of the packs and will blog more about this soon.

Woo hoo!

Will class packs also be in the game? Or just starter packs?

That's good to hear!

Change in alignment I see, I approve.

Elysian still sounds like people I wouldn't want to piss off... :D

What does DT do?

Saiph wrote:


After countless hours of researching and mingling with the various settlements and companies of Golarion, Elysian would like to formerly announce that we will be residing behind the mighty settlement walls of Talonguard. We are thrilled to be a part of such a noble organization and will work tirelessly to augment Talonguard's already unblemished reputation. Woe to the evildoer on this day, woe indeed.
And they came a reaping...

Well, I have played on the other side of you before and that didn't work too well for I definitely won't be going evil.

Congratulations Elysian and Talonguard!

Very good info, so many good companies to choose from ahhhhh

Saiph wrote:
Khaio wrote:
Do you have an idea of what area of the map you think Elysian will settle?

Hi Khaio!

After much thought Elysian has found a home, there should be an official announcement soon.

dun dun dun


Can you confirm when you get a chance that you've received my PM? My internet kind of went loco when I sent it...



I registered on these forums just because of this post; I think that should up my odds. I'm betting you're the same Saiph that used to kick our ass on DAoC? Yes, you are elegant indeed. PM sent!