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I do sometimes wonder about my life's choices. Sigh.

Ugh, you killed it, you insuffera- hahah, I mean, good job, ol' buddy ol' pal~!

You and that... Dee'EYE-blow Shur'himp (and, admittedly, the P'yer-son who started it all...

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John Napier 698 wrote:
Syrus Terrigan wrote:



Aw, oh-loh, there, don't cry~!

Phillip Gastone wrote:

Oh man, you guys. I just realized that no mods means I CAN POST DIRTY PICTURES.

BoomShacka BoomShacka WOWOW!

Oh, that is filthy, you cad! Blech!

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Anthony J. Crowley wrote:
Or dolphins.

Dohl-fahnz?! You dare mention dohl-fahnz in my presence?!

Those arrogant, self-righteous, pretentious monsters get aaaaaaall the gloh-ree!

But soon they will know the POWA- er, um, HEROISM, of the true su-preme intelligence: ME~!

(And my minion, of course.)

Oh! Right!

Uh, er, I mean, it has undergone the mysterious process of "Rii-Porpoise" which means that it is now a means with which to save the wret- er, I mean, wonder-fall citizens of this fair settee~!


Only when I have that manufactured ba-foon who claims to be "just-ice" in the vice grip of my latest MAJESTIC SUPER WEAPON~!

(It is the deadly "K'laugh Mackhyne" that I, with my super intellect - far above any mere mortal - have developed with which to destroy Metausity and that meddling Metro-Mud once and for all~!)

Oh, and speaking of emotionally scarring people:

- Mort, I just had those fr'eye'd cre-ahm cheezeh won-tohns*, again. SO DELICIOUSLY EEEEEEEEEVIL~!

- NH: they have all sorts of gooily delicious things in the cre-ahm cheezeh* that I can't even identify and I am still readily stuffing it into my villainous craw!

Admission: I don't know if this will bother NH, but I'm targeting him as a resident master chef who lives in CA, and that place is supposed to be snooty, so... he gets that target by proxy, even if he is so awesome as to fit in anywhere. ;D

- And Mort, to add to my delightfully delectable culinary crimes against all good taste: I just blended the villainous che'ddar jack into half a bowl of pork fried rice... and in the other half, I just blended art-eye-choke, spin-ache and azee-ah-goh** dip~!


>rubs hands maniacally together<

Doesn't that make you... angry?! Perhaps make you seek to become a paladin of righteousness so you might SMITE EVIL WITH DIVINE POWER?!


* Fried Cream Cheese Wontons
** artichoke, spinach, and asiago dip

Cap'n Yesterday, Evil Overlord wrote:
I plan to use my new eyebrow scar to become bitter at humanity and build that robot army I drew schematics of as a ten year old.

A classic story, really, I hig'-lee rek-ah-mend it!

<please hold as we experience technical difficulties>

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Metroman wrote:
I'm proud of how far my little buddy has come!

T'h-ankhs, my free-yand, and, you know, I must say, I'm quite proud of me, too!

EDIT: spoy-'lurz~!

knightnday wrote:
Goodness, let it go or take it to PMs. This pissing contest got old a page or so back. You are both right. You are both wrong. You both win. Everyone feel better now?

You know, this reminds of something a freh-yahn'd once said:

"Girls, girls, you're both pretty!"

... churros, anyone?

Wow. That guy's got some problems.

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Not bad, not bad... I do miss it sometimes: our mythic battles and titanic struggles...

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You would, Metroloser~!