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"Yes, you rest here, go when ready. As for friend Teral..." Meepo looks around, and one of the kobold guards approaches to whisper in his ear. Meepo gives his best "sage" nod, and says "he not be joining you again any time soon. He faces Trial of Dragons!"

"Dragon Door is always locked, we never go in. Yusdrayl says it is filled with many Dragon Treasures but also dangerous protector of dragons! As for humans... they went into goblin territory, we never see them after that."

Meepo thinks for a few moments, then jumps up to stand atop the altar and cries "Meepo's first act as King is..... to banish Yusdrayl to the Dark Forever Tunnel!"

The kobolds begin to yap and howl, then several of them drag Yusdrayl to an adjoining room and throw her in. Meepo calls after her, "You have one minute to run, then we chase you!" Yusdrayl glares at him for a moment, then turns her hateful gaze on the party. She hisses, then turns and begins to run off into the darkness. After only about thirty seconds, several of the kobolds bound after her.

The remaining kobolds turn to Meepo, who addresses the party. "What Meepo friends going to do now? Yusdrayl promise you reward. You get dragon and also make Meepo king. Meepo is good king, so you get reward! Can have items from altar, and also Dragon Key for great big Dragon Door!"

The kobolds drag Yusdrayl over to Meepo and throw her at his feat. The one with the sword stands over her, ready to strike. When Valeria speaks, he holds up his hand to stay the guard's blade. He looks from Yusdrayl to the kobolds to the adventurers.

"Meepo's friends are brave and strong. Meepo too will be brave and strong king, not like Yusdrayl who is weak and cowardly. What they suggest? What is brave and strong thing to do?"

Meepo strides forward and hops up on top of the throne. He surveys the room, his eyes finally settling upon Yusdrayl and the twisted crown atop her head. The kobolds lean forward with anticipation.

"Bring me my crown... and the head of Yusdrayl!" cries Meepo.

The kobolds surge forward as Yusdrayl pleads for her life, wrestling her to the ground. One of them draws a rusty sword.

You may intervene (whether with social skills or combat)... or allow the kobolds to slay Yusdrayl!

Meepo looks up at Valeria as he stuffs the dragon's unconscious body into the sack. "Dragon like me... and then help Meepo rule? How we get dragon to like Meepo?"

The little kobold beams at Bellicus. "Meepo always wanted to be King. If Meepo is King, you be rewarded many times!"

Meepo thinks for a moment before responding to Elion, "no, she use only wavy hands and old dragon words. Sometimes has magic stick for making nasty stinging arrows!"

"She has power of dragons! No kobold question her might. Maybe... if Meepo had power of dragons..." Meepo trails off as he eyes the pile of treasure in the back of the room.

The pile of treasure which your GM has been too busy to write up for you guys. Don't worry, it will be worth the wait.

Meepo blinks in astonishment at Valeria. "Slave? No!! Dragon not slave!! Dragon protect us. We feed it, it keep us safe from nasty goblins! Yusdrayl say that Meepo is Keeper of Dragons, in charge of feeding and watching and hitting it with stick when it thinks we goblins and attacks us... and making sure it not break cage and esca..... ohhhhhh....."

He ponders for a few moments before asking, "Is dragon slave? Is Meepo slave?"

Elion doesn't find any traps on the door, but he does hear a faint sound in the next room--like a clawed creature walking on ice.

Meepo perks up at the mention of fire. "Oooh, yes. Dragon hates fire! That how goblins capture it! Scare with fire!!"

"Dragon always make things cold! Meepo has job to lock dragon up, feed dragon, and dragon always gives nasty cold burning to Meepo. Nobody 'preciate Meepo's hard work! Not even dragon!"

After spending far too long playing with the dead goblin chief's head, Meepo approaches the simple wooden door which is all that stands between you and the room which supposedly contains the "dragon." He slowly reaches at and taps it with his tiny sword, then hops back and hides behind one of the pillars. Hearing nothing from the other side of the door, he steps up again, this time reaching out his hand and gripping the ancient door handle.

His eyes widen and he grins, whispering, "door is cold. Yes, dragon is here! It is here!"

His face becomes serious and he looks up at the party. "You go first?"

"He tells us his secrets! Now we kill him, yes?!"

"Gen... genocide? What be that?" Meepo tilts his head to one side and looks inquisitively at Anton.

Meepo backs away from Akshara, obviously trying to keep his distance without making it seem too much like he's trying to keep his distance. "This way, follow Meepo!" He walks over to the door in the southwest corner of the large "dragon room," opens it, and takes you through a corridor...

