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Ring of spell knowledge technically only applies to arcane magic, not divine, but if you have an understanding DM he might let you adapt it.

While getting more money is nice, most people don't roleplay to get rich and most adventurers don't adventure for cash. Letting money be the final arbiter for your character decisions is usually unsatisfying and unoriginal.

I disagree with most of the people in this thread. You don't need to stop smuggling if you enjoy it and you don't need to stop committing petty evil acts. Tension between players is bad, but tension between characters can actually be very good. You might want to talk to the player controlling the paladin and come up with a strategy to ensure you take your characters relationship in the most interesting direction possible. Your character doesn't necessarily need to become more good, maybe just more sneaky. Character conflict doesn't need to spill over into player conflict, and it can be quite fun helpful to hear two characters on different ends of the parties spectrum argue. A few petty acts of evil are unlikely to shift your character's alignment. Ultimately I would be less concerned with paladin than I would be with party cohesion. So long as you aren't being directly detrimental to the party, most players will accept you and your character.

When making a game for younger people, focus on spectacle. Try to come up with cool locals for your fights, and spend some time describing the details of their attacks using the most exiting language you can. You really want to engage their imaginations as much as possible.

I am always a big fun of using notecards for some added depth. Before the battle I'd draw up some notecards that alter the fight in some way to represent the chaos of fighting amid a full blown battle. Here would be some suggestions...

An enemy bard comes into range. Your enemies recieve +x to attack and damage rolls, until you do y damage to target with z AC

Allied spellcaster cast's mass cure light wounds on you and surronding soldiers.

Artillary begins firing on your posistion, roll randomly to determine which squares are affected and deal damage.

Calvary charge, all combatants are subject to a trip attack with a CMD of x

Stray fireball (Or really any sort of area of effect spell.

If your using wild magic rules, have two dueling casters set off a wild magic event.

You get the jist. This solution helps sell the idea that the players are swarmed by a myriad of people all fighting for their lives, while at the same time not taking the focus of the pcs and their fight.

The Elemental Touch spell grants you a touch attack to deal energy damage for several rounds. I was wondering if you could use this to make multiple attacks if your base attack was high enough?


If an alchemist with Fast bombs and Stink Bombs hits the same target twice, does it have to make two saves against stinking cloud?

Huh. Well the whale is by far the best, but also is the least cool and just a little to bizzare for my tastes. A dinosaur trapped in cat form can be cool, but a whale just seems bizarre. I'll probably go with the advanced baisilosaurus. Thanks so much for your help everyone, and you in particular Avoron, that was huge help.

Ah geeze. Thanks for the heads up!

Heh, that's great. Thanks!

My party is about to ambush a very powerful and well prepared spell caster. He has a cat that he pretends is his familiar but is actually a very powerful animal that he cast baleful polymorph on. I'm trying to get the cat's strength as high as possible while restricting myself it's original form being some kind of animal. So far the highest strength creature I could find is a brachiosaurus with a strength of 37. Does anyone know of a stronger animal?

No. Using Spring attack is a full round action that has no provision for charging.

Arcane eye says it creates an invisible sensor. Does that mean someone with See Invisibility can see that sensor?

Casting it on an item is, but what sort of action is it to retrieve the item?

Is instant summons, well, instant? The spell says that you need to speak a single word to summon an item to your hand. Does that mean it's a free action like talking or a standard action like word activated magical item?

If you strap a bow and some arrows to your back, pretty much everyone will believe your a ranger, no questions asked. You can also glammer a sword to look like a wand. I once tricked my party using that tactic.

Right, but a colossal arrow and a spear will look much the same.

Also, it doesn't strike me as particularly cheesy either. If you have the ability to launch ten foot spears with deadly force you would carry around ten foot spears too.


That is how the spell works. While it might not exactly be within the spirit of the spell, I don't think it'll be particularly game breaking either. Feel free to house rule it if you like though.

Suppose I cast named bullet on an arrow, and then I use that arrow to kill someone. Next round I cast arrow eruption. Do the subsequent attacks enjoy the benefits of named bullet?

If my mount has greater bull rush and successfully bull rushes an enemy do I get an attack of opportunity?


Interesting. Thanks for the info!

I'm playing a summoner. When I am in reach of my eidolon, I get a +2 shield bonus. I also carry a +1 Buckler. I know the shield bonus doesn't stack when I'm close to my eidolon, but what about the enhancement bonus?

I (like many have commented before me) would love to play a game in Galt. the tricky thing is that Galt's appeal (at least for me) is it's ethically gray circumstance and complete lack of a simple solution. In most APs you can solve your problems by killing all the demons, oni, ext. But in Galt murder only really exasperates the problem. (Unless you make some external force responsible for Galt's troubles, but for me, that seems to undercut the poingantcy of the setting.)

I personally would like to play a game where you scratch and claw your way to the top. But that's not very heroic, and unlikly to be an AP

A neat trick is using the potions in conjunction with amazing initiative to get around the no spell casting rule.

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The Vindicator's Shield ability allows you to channel energy into your shield to grant you a bonus to your AC. This "gives the vindicator a sacred bonus (if positive energy) or profane bonus (if negative energy) to his Armor Class equal to the number of dice of the vindicator’s channel energy."

