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Full Name

Med Unit x00876 (Medrick)


| SP 33/33 HP 32/32 | KAC 19 EAC 16 | F: +5, R: +4, W: +4 | Init: +3 | Perc: +1, SM: -2


| Speed 25ft | Arc Rifle 40/40 Arc Pistol, Static 10/10 Semi-auto Pistol 9/9 Hammer -/- |Active conditions: None.


Male NG Android Scholar (xenobiology) Soldier 4



About Medrick

SFS # 263825-701
Experience 9
Faction Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)
Credits 4113
Fame 17
Reputation Second seekers: 20
Reputation Tiers All-Faction: tier 1
Second Seekers: tier 1

Name Med Unit x00876 (Medrick)
Soldier (guard) 4
N Medium humanoid (Andriod)
Init +3; Senses Low-light and Darkvision 60 Perc +1, SM -2,

KAC 19 (5 armor 3 dex 1 gear boost) EAC 16 (3 armor 3 dex)
SP 33 7 from class level 1, 7 from class level 2, 7 from class level 3, 7 from class level 4, 1 from con from level 1, 1 from con from level 2, 1 from con from level 3, 1 from con level 4
HP 32 7 from class level 1, 7 from class level 2, 7 from class level 3, 7 from class level 4, 4 from race level 1
Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +4

Speed 25 ft.
Melee Hammer, assault + 4 (1d6+3B)
Ranged Static Arc Rifle + 8 (1d12+4 E) crit:Arc 1d6 Special: stun (can be used as nonlethal without penalty)
Arc Pistol + 7 (1d6+1E crit:Arc 2 special:stun (can be used as nonlethal without penalty)
Semi-auto pistol + 7 (1d6+1P)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks
Spell-Like Abilities

Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 8
Base Atk +4
Feats Medical Expert, Quick draw, Weapon specialization (all my weapons), Skill Focus: Medicine, Weapon Focus (Longarms)
Theme Scholar
Languages Common,
Skills Computers +7 4 rank, 3 ability mod, Culture +7 4 rank, 3 ability mod, Life Science +10 4 rank, 3 ability mod 3 class skill , Medicine +12 3 rank, 3 ability mod 3 class skill, 3 feat, Perception + 1 1 rank , Profession: Emergency Medic (int) + 9 3 rank, 3 class skill, 3 ability mod, Physical Science +5 2 rank 3 ability mod , Survival +5 2 rank 3 class skill
Combat Gear Arc pistol,static; Semi-auto Pistol, tactical; Hammer, assault, Hidden Soldier Armor; battery (x2); small arm ammo (x61),anti-toxin (tier 1) x2
Other Gear Hygiene Kit, Clothing (formal, professional, travel), Backpack (consumer), field rations (2 weeks), 50 ft cable line (titanium alloy), Basic medkit, Binders, Descent thrusters, Radiation Badge, Binoculars,

Special Abilities
Constructed- +2 saves disease, mind-affecting, poison, sleep
Flat affect- +2 against opposed sense motive
Upgrade Slot- One Armor upgrade (light armor)
Primary fighting style- Guard
Armor Training- reduce armor check penalty by 1 and max dex increase by 1
Society Subdermal Graft- This implant rests beneath the skin of the palm of one hand. The augmentation can be activated or deactivated mentally as a swift action. Activating the implant causes a rendition of the Starfinder's Society's symbol to glow underneath the skin. This augmentation acts as a mark, letting others know you are a member of the Starfinder Society. It also increases the light level within 5 feet by one step while active.
Armored Advantage- +1 KAC

My Boons:

