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I plan to dedicate a solid bunch of time this weekend to finish up my character. So far, most of the work on him has been fluff and roleplay so I will attach mechanics to it and make him a profile.

Here is a quick update on his background a bit:

Instead of being from Korryn, I will be from Tengwar (a major city). I was adapted by a wealthy family because the matron of the house was unable to have children on their own despite trying. My character who really needs a name haha still has no idea what made the family pick him. He was living it through his childhood essentially being an heir to a wealthy family. In this time he really connected with the God right now I am leaning towards Pharasma for reason that will be explained later. Life was grand for him... until a miracle happened. The lady of the house was with child! It was a joyous time in the house... until my character learned the harsh reality of being in a wealthy family. Since there would be a real heir to the family name, my character was no longer important. The family decided that the most useful place for him would be sent to Korryn to study his religion and culture and maybe make influential contacts in the grand city.

Once he moved there he quickly learned that the church of his god is a strange place in the new city. How could they believe such different things when they worship the same god? How could they take money the way they do? These questions rattled him. He decided that it is because these people weren't serving the god but rather serving the church itself. He made it his goal reach understanding of the gods wishes and be their hand in the world. Not the hand of the church.

That is what I got so far. Feel free comment on it with ideas or anything!

Hmmm. Okay. Then I might eliminate the novelty of being an orc and make the character relatively famously orphaned and a family adopted him for the same reasons as above. I will work on the story why this child being orphaned is so public or meaningful, but a lower wealthy family hoping to move up the ranks is a fun idea for their background and booted off to the temple once the family deemed them no longer useful.

I will give more story on that later when I come up with something good. I am currently leaning towards inquisitor. I think there is a fun interaction of the character being taken in by the God but having a bit of resentments towards the church itself since they know they were shipped here because they are no longer serving the family's needs. So they choose to dedicate themselves to the deity but feels that dedication to the God is different than dedication to the church.

Not sure of class yet, but I am thinking of being an orc, not from the enclave. Most likely from Korryn. The background I would go with is essentially as a child, I was found (either with humans killing my parents or for some other reason for me being abandoned. Side note, you mentioned a that there are so few orcs, just for an understanding sake, is the disparity because of hostility?). I was taken in by a wealthy family in Korryn to essentially show off about how charitable the family is. Once the whole gimmick of having an orc child died off and the family was no longer getting attention for it, they sent me off to go to some religious school to "teach me to be civilized and remove my insticts". Therr is where I took on my training as...

That is about as far as I got. Thoughts? Does it seem to fit in line with the tone of the adventure?

Hey guys! I am Dylan. I am Joe's (Gavin) step son and have known Nate for most of my life. I have also met Ed on a couple of occasions (mostly to play Pathfinder). Sorry for the delay in posting, just started a new job and trying to balance out my life.

I have been playing table top RPGs for my whole life. I dabbled in PBP for a couple of years but stepped back a couple of months ago. This is my first dive back in.

I am not sure I have much a type of character besides I struggle to roleplay anything not good. I do play the intellect characters often as well.

So that brings me to this character. I do not have something set in stone but, I am thinking an inquisitor. Maybe paladin. Something that has some solid melee power behind it but uses some magic and I think is the way I want to go with a Divine background. I will think of how the character will fit into this world and see where that leads me on class.

It is wonderful to meet you and thank you for inviting me in on this game!

I retract my previous post. I have been moved to a sub-tier that I can play one of my own characters in. Thank you, and good luck out there!

I will be playing a pregen since the slot of the character I would like to play is all filled up. I have no clue what I am going to play yet, but if anyone had suggestions, I am all ears!

Hey folks. I am thinking about taking up my first Pbp starfinder society quest as a GM. If I do this, do you guys have any suggestions of a good one to start with? I have GMed one in face to face and I am running an AP for starfinder right now.

Ohh, I didn't realize there was a 2nd part of Outpost. My bad.

Is it just me or has the posting of new games really slowed down? I don't think I have seen a new one in the 1-4 range in almost 2 weeks now.

