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Kittyburger wrote:

I was thinking this morning about how an Erastilan might be trans-affirming (because Erastil is often portrayed as the conservative-stick-in-the-mud god) and came up with this line:

“’At’s ol’ Hulda the Milkmaid. Settled on the hillside twen’y years ago when her name was Hull. Had a sword wit' 'er broader'n a man's hand. She pulls four buckets o’ milk ever' mornin’ an' she’s caught more calves than any o’ us can count. We like Hulda, and iffen you’re meanin’ to start somethin’ with her ‘cos you think she looks funny, you’ve gotta go through us first.” - Verris Loran, High Priest of Erastil

Well, if a culture has been trans-affirming long enough, then trans affirmation *is* conservative. I haven't really seen any indication that trans-affirmation is something new and unusual on Golarion, and given that there's a demigod who is often associated with trans folks (and has a long association with a major city), it seems a long-settled general thing, so... if trans-affirmation is status quo, conservatives would seem to tend toward support.

Pan wrote:
Mohd Nisar wrote:

So far my group has been using Plundercats.

Oh God my players would take avantage of every opportunity to yell out PLUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOO!

Yep, can't avoid a bit of that one. Their other big choice was, ahem, Hogan-Tep's Heroes.

In-character, they use the Gyrefalcons, since actually telling the church of Pharasma that they're the Plundercats would probably be a bit... inappropriate. But that's just a DBA, really.

Heh, we also play every two weeks. They just entered the House of Pentheru.

Great news, though! They're really fantastic.

These are really fantastic, and my group has loved them so far. Are you planning to make more of them for the other books in the adventure path?

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So far my group has been using Plundercats.

Hi, sorry if I've missed it somewhere, but is there anything summarizing the differences between the beta version of the rules and the final version presented in this spiffy new huge core rulebook?