Faction: Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)
Slotless:Starfinder Society Care Package As a recent graduate of the Starfinder Society’s accelerated
training program, you’ve received a potent item to aid in your first missions. This boon provides your character with one
of the three following options. Select one option, and cross the remaining two off the Chronicle sheet.
▫ Elixir of Renewal: You gain a special elixir that you can consume as if it were a serum in order to restore 2d8
Hit Points as well as 1d4 points of one type of ability damage. You can use this elixir only once, even if you have an
ability or effect that would allow you to benefit from the serum multiple times. Check the box that precedes this boon
when you use this elixir. Only you can use this elixir and it has effective market price of 0 credits if sold.
While every character can purchase a serum of healing, this free gift is more potent than a typical starting serum.
slotless: Society Contract Anytime you play a pregenerated character in an adventure, even if the scenario credit
is not assigned to the character on this Chronicle sheet, you can reroll a single d20 roll. You must follow all the rules
associated with rerolls (Starfinder Core Rulebook 243). You can only gain one reroll per adventure from this boon, and
only when you play a pregenerated character. You cannot slot another boon that grants a reroll (such as a promotional
boon). Alternatively, any time you play a pregenerated character in an adventure and that character dies, you can cross
this boon off the Chronicle sheet to be returned to life, as per raise dead. Being healed in this way takes 10 minutes.
Slotless: Claimant to Salvation If you bring this Chronicle sheet to an adventure in which the Starfinder
Society continues exploring the false moon of Salvation’s End, you can qualify to receive a special boon at the end of
the adventure to reflect the additional investment the Starfinder Society makes into exploring the satellite. You do not
need to play the same character listed on this Chronicle sheet to gain this bonus.
[X][][] Social: Faction's Friend By assisting various factions of the Starfinder Society, you have proven yourself as a dependable asset. By slotting this boon, if you would fail to earn Fame at the end of an adventure by failing to fulfill a success condition, you can check one of the boxes on this boon. Doing so reminds your current championed faction of your past exploits, and you still earn 1 Reputation (but no Fame) with that faction as if you had successfully fulfilled the condition. You can use this boon only if you would also gain at least 1 XP for completing the adventure.
Slotless: Star Sugar Heartlove!!! During your commencement missions, you had the chance to pick up your own copy of the latest album from sugar-pop sensation Strawberry Machine Cake. This album is already a Pact Worlds hit and has quadrupled in price. You can resell the album for 200 credits prior to the start of your next adventure. If you sell the album, cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet. Alternatively, you can decide to keep the album, which might somehow prove useful in the future.
Ally: High Society Influence During the course of Luwazi Elsebo’s gala to announce the future of the Starfinder Society, you impressed one or more of the guests in attendance. How this influence will play out in the future is not yet clear, but you have nevertheless ingratiated yourself with a number of influential people. You will be told if this boon is important to a future scenario prior to slotting your boons.
Iteration-177, Naiaj, Ykris, Zo!, Royo
Unidentified: Journey to the Scoured Stars: Segment 1 You were present at Luwazi Elsebo’s announcement declaring the Starfinder Society would continue investigating the Scoured Stars system. This boon represents your character’s involvement in this historic first step toward solving the Scoured Stars mystery. Other boons representing future steps towards unraveling the mystery of the Scoured Stars will appear in future scenarios, and collecting these boons will result in a unique bonus, to be detailed in a future Chronicle sheet.
Unidentified: Journey to the Scoured Stars: Segment 2 You uncovered hidden truths about the history of the Scoured Stars by journeying to the library world of Athaeum. This boon represents your character’s involvement in this critical step toward solving the Scoured Stars mystery. Other boons representing future steps toward unraveling the mystery of the Scoured Stars will appear in future scenarios, and collecting these boons will result in a unique bonus, to be detailed on a future Chronicle sheet.
[15/40]Social: InstructorThis boon represents time spent outside of adventuring that you’re taking to train a potential new Starfinder. At the end of every adventure you have this boon slotted, record the total amount of Fame you earned. You can expend your Downtime at the end of an adventure to increase the amount of Fame recorded for this boon by 1. Once you have accrued 40 Fame with this boon, your student has come into his or her own and is ready to become a full-fledged Starfinder (a new character). Have your GM mark the Chronicle sheet where you accomplished this, and keep a copy with your new character. When your new character reaches 5th level, instead of choosing four ability scores to increase, you can choose five. Otherwise you follow all other rules for leveling up. This bonus only applies at 5th level.
[][][] Social: AbadarCorp Augmentations AbadarCorp has made you a special ofer after you helped maintain the stability of their Freemarkets by keeping illegal augmentations of the streets. At the end of a scenario where you have this boon slotted, you can purchase one or more augmentations from the Starinder Core Rulebook and receive a one-time 20% discount. If the item level of the augmentation is 8 or more, then you receive only a 10% discount on that augmentation. For each augmentation you purchase in this manner, check one of the boxes on this boon. Once you’ve checked all three boxes, you can no longer receive this discount on future purchases.
[][][] Social: Contractor’s RespectBy successfully completing a mission to investigate an abandoned outpost in Near Space, you also earned the esteem of a prominent organization within the Pact Worlds. You can call upon the resources of this organization by slotting this boon. The organization loans you a set of armor or a nonconsumable weapon (but fully loaded with conventional ammunition) for the duration of the adventure. The loaned equipment must have an item level equal to or less than your character level + 1, up to a maximum item level of 8. The item must be returned to the organization at the end of the adventure. Whenever you slot this boon, you must check one of the boxes. This boon might have additional uses based on the organization you have inluenced. How this inluence will play out in the future is not yet clear. You will be told if this boon is important to a future scenario prior to slotting your boons. When all the boxes are checked, you can no longer earn loaned equipment while slotting this boon, as your preferred standing with this organization is expended. For tracking purposes, your GM should mark the name of your hiring organization here: Abbarcorp
Starship: Star Monster SlayerYou defeated a spacefaring monster known as a Besmaran whelp. Since this battle, you’ve mastered the art of battling against living starship sized enemies when operating a starship of your own. While this boon is slotted, you gain a +2 bonus to all skill checks made in a starship combat against an enemy living starship. Any of your fellow crewmates who don’t have this boon slotted instead gain a +1 bonus to their skill checks against enemy living starships—the direct result of your guidance during the battle.
Social: Athaeum Insight By spending some time on the library world Athaeum, you’ve gained a small sliver of magical insight to carry with you on your journeys. When you slot this boon, you always count as being trained in the Culture skill, even if you do not pave a skill rank in it. This does not grant any bonuses to Culture skill checks but does allow you to attempt those skill checks untrained while the boon is slotted. In addition, once per session, you can reroll the result of any skill check to recall knowledge.
Ally: Iteration-177’s Attention During your journey to Athaeum, you attended a unique dinner hosted by the android known as Iteration-177. They came to a decision about your personality based on a memory you provided (or refused to provide). How this decision will play out in the future is not yet clear, but you have nevertheless made an impression on the mysterious android. You will be told if this boon is important to a future scenario prior to slotting your boons. Your GM will cross out all results save that which you earned from the dinner. Sanguine
Slotless: Protector of the Future You have saved the elected First Seeker from a notorious assassin and facilitated her announcing the future of the Starfinder Society. As a token of gratitude, you can immediately cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet to gain the Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Champion boon (as detailed in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide). If you already have this boon, you can instead cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet at any time to gain any Second Seeker (Luwazi Elsebo) boon that you meet the minimum Reputation Tier requirement for and has a cost of 2 or less.

