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Can someone explain how we take the reload thing on firearms, since in nethys 2e there are for example 2 ammunitions differently marked in number of rounds 5 and 10 respectlively, does the wepaon use the 5 or 10 rounds in a single shot? And can we talk about the magazines for the air repeater? Is it expended, or does it come apart?

When using the "Share Rage" 8th level, is the specialization ability of the instinct included since the specialization ability overwrites the damage value from rage for example, do you include the raging resistance too?

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I've been talking to my group, and we think that is a real underdog in comparison to magical casters, or even damage dealers, we get that it is supposed to be a "support" class but none the less teh gap between this class and any other is too big, like if you wanna do something there is a class that would perform better no matter the subject (except from maybe downtime, questionable as well).

Not to mention that because of some reason Mutagen are Item bonuses, which can be obtained permanently through the game mostly with time and money, rendering them useless at some point in time, and not to talk of your "perpetual 11th items" on your 17th level depending OF COURSE of your research field.

We are thinking mostly of mutagen chemist, but also the gap between bomber is abismal, saving from toxicologist that thanks to the ability that let's your low level posions be useful alter on maybe could work or chirugeon because of its really god-like tier healing at later levels.

Just thoughts rambling on my head, anyone thinking the same way as I do and any solutions to this "problem"?

We thought on carrying drawbacks, adjust the perfect mutagen feat to make it more plausible, creating mid term bombs between 11 and 17 level as well from 3rd to 11, and several other things like using mutagens from distance as the healing bomb feature sort of thing!

Does anyone apart from me think, that "unlimited" healing due to feats like lay on hands, eliminate certain problems like hazards or enviromental damage too damn easy? I feel like it's too cheap to be true! Any house rouling to keep that from going nuts? And don't say "Just throw encounters to them!", because that feels too argumentably f+!~ed, like what the hell.

Do they get heighten noramlly or since they are innate they actaully don't get heighten at all?

¿Do feats like Untrained Improvisation or the Pathfinder Agent Dedication work when using Lores? I think they do since a lore in which you are not trained, has to be considered untrained! Am I wrong?

Can a barabrian while affected by its 16th level feat "Dragon Transformation", use its class action like for example "Sudden Charge" (1st level)?

Am i wrong or being blind and having your only precise sense being vision means that you cannot target any creature unless you first seek it with either your smell or audition?

Would that mean that the creatures you were aware of become automatically hidden?

Anyone has a good and dense explanation of possible cases?


"While using Survival to Subsist, if you roll any result worse than a success, you get a success. On a success, you can provide subsistence living for yourself and four additional creatures, and on a critical success, you can take care of twice as many creatures as on a success.

Each time your proficiency rank in Survival increases, double the number of additional creatures you can take care of on a success (to eight if you’re an expert, 16 if you’re a master, or 32 if you’re legendary). You can choose to care for half the number of additional creatures and provide a comfortable living instead of subsistence living.

Multiple smaller creatures or creatures with significantly smaller appetites than a human are counted as a single creature for this feat, and larger creatures or those with significantly greater appetites each count as multiple creatures. The GM determines how much a non-human creature needs to eat."

Does this mean that a PC can literally without fail abilitate the party to evade food and water consumption? NO matter the situation?

Is Impeccable Crafter applied while using the Earn Income downtime activity via Crafting?

We are talking about a magical item that for 2 actions and once per day teleports the user 15 feet (strictly, not including places where the PC cannot stand) from their position to a random unoccupied space

I think 2 or 3 maybe, since for example Abundant Step which is a Focus 4 spell that allows kind of the same movement for one action, making the randomness and once per day what makes it less powerful


Situation: My 7th level Barbarian rolls a success in a Fortitude saving throw from a Disintegrate spell that critically hitted him

What situation should happen:

A) The result becomes a failure since being critically hit from a Disintegrate spell worsens the result by one step.

B) The result becomes a success because of "Juggernaut":When you roll a success on a Fortitude save, you get a critical success instead, and then because he was critically hit worsens to a result.