I willing to commit to GMing and assisting the overseer in any way I can, but I do not believe I am ready to being an overseer myself (yet).

I understand the limits and they make sense. I know I am willing to step up and be a GM for starfinder if it helps us get the special off the ground.

I was mostly just throwing the idea out there to get the conversation started. I know its hard for some people to make it to conventions so getting this going would allow those who are pbp players to keep up with the story.

Hey, I posted this elsewhere but I believe it would be more likely to see an answer here. With the announcement of the new special for starfinder and the schedule for when it gets off of being exclusive, I was hoping we could set up an online version of special like we do for pathfinder. I have no clue how we would go about starting to plan that, but I think it would be a good idea and am willing to help with any organization or that kind of work necessary to do this.

I am excited to see a major con being this far east! I feel like I was so far from the other big cons that this one might happen. I hope to make it this year!

That being said, we should start looking into planning a pbp of the multi table special for starfinder for when it leaves the exclusive phase! I am not sure how planning that would work but I just wanted to throw the idea out there.

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I am from Buffalo, New York, USA. Happy to be the first representing Buffalo!

And here I thought I was starting to get a grasp on the lore of this world... Nope, haven't even heard of a large number of these countries haha

I can't wait to read it! I am waiting for the PDF right now because I know I am moving to another state in about a year and don't want to add to the bulk of moving but the wait is so hard haha I have heard good things!

There is already a sister lodge made for 2nd edition playtest. The Cottonseed . I would assume they would make another page when 2nd edition comes out for recruitment like starfinder and the playtest. Honestly, I am surprised that they didn't do that for standard and core.

I am looking forward to the changes because there are many things I like about starfinder's structure (especially society play) but something tells me that my typical group will want to stick to 1e. A bit torn on it personally. I am glad the PbP community exists so I can learn and play that way.

GM Redelia wrote:
Hi, everyone, I have exciting news. Our Venture Captain Hmm has just posted the details of our upcoming convention, OutPost.

Thank you for posting this! I would of missed this if it wasn't for this post.

Do we have a date for recruitment for Solstice Scar? There aren't many level 1-2 tables and I don't want to miss it.

Dot for interest.

GM Sapphire Fox wrote:
as stated in a previous post, would like it by wednesday so can get things going again

Sorry, I skimmed because I had a minute but that's all and missed you saying it. I will try to put together a character by then. This sounds fun!


As a follow up question now that I had time to read the thread; what grounds are you picking on? I assume not lottery since most AP don't choose by lottery. Just wondering what you are looking for when considering an applicant.

When is recruitment closed? I am interested but not sure my timeline for making a character.

GM Granta wrote:


We will be running this special twice. The first session starts on March 5, and will be part of OutPost. In order to GM this session, you must be able and willing to help prep the scenario as a group.

The second session starts on May 7, and will have a couple of special notes:

  • This run will not be part of a convention. The scenario will be provided to you, but there are no boons for GMs or players.
  • This run will overlap with PaizoCon and Origins, and individuals may only participate if they are not attending either convention.

Interested GMs can signup here, and you are allowed to GM both sessions. Registration closes Thursday, December 21, and GMs will be selected by Sunday, December 24.

Is this version A? I am not sure when version B comes out and couldn't find any information on that.

The upcoming events lists a multi table special coming up in January. Any word on when requirement for that will open? I want to keep my eye open for it so I can grab a seat before it fills up but haven't seen a post about it yet.

Just went back and realized that i need to roll my stats. Always scary but here we go!

stat 1: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 5, 5) = 18
stat 2: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 6, 4) = 17
stat 3: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 5, 6) = 20
stat 4: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 1, 3) = 15
stat 5: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 2, 5) = 17
stat 6: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2, 6) = 11

wow! That is an amazing roll. So stats to spread are:

A 34 point buy? Yes please haha I am thinking a half orc wild hunter (ranger achetype). Back story is that he is the product of orc rape of a captive human woman. He was brought up in the orc community. But being a half breed he was not treated the best and decided that he would better serve off in the woods. He learned how to hunt from his "brothers" and has been living off the land.

