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Thanks for your interest in PFS at Origins. We are indeed running those two different Playtests. Currently I do not have any information on any rewards related to these adventures.

PFS Playtest Scenario #1: The Rose Street Revenge (Level 1 characters provided) is a 5 hour adventure run by Paizo staff.

Pathfinder Playtest Demo (Level 1 characters provided) is a 2 hour demo run by a couple Paizo staffers and a handful of my Origins GMs.

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As Luke mentioned, there are 13 regular slots. However for Demos, we are only running them for a total of 8 slots on a slightly different time schedule.

Check in will be Wednesday afternoon and checkout Sunday morning. There are a couple people who come in early on Tuesday night and pay for a room at the Hyatt. We can work to connect anyone who does come in early and try and get folks the same room at the Hyatt for the rest of Origins.

PFS 8-99C will be Friday night and SFS 1-99 Saturday night.

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As an update, I spoke with Paul form GAMA last night and they are still working on adding the ACG events into the registration system. Hopefully they will be live by the end of the week.

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Kevin is correct about the hall closing earlier. 8pm is when the booths are to close so the ACG will have a last time slot of 6pm on those days. The PFS room is in the Hyatt so we are under no time restraints. As for Midnight Mirror, that should be a double slot event. We will look into that and get it corrected. Please see below for the ACG slots. There will be 5 tables with 1 set aside for demos.

Slot 1: Wednesday 10:00am

Slot 2: Wednesday 12:00pm

Slot 3: Wednesday 2:00pm

Slot 4: Wednesday 4:00pm

Slot 5: Wednesday 6:00pm

Slot 6: Thursday 10:00am

Slot 7: Thursday 12:00pm

Slot 8: Thursday 2:00pm

Slot 9: Thursday 4:00pm

Slot 10: Thursday 6:00pm

Slot 11: Friday 10:00am

Slot 12: Friday 12:00pm

Slot 13: Friday 2:00pm

Slot 14: Friday 4:00pm

Slot 15: Friday 6:00pm

Slot 16: Saturday 10:00am

Slot 17: Saturday 12:00pm

Slot 18: Saturday 2:00pm

Slot 19: Saturday 4:00pm

Slot 20: Saturday 6:00pm

Slot 21: Sunday 10:00am

Slot 22: Sunday 12:00pm

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Both myself and my VL Luke Woods have gone over the schedule to make sure everything is in order. There are a few corrections that GAMA needs to make but otherwise it is correct. We went with anything season 3 and earlier and made it 4 players per table to help provide more of a challenge to those scenarios. It also gives us an opportunity to fill the large amount of players with generics at those tables. We also set it up so that most of those early season scenarios are also cheaper to purchase.

@Argh!, I have added the schedule to the site. I just copy and pasted from an Excel sheet so it is not the prettiest. You can reach the schedule by going to Origins 2015 Schedule.

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Thanks Doug for starting off this thread! Origins 2014 GM Registration is live! Please go to Origins GM Application to sign up. 4 GM slots will earn you a badge while 7 GM slots will earn you a badge and 1/4 hotel room. For those who GM at least 7 slots but don't want/need the hotel room, we are looking into alternate rewards.

We have a lot of fun events planned for this year and we will need even more GMs then last year to accomplish our goal of 250 tables. As we get closer to Origins, I will share more of what we have planned. What I can share now is that we will once again be holding our annual Goblin Bash on the Sunday of Origins aka the last day of the con. We will be expanding it from WBG I & II to also include Frostfur Captives, Rise of the Goblin Guild, and the PFS portion of Rise of the Runelords Burnt Offerings. One of the fun events we are looking at running but will require more GM commitment is holding our first annual Midnight Madness event. This is our first attempt to have an organized Midnight Madness event and we will have some goodies set aside for those that choose brave it. All we need are some crazy GMs willing to stay up late. This would take place 12:30 am Saturday. We will also be running Pathfinder Society Special: Siege of the Diamond City on Saturday night. Last year we had Sheila Heidmarch visit all the way from her Manor in Magnimar. Who knows who will show up this year. This is especially true since Origins theme this year is Monsters!

The Origins Media guest of Honor this year is Alaina Huffman who currently appears on Supernatural. Make sure and sign up to GM and be apart of the fun. See you all at Origins in June!

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Thanks everyone! I did want to say that Geoffrey aka wjsilver has done an excellent job working as a store coordinator in the Dayton area. He has stepped up and helped whenever we needed it. As an example, his very first GM session was at Origins last year. I had paid a visit to a Dayton game day and was recruiting GMs when he volunteered to run. He then proceeded to run at Origins without issue. Everything has been uphill from there. When Brent and I discussed who would take over for him we both quickly agreed on Geoffrey. Congrats Geoffrey and welcome to the team!