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In an upcoming campaign, each player will have access to 2 characters. As for mine, I was thinking a Fighter & a Druid.

The Fighter is to be a Kitsune who uses a spear, bastard sword & javelins.

The Druid is to be a human(?) who uses a bow(?).

The idea is that the Fighter will be using the Druid as a mount in combat. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for something like this? Good feats to pick up, items that could help, things like that.

Thank you in advance! <3

Hm, that could work... I especially like the Outer Rifts mystery for flavor.

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blackbloodtroll wrote:
The 9 intelligence Half-Drow Wizard, who fights with a Dire Flail, that he is not proficient with, and revels in his angst, going on long speeches about his tortured past, and accepts only healing spells from arcane sources, as he distrust the gods.

^^^This is so my next build.

Exactly what the title says. I want to build Pyramid Head, from Silent Hill.

I was thinking you'd probably want to go with the Titan Mauler Barbarian for him, so he can get the full use out of his rather... Large... Sword, but I'm also determined to never have him move faster than a walking pace, and never speak.

Anyone have any ideas how this build might look, or have any other suggestions to make it work/fit thematically?

Idk if if all these are PFS legal or not, but here's my list for homegames-

Drow - Necromancer
Gathlain - Ranger(Archer)
Kobold(Yes, really) - Witch(Doctor[Hedge Witch])
Ratfolk - Master Spy
Warforged(I'm sure this isn't legal) - Barbarian
Kitsune - Cavalier(This 1's my favorite)

And, thanks to this thread, I'm currently drawing up a Tengu Samurai.

I've done a 1-shot including my 10-year old brother in the group. Wasn't an issue for anyone involved, and I think everyone enjoyed it. Just make sure you help him out so he doesn't slow things down, and that he's polite. If he can do those things, well, he's just as good as an older player. And young eyes might add a new perspective to some problems your PCs face.

If your players can't deal with it, that's their problem. They need to realize you're adults, and you have a responsibility to your children. Rebuild if they won't compromise. But try asking if they'll stay for a trial run 1st.

I've gotta agree with BlackBlood here. Just because the pose is more classically feminine for the 2nd image, doesn't make it NSFW. And the amount of fur doesn't matter, as it covers the same amount of skin.

So, I'm about to start a high-CR campaign with some friends of mine. The only things to really keep in mind is that we have a very high point-buy, any weapon can be used Dex-based, and dying is very temporary. More of a setback than anything.

Just thought I'd drop my build here and see if there's anything else I should be looking for.

Name- Cadrus
Race- Kitsune
Class- Emissary/Luring Cavalier
Level- 1

Str- 7
Dex- 20
Con- 12
Int- 16
Wis- 7
Cha- 20

Weapons- Spear, Light Crossbow

Feats- Mounted Combat, Toughness

Cavalier Order- Order of the Star

I plan to take a 1-lvl dip into Cleric to take advantage of the Channel-Energy ability granted by Order of the Star. I also plan on taking the relevant feats to make my Crossbow effective.

As far as choosing a crossbow over a bow, playing as a Kitsune, having 16 Int, etc... Those are all flavor choices, and I realize they're less than ideal.

I'm just wondering if there's anything here that will cripple my build that I'm not seeing, or if there's any general advice anyone has as far as feats and what-not goes.

Thanks in advance.

I found RavingDork's, and I'm reading that guide as I type. Great info here. Thanks everyone.

Ooo I'll have to take a look. Thanks for the lead!

I'm just looking to make a basic Horde of Skele's type Necromancer.

See, I generally play as character's that focus their efforts on destroying undead, and I'm just looking to see what it's like on the other side of the fence.

The overall vision I have for this character is a horde of human skeletons, with some form of large, mini-boss type skeleton serving as a general of sorts. The necromancer would possibly be riding this general, or just watching from the background, casting as needed by the flow of the battle.

And yeah I was looking at the Juju mystery... What exactly makes it better?

Also, would a Shaman Necromancer be viable? That certainly seems like an interesting concept as well.

Is this even a thing that works?

It strikes me as an interesting concept, going with the Bones Mystery and all that, but I can't find any info on it.

Would I be better off just going for a traditional Cleric Necromancer?

Any additional tips for someone who's never played a Necromancer before?

Arguing when other member do something that results in a loss of income for the group of otherwise sets them back, but proceeding to feel bad about arguing with them, perhaps forming a rift between the group, eventually forcing her to choose between her new friends and her old habits.

Whenever you have to ask what a "CN character would do?", just change the question to "What would Han Solo do?"

Also stealing. CN rouges do alotta that.

We be Goblins. It's an adventure-path-type-thing.

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Those are some great ideas! I love the flavor those add to the Eidolan, and I'm sure my brother will too.

What about Damage Reduction? Would that be worthwhile/fitting?

Yeah, he really just wants to play a magic user and really likes the idea of an Eidolan. Even if it were nerfed, I'm sure I could find a way to make it work for him.

Thanks for the heads-up though!

1st off, thanks so much for the advice guys.

2nd of all, I know it's a more complicated/powerful class, but he's pretty set on it. I'm willing to work through it with him, however, so I think he'll be ok.

Also, as for the concept he's going for, Idk how many of you guys have played the Nintendo game Pikmin, but his Eidolan is supposed to be a large Pikmin-like creature. So Bipedal, 2 arms/legs, pretty straightforward really. Hopefully that'll help simplify things.

Again, thanks for the advice everyone. I wouldn't have thought of half this stuff.

My brother is going to be playing his 1st campaign soon. He's decided he'd like to play a Summoner. I've never played a magic class before, so I haven't the slightest what he should be doing with this character.

What sort of feats/spells/items/etc. should he be getting? Any other tips for a Summoner? Anything you can advice me on would be greatly appreciated.

That makes sense. Thank you!

Hey all, my little brother is 10 years old, and he wants to try out Pathfinder. I'd like to do a campaign with him, just the 2 of us, and I'm looking for a good campaign for younger audiences, and something suitable for someone who's never played. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!