Would a Holy Vindicator with the Versatile Channeler feat be able to gain both a profane and sacred bonus? Sacred and Profane bonuses do stack.

Why is that?

I don't think you could both make your "touch" attacks and your firearm attacks in the same round.

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If someone fails a fortitude save at the start of their turn in a river of wind, they are knocked back 20 feet. Does this provoke an attack of opportunity? In most cases, involuntary movement doesn't. But then again, in most cases of involuntary movement, that provision is explicitly stated.

It also depends on your motivation for founding the thieves guild. While a protection racket would certainly provide the most stable organization, if your goal is to increase your power as spymaster, you might want to focus on theft and intrigue, particularly against nobles and other government employees. By spying on them you can get blackmail, increasing your wealth and power. You could stage the kidnapping of nobles or their loved ones, and then have your "spies" locate the criminals hideouts, earning their gratitude and debt.

As a note on the downtime rules, since income is earned daily, and years pass over the course of the kingmaker game, you can make some really good money.

What about a creature with multiple legs. Could one of those legs provide a slam attack?

I guess what I'm asking is does anyone know of any 6 or more armed things? The only one I can find is the Marlith, which is unfortunetly large sized.

Yeah, I considered vestigial arms, but I'm already losing out on two casting levels, and that already hurts pretty bad.

I'm starting in a kingmaker game playing a magus/sorcerer who plans on becoming a dragon disciple. The plan is more or less get the most out of strength that I can. To that end, I intend to use the polymorph spells to allow me to weild my scimitar two handed while casting spells. A sahaugin mutant or zombie xill suits my needs, however my bloodline ability gives me claws, and the undead anatomy spell would grant me additional slam attacks. So I'm looking for a form that would give me as many arms as possible. I'm slogging through the bestiary, but it's slow work. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone here have any suggestions?

Suppose I picked a form with extra arms, like a zombie xill or skeleton sahugain mutant. Then would I be in the clear?

I have a draconic bloodline sorcerer, which means I keep the ability to manifest my claws when I polymorph. The undead anatomy spell gives me two slam attacks. Can I use those in addition to my claw attacks?

Can an alchemist use metamagic on his formulas?

Not with Monstrious Physique. The gear actually grows with you.

Could I put an amulet of mighty fists on my construct?


I'm still a little confused by the polymorph spells in Pathfinder. If I cast monstrious physique to turn into a Sahaugin Mutant (or any other creature with multiple limbs) do I get the extra arms for the duration of the spell? If I do, does that mean that my Magus could weild his scimatar in two hands and still use spell combat?

I have a psedodragon familiar. He spends most combats hidden on my person. A spellstoring amulet of mighty fists only costs 2000 gp. I can get the party cleric to cast channel the gift into it, (or just learn the spell itself.) Could the familiar attack me with his bite attack (1d2-2 damage) and release channel the gift on me? If so, it seems I just found a level three pearl of power with a 8000 gp discount. I could even craft multiple amulets and have the familiar change them throughout the day.

I don't think their are any rules preventing you from transforming into a templated creature. If I were the DM, I would rule it would have to be a combination something proven to exist in the Glorian setting. So most vampire humanoid combinations are OK, but a bipedal monstrous centipede, not so much. In the case of the Lamia Harridan template, it can only apply to lamia's and lamia matriarchs, so it's resonable to assume such creatures exist in the Glorian setting.

Lamia with the Lamia Harridan template.

They do subsist on oppressing people who can't defend themselves. That's how they make money.

I kinda disagree with this premise. While I certainly grant that the afterlife is more or less understood, it also clear that the Gods themselves are fallable. Each of them have their own idea of what is right and wrong, and argue with each other as much as mortals argue amongst themselves.

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The alignment-systems sucks...
I *love* the alignment system, and think it's one of the best core features of the game at fostering actual roleplaying (as indeed happened, per OP). I actually prefer the wording in 3.5 PHB over the bit-more-watered version in Pathfinder CRB.
How does it foster role-play? It looks like its making people question your decisions or making decisions for you. That doesn't sound like fostering role-play to me.

It forces players to define an actual persona for their characters--one with specific ideals, opinions, and beliefs that have to be played consistently from one session to the next. This frustrates the opportunistic/pragmatist players who just want to do whatever is mechanically most efficient and helps them 'win' most often... that is to say, it forces them to roleplay.

The better players will recognize that roleplay is an improvement over munchkin-style min-maxing... and the bad ones will get fed up and go away. Everybody wins.

I disagree completely. the alignment system is really only benefit is to aid new players. It acts as a guidline for people who can't tap into a characters motives and believes and helps sell the premise that one should really care about the world and the NPCs. In the hands of experienced roleplayers the alignment system is completely irrelevant, as real people don't really think in the framework of the alignment system, they have their own idea of right and wrong. A well fleshed character shouldn't be build lockstep with an alignemt, or else there would only be nine kinds of people in the world.

In the end the alignment system does nothing to address power playing one way or the other. Your free to choose the alignment you want. (In most cases at least.)

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