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Jacob Trier wrote:
mamaursula wrote:
Jacob Trier wrote:
I mostly just keep the avatar to mess with people who are reading the Superstar forums. Whenever possible, I try to time my post to come just after one of the other Jacobs. :-D
That's why I love you guys. I always leave the forums at the end of RPGSS because I really have no compelling reason to discuss a lot of the things in other topic threads and also because it always makes RPGSS time sort of special. I know we've all become friends beyond the Paizo forums, but it makes coming back something to look forward to and sort of like coming home for the holidays.
Awhhh... :-)

Is that open to anyone to join in the fun? :P

Mikko Kallio wrote:
Is your wondrous item's name, by any chance, Jacob's Ladder? :D

Ahhh, ze male humor, so sad.

We use magical ropes. Wiz zem we can climb, tie up our slaves, walk along zem between the rooftops and tie ourselves together to stop ze male halfling wandering off and getting lost!

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Ha, you male infidels don't stand ze chance now, for I have entered!