Bot Me!:

Medrick will guard his allies to the best of his ability. Often stepping between them and the enemy. He generally uses his arc pistol. Below is the dice rolls, just close the brackets.

[dice=attack: arc pistol] 1d20 + 7 [/dice
[dice=damage (electric)] 1d6+1 [/dice
on a crit, it deals 2 damage to a near by enemy

if the enemy is resistant to electricity or needs an analog weapon, he will use his semi-auto pistol
[dice=attack:semi-auto pistol] 1d20 + 7 [/dice
[dice=damage (piercing)] 1d6+1 [/dice

if melee is necessary he will use his hammer
[dice=attack:hammer] 1d20 + 1 [/dice
[dice=damage (blunt)] 1d6 [/dice

Social Media Bio Page:

Hello everyone! I am MU 876 but my friends call me Medrick. I have recently been liberated from an illegal corporation using me to keep their slaves alive on bare minimum. It was some dark stuff but I have gotten my freewill back so you do not have to worry about me turning against you.

I was built to be a basic needs medical unit, but once liberated I calculated that my skills would be best used to help people with my medical training. The pact world’s require you to have a degree and certifications to do that. I have been working on getting my doctoral degree in xenobiology (specialization on medical). I attend school at a university on Castrovel.

This university is a large sponsor of the starfinder society and I am able to work on my field work hours by doing missions for them. I recently took a semester off from school to attend the training program from the society and should be graduating soon from that. I will be able to go back to being a graduate student and complete my field assignments. I hope to graduate soon and officially be Dr. Medrick.

Active Boons! (Description in "My Boons")
Faction: Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)
Social: Instructor
Ally: High Society Influence
Starship: Star Monster Slayer
Slotless :Starfinder Society Care Package

Link to all my chronicles and money tracking HERE