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The Elemental Touch spell grants you a touch attack to deal energy damage for several rounds. I was wondering if you could use this to make multiple attacks if your base attack was high enough?

Nope, but you could make multiple unarmed strikes (against normal AC), dealing both physical and energy damage.


Look up "holding a charge" in the Core Rulebook. page 165. You don't get more attacks, it simply applies to subsequent attacks made when and if you get to them.

If your BAB is +6, then you could do a full round attack action which would be at +6 and +1, and each one that hit would discharge a charge and do elemental damage as well as normal damage. If that is your question / wasn't exactly clear. If you have say 8 charges from chill touch because you are 8th level, you could make a +6 touch attack and a +1 touch attack to deliver it two charges in one round, yes. You don't get to deliver all 8 in one round. Next round you could do two more, or one touch attack and one weapon attack, then you'd have 4 or 5 charges left, etc...

Elemental touch, likewise, just "adds damage" on an unarmed strike attack for a number of rounds. If you don't have IUAS, you might be drawing AoO's from these strikes. So it says you get an unarmed attack (which means you don't draw an AoO since it is with the spell). So you can do the unarmed attack at +6 and not draw an AoO, then do a UAS (not Improved, probably, because you might be a mage class), BUT draw an AoO. It is a little hazy on "never apply to more than one weapon" since UAS and claws are technically not the same. Seems like it is a 1/round effect and you can't swap weapons. Meaning a second strike wouldn't get the added damage under that spell, but the next round's attack would/

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