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wand of mage armor is pretty good so you can get that +4 ac bonus without compromising your wis bonus as long as you got some use magic device bonus.

pretty cheap way to get +4 ac. Would even stack with the +1 shirt assuming that's an enhancement bonus to ac.

So I can not find anything on this which leads me to believe my answer is no, but I can not find anything definitive.

I play in a group where you can continuously stack criticals.
Say you have a keen rapier (crits on 15-20) and you roll a 17 - crit threat
Confirmation roll comes up nat 18. confirmed. roll to continue stacking.
Confirmation roll comes up nat 14. Confirmed.

Now we would roll damage x 3 instead of damage x2 for a double crit.

Can crits stack like this if you roll in your critical threat range on the confirmations? and if not can anyone provide a link that I could show my group.

This is causing some serious balance issues as players with high crit range and damage bonuses are shredding through everything, and if I scale the enemies to their damage then no one else's damage is relevant.

I have a somewhat (kind of) related question.

If you use gather energy to reduce the burn cost of an ability, does that let you use the ability at a more potent burn cost than your maximum burn could normally afford you?

I feel like I can't properly word that question. So here's the specific example I'm facing.

I'm a level 2 Aether Kineticist with Pushing Infusion. The infusion costs 1 Burn and pushes them back 5 feet. Being level 2 that is the max I can do normally. It seems I can Gather Energy as a move action to reduce the cost to 0, and then accept one point of burn on top of that to push them back 10 feet instead. Correct?

And further, can I gather Energy for a full round and then my next move action (reducing the cost by 3) and then accept a point of burn (equivalent to paying 4 burn cost) to push them 20 feet?

The part I'm tripped up on here is that the ability increases the push by 5 feet for every additional point of "burn accepted" and I do not understand if this actually increases the cost of the infusion and therefore can be reduced with Gather Energy, or if that burn has to literally be physically taken aside from the cost of the infusion.

ah. good catch on the level 11. i was wondering why i took the ranged trip feat on my earlier rough draft of the feats.

Ranger seems to be less beneficial to making a trick shot character.
I'm not really looking for the best archer build, but the build that lets me do fun things with bows. Even with the archer combat style it doesn't seem to offer anything towards this goal that the fighter can't (save for weak spells later in the game at the cost of many archery feats). If I'm missing something good here the ranger has access to definitely let me know.

I was considering the eldritch archer as my 2nd option, but was concerned by the lack of bonus feats and full BAB progression.

The BAB progression on a magus is still good though and the spellcasting shenanigans would make up for the feats. I'm definitely going to look deeper into this route, as this looks like it could be the most fun option to play regardless.

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

So, I've decided I want to make a trick shot archer. My bread and butter will be ranged combat maneuvers (Primarily trip).

The Fighter archetype, archer, seems like a no brainer here. Gives me abilities to do what I want to do, plus being a fighter gives me the much needed feats at every level which I will need to be a master shot with my bow. For this same reason I am thinking human for the bonus feat. (Plus I want to be a somewhat conceited and self proclaimed trickshot master, which seems like a human thing)

Composite longbow is a must for the damage, so I would prioritize Dex then Strength.

My Feats/Class abilities (that are relevant to the build) im thinking would be:

Level 1 - Point Blank Shot + Deadly Aim + Weapon Focus
Level 2 - Rapid Fire
Level 3 - Trick Shooter and class ability Trick Shot - Trip
Level 4 - Improved Trip
Level 5 - Combat Reflexes
Level 6 - Relentless Shot
Level 7 - Greater Trip and class ability Trick Shot - Disarm
Level 8 - Snap Shot
Level 9 - Improved Snap Shot

Our campaigns don't often get past level 10, which is kind of a bummer for this build since it really is set up after improved snap shot.

But the idea is this - Make a trip attempt within 30 ft. and relentless shot with greater trip gives me an AoO when they fall and i get another one when they stand up. Once I have improved snap shot I can trip enemies before they approach me and get further AoO on them.

Weak spot in the build seems to be level 4-5 where improved trip doesn't help much (just need the prerequisite) and Combat Reflexes is useless for the moment (just need to get it out of the way before i get access to all the +6 BAB prerequisite feats. And an obvious weak spot in the build is that tripping an enemy makes them prone which gives them +4 AC vs ranged. But still, disrupting my enemies and get free attacks all while at a range seems pretty good for not being a caster. Let me know if you guys can think of something better/cooler or if I've made some oversight and none of this even works. (lol)

Thanks in advance.