Let me know of anything you'd like to do or discuss in preparation for meeting the kobolds and their leader. Tomorrow I will post the intro to your audience with Yusdrayl!

"One door goes to kobold guard room. They stay in unless goblins come. Probably they hear us fighting but not want to fight - you not sound like goblins! One door goes to nasty goblins, other door to mighty kobold lair. Last door goes to rat room. There we keep rats for eating!" Meepo chomps excitedly at the thought of a nice, tasty rodent dinner.

Teral, Valeria, and Bellicus still have actions this round.

Meepo continues to hiccup and belch in a manner almost as disgusting as the "demon" in the keg. "What... blurgk... that... thing?!"

Fort save: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11

"Blurrrrghh! Gross!" Meepo stumbles around and curls up against the wall, choking on the rather smelly (you might say stinking) cloud.

"He came here, not long back Meepo thinks, yes... he came and Meepo hid! He spoke with Yusdrayl... made arrangements, kobolds not to fight him! Not fight his friends, either.... too bad, they look tasty.... but they go to goblin territory.... goblins probably eat them all up! No dinner for Meepo. You want know more? Yusdrayl always know more..."

Meepo pauses to seriously consider Elion's question. "Well... Meepo think... goblins could kill you, or dragon could eat you, or Yusdrayl could hurt poor Meepo again, or stupid traps could kill us, or strange cat person could eat Meepo, or scary knight person could skewer Meepo, or that other scary knight person could come back and skewer Meepo! Meepo think... lots could go wrong... but lots always goes wrong..."

Meepo's scars seem to be the result of many encounters with very sharp claws and teeth.

The little kobold skitters away from Akshara and hides behind the cage. "Goblins our enemies, they live in place of dragons! We want to live in place of dragons, so we come here, fight goblins. Bring dragon to help! Dragon kills many goblins, but then goblins take dragon... lots of goblins, too many goblins!... and now maybe goblins win more fights soon... goblins not smart, but goblins mean, and kobolds no have dragon..."

Meepo grows angry and stomps around for a few moments, then and points up at some crude Draconic writing on the wall above the cage, which reads here be dragons. "No dragons be here now! Stupid goblins! This DRAGON PLACE, not GOBLIN PLACE!! Soon, not Meepo place either!" Meepo peeks out at the group with a hopeful look in his eyes. "Unless... maybe you help make this dragon place again, and Yusdrayl be happy with Meepo? Or maybe you talk to Yusdrayl? Meepo take you to Yusdrayl, you explain that you help us! Big rewards for big people if big people get back dragon for kobolds!"

"Oh yes, mighty dragon! Meepo dares not speak its name!! Meepo is... Meepo was... Keeper of Dragons! Meepo has scars to prove it!! Meepo had great and noble task of feeding dragon! Meepo kept it in that cage, because dragon was great and terrible. But now dragon is gone! Gone, gone, gone!! Now Meepo is surely dead! Stupid goblins, stupid stupid goblins!"

"This room was dragon's room. Dragon kept goblins away! But then many goblins come and take dragon. Meepo's friends retreat. Next time goblins come, they find Yusdrayl's throne room! Not good for kobolds... not good for Meepo!"

Meepo, realizing that at least these two elfish folk don't seem bent on killing him, scampers over to them and positions himself so that Leynus and Elion are between him and Bellicus. "Oh g-great long-ears, Meepo thanks you! Meepo worries that his life will end soon, for Meepo is a bad kobold, a-a-awful kobold!! Meepo was Keeper of Dragons, but dragon is gone! Meepo looks for it, but it is not here! Mighty Yusdrayl says that Meepo will be dead if Meepo does not get the dragon back... but goblins have dragon! Goblins are too tough for Meepo!"

Even as Leynus tries to calm him, Meepo cringes with every word spoken to him, as if any one of them might suddenly be accompanied by a boot or a blade.


Meepo turns to run from Akshara, tripping over the bench and sending trinkets and junk skittering across the room. He bangs his face on the hard stone floor and groans in pain, clutching his head in his hands and shutting his eyes tight. "Meepo's end is here! Poor Meepo, p-p-poor Meepo..."

The pathetic kobold before you yaps and stammers for a few moments...

Gah! Please no more hurting! Yusdrayl said-

... then it realizes you are decidedly not kobolds. It stands up nervously, levels a pitiful, rusty, over-sized short sword at you, looks down the length of Bellicus's sword, then screams and drops its "weapon."

In broken common, it begs, "I s-s-surrender! Surrender! No kill Meepo!"

The poor kobold is covered in scars, especially on its forearms and face.