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i cast thread necromancy

i wonder who has the authority to enforce OGL/OCR now that WOTC backed down; i always got the impression that the only reason WOTC backed down was because everyone could now grab a lawyer

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found myself listening to "Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!" again, and perhaps i need to look into goloma some more...

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Adam Daigle wrote:
I'm not super familiar with the lupin, but anthropomophic canines are a pretty generic idea. The rougarou we did for PF1e was more or less supposed to fill the role of anthropomorphic canines AND something werewolf-lite. Rougarou is a critter from southern Louisiana Cajun folklore which is essentially a werewolf (the word being adapted from the French loup-garou). I don't necessarily like how it was implemented, and if we use that word again I'd like to see it work better with the folklore.

do you know who wrote the rougarou up? htd and i are trying to settle the matter because the dnd lupin also had a pack-based culture with a hatred for werewolves and forming anti-werewolf hunting parties as part of their culture

also, what were conrasu based on?

banned for winking, which is flirting, which is SEX