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I emailed not realizing there was still a 3,000 message backlog. I received the first box of my order today. Instead of item PZO2208 Second Edition Pathfinder Advanced GM Screen, I received the regular GM Screen, item PZO2201.

Can you get the correct item shipped? And what do I do with the incorrect item?



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My inquiry from 8/7 was answered this week. Not acceptable customer service pandemic or not. And I just had to email them again as I received incorrect items in my order, will that take another 5 months to be addressed?

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Nefreet wrote:

Can you gift AcP?

I want as many people playing Tengu as possible.

This has literally been my icon since I first created an account. My first PFS character was a Tengu. Access to Tengus is practically a basic universal right imo.

I agree. Considering the new iconic Oracle is a Tengu this makes no sense.

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Best of luck in Nursing School. It was great meeting you earlier this year Tanis.