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GM registration for Origins 2016 is live! Please go to Origins GM Application to sign up. 4 GM slots will earn you a badge while 7 GM slots will earn you a badge and 1/4 hotel room or a parking pass.

Origins is taking place Wednesday June 15th through Sunday June 19th. We've worked hard on the schedule to provide both current and core campaign options and plumbed the depths of the scenario catalog from season 0 through 7 to find the best that society has to offer! We are planning to run over 300 table featuring Scenarios, Modules, and APs and we want you! (to GM)

Volunteer Reward Tiers:

Tier 10 Room - GM Badge, 1/4 Hotel Room, GM Boon, Copy of All Players Boons
Tier 10 Parking Pass - GM Badge, Parking Pass, GM Boon, Copy of All Players Boons
Tier 9 Room - GM Badge, 1/4 Hotel Room, GM Boon, Choice of 3-4 Players Boons
Tier 9 Parking Pass - GM Badge, Parking Pass, GM Boon, Choice of 3-4 Players Boons
Tier 8 Room - GM Badge, 1/4 Hotel Room, GM Boon, Random 1-2 Players Boons
Tier 8 Parking Pass - GM Badge, Parking Pass, GM Boon, Random 1-2 Players Boons
Tier 7 Room - GM Badge, 1/4 Hotel Room, GM Boon
Tier 7 Parking Pass - GM Badge, Parking Pass, GM Boon
Tier 6 GM Badge - GM Badge, GM Boon, Choice of 3-4 Players Boons
Tier 5 GM Badge - GM Badge, GM Boon, Random 1-2 Players Boons
Tier 4 GM Badge - GM Badge, GM Boon
Tier 3 GM Boon - GM Boon, Choice of 3-4 Players Boons
Tier 2 GM Boon - GM Boon, Random 1-2 Players Boons
Tier 1 GM Boon - GM Boon

Event Times:
Slot 1: Wednesday 1:00pm
Slot 2: Wednesday 7:00pm
Slot 3: Thursday 8:00am
Slot 4: Thursday 1:00pm
Slot 5: Thursday 7:00pm
Slot 6: Friday 8:00am
Slot 7: Friday 1:00pm
Slot 8: Friday 7:00pm
Slot 9: Saturday 8:00am
Slot 10: Saturday 1:00pm
Slot 11: Saturday 7:00pm
Slot 12: Sunday 8:00am
Slot 13: Sunday 1:00pm

If you have any question please reach out to Mike McNerney ohiopfs@gmail.com and Luke Woods pfsluke@gmail.com

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For those who do not already know, Brent Bowser aka Vincent Holiday has stepped down as the Cincinnati VL. Apparently there is enough people that he has fooled into thinking he is funny that he is getting more comedy gigs. By stepping down, Brent has more free to time to pursue his Comedy career. We hope to one day see him on tv with his own special. Thanks Brent for all your hard work and sticking things out to make sure CincyCon run as smoothly as possible!

With Brent stepping down, we need to promote another VL for Cincinnati. I have talked with those interested and have received feedback from some members of the community. I would like to thank everyone who was interested in becoming the new VL. I have decided to promote Andy McDonald to become the new Cincinnati VL. I look forward to the good work Andy will do in the community. Welcome to the team Andy!

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—Central

It is my privilege to welcome Jim Harris to the VO ranks as the 2nd VL for Columbus. Jim and I 1st met at Origins last year as he was a walk-in during the con. He had such a great time that he came out to our local organized events. He has given back to the Columbus community by organizing the events for one of our stores and GMing at numerous locations. He has been a sounding board for both myself and Justin, the other Columbus VL. Jim has also had the privilege of having his rogue die in back to back games run by me. :)

With this promotion, he and Justin will be working on continuing to grow PFS in the current area and expanding it to the neighboring areas of Columbus. I look forward to all of the great work Jim will put in making PFS even better.

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It is my privilege to welcome Timothy Withem to the VO ranks. Tim and I go way back and have been in the same home group for 15 years or so. We started back in high school playing AD&D. We eventually made our way through the D&D editions to D&D 3.5 and then skipping 4th edition to go to Pathfinder when it came out. Tim was the person who introduced me to PFS. He is to be blamed for me losing my free time and sleep for the good of the Society.

Tim will be responsible for growing the area known as Upper Miami Valley which is north of Dayton, Ohio. Currently he is organizing 1 store but will be working on bringing the other 5 stores in the areas into the fold and starting PFS at one of the local high schools. It will be exciting to see what we can do with this area. Welcome to the team!

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—Central

I had the honor and privilege to crown a new 5 star GM at Origins. Michael Costello earned his 5th star while GMing Sniper in the Deep during the last slot on Thursday. Those that have played at his tables know the effort he puts into his games making sure his players have fun. Join me in congratulating him on his 5th star! Congrats Michael!!!

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Congratulations to Brent Bowser who I have selected to become the new Dayton VL!

Brent has been running and organizing games in Cincinnati, Dayton, and at Origins. He is one of the two people who stepped up to take over the Dayton area when the previous VL stepped down. He has been a great resource and sounding board for me with PFS and am proud to have him join our ranks.

Some of you may have met or heard of Brent by his alter ego "Vincent Holiday." He is a stand up comedian performing in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Give Brent a Big Welcome here on the boards and in person at Origins 2013.

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Origins GM registration is live. To sign up to GM, go to GM Application.

In 2013, PFS at Origins seeks to raise the bar. For starters, we aim to be a place where level 12+ characters can find new adventures to embark on. With that said, we are going to be running all 4 parts of Eyes of the Ten series for those characters at level 12. Then we are looking to run a level 12+ table of Race for the Runecarved Key. On Sunday, we look to cap it all off with the level 14 module Tomb of the Iron Medusa. Other highlights for PFS at Origins include the running of Thornkeep from Pathfinder Online, Part 1 of Jason Buhlman’s special dungeon in the PFS Special: Ruins of Bonekeep, the EX Special Day of the Demon, and the brand new scenarios released in April and May. Lastly, we are looking to end Origins with a lot of fun for those who stick around. We are holding our first annual Goblin Bash. That’s right, we will be ending it all with Goblin fun. There may even be an appearance by some Goblins looking to see how devious of a Goblin everyone is being.

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I would like to introduce Justin Ross aka Rossable as the new Columbus-OH Venture Lieutenant! Justin has been hard at work helping me to expand the local player base including helping me on-board two stores. Lets give him a grand welcome to the ranks of Venture Officers!

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—Central


I would like to thank everyone who stopped out and played some games at Origins. A special thanks to all the GMs who who Judged for us. We even had some who jumped in when they were scheduled to be off that slot to allow others to play a session. An extra special thanks goes out to Shivok. Without him, Origins would not have been as successful and was definitely the MVP of the convention.

As far as the event itself, I would like to start collecting Feedback. How did everyone like the event? Please keep your constructive feedback about the PFS at Origins and not Origins itself. Praise and critiques are both welcome. We have much higher expectations for next year and your feedback will go a long way to making it even better. Thanks again everyone!

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A couple months back there appeared to be some interest in getting some events up and running in Columbus. Are there any reoccurring events setup? If not, how much interest is there in setting up a once or twice a month gaming sessions where we try and run 1-2 scenarios at one of the area's gaming stores? I would be more then willing to help or set them up. I would be interested as a player and GM. I would like to get something up and running for next weekend, March 24th or 25th, if at all possible. Let me know if there is any interest or something already setup.