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Michael's Review of "Bloodsworn Vale"


There is considerable value in this adventure, in fact, the term adventure has to be used very loosely in the case of this module. Like a few other modules--most notably, Keep on the Borderlands--Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale is really a mini-campaign based around a region, rather than an adventure based upon a specific narrative goal. The encounters occur along a timeline, but the DM is provided with enough detail about the Vale and its main location, Fort Thorn, to use the episodic nature of the adventure to their advantage: players can be afforded ample opportunity to role-play in the community and develop their own stories.

The encounters themselves can be handled in multiple ways, with some dependent upon investigation or diplomacy and others on direct combat. This mix means that the overall wilderness focus of the adventure won't leave characters like Bards out in the cold!