I will post where stats are going later. I figured he would be willing to join the mission because he doesn't like orcs and his nature living would put him in environment to find you guys and join up. Thoughts?

Before I choose skills, are we missing anything big as a group?

Hey everyone! I just caught up on my reading. I am still working my character. This weekend is a bit busy because I had to make a road trip for a wedding but I hope to have a character rolled up by the end of the weekend. I am thinking a melee character of some kind (probably 2 handed weapon person).

Thanks again for the invite!

Quick question, do we know what level we are playing to? I just wanted to check before making my character. I am leaning towards a earth breaker using ranger.

Starfinder makes me wish I wasn't a broke graduate student... Looks like I wont be eating for a few weeks to save up the money in March.

I'll take the level one chronicle. It would be forever before I hit level 7 playing only pbp. Thank you!

Sid De Squid wrote:
Shaudius wrote:
Sid De Squid wrote:
So is the same discount going to be provided to ballistic weapons? Or is there no longer going to be game balance between battery powered weapons and ballistics?
Was there ever balance between these two options RAW?
True, but batteries costed more than bullets but since batteries are free recharge now they're an one time investment though you have to re-buy bullets.

But that makes sense. The idea of forcing an artificial contruct of balence seems wrong in the case of ballistics and energy weapons. There is a need for ballistic weapons still. Just not balanced to be equally powerful or cost effective.

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Thanks! that was exactly what I was looking for.

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I understand getting rid of the age bonuses and penalties and stuff because modern medicine (or future medicine) but I wish we got average lifespan numbers and ages that members of a race hit adulthood. (unless of course I missed that in the book. I looked and I cant seem to find anything on it or height/weight)

I look forward for the expansion of playable races. Not only for the fun of playing fun new options, but also to go on missions with lots of different races. I hope that the writers actually have race influence responses by NPCs and such.

Darkling36 wrote:
vlaovich88 wrote:
Darkling36 wrote:
Unless of course they use batteries, which circles back to the issue that that class of weaponry would end up with too much of a definitive advantage.
But I still don't see that as an issue. I think energy weapons should for general purpose have the advantage, but situationally it might be better to have a normal gun, but in most circumstances, why is it an issue if they are unbalanced? (With the exception of course that we need far more choices in guns).

Because they're in the system as a non minor option. There are plenty of people who love the idea of slug throwers in their adventure, just because you or others may prefer energy weapons doesn't mean those people should be heavily disadvantaged for wanting to play a completely reasonable sci-fi trope. It's reasonable to say that advancements in tech have lead to more powerful propellants that put them on par with energy weapons, instead of relegating them to backup options.

Some people think melee in a high tech game with guns is silly, yet we have Plasma swords and fangblades. Personal preference alone does not make design philosophy.

I get that some people may like to use them and there is nothing wrong with using them. As I said in a previous post, all my characters will carry a projectile gun with them. But I don't see the need to keep them balanced. As you said, preference doesn't make for design philosophy. You preferring to use physical ammo over a renewable resource doesn't mean they should be balanced. Universal batteries is a distinct and logical advantage to energy weapons. Even if they are consistent in power (I haven't read into damage and stuff of the guns) it makes sense to have energy weapons as a common and easy resource. If that's not how the game designers make it, than that's so be it, but I don't agree with this philosophy that projectile weapons and energy weapons should be arbitrarily balanced.

Darkling36 wrote:
Unless of course they use batteries, which circles back to the issue that that class of weaponry would end up with too much of a definitive advantage.

But I still don't see that as an issue. I think energy weapons should for general purpose have the advantage, but situationally it might be better to have a normal gun, but in most circumstances, why is it an issue if they are unbalanced? (With the exception of course that we need far more choices in guns).

Nope but the assembly plant still theoretically should take base supplies that we don't have to pay for. If the cost to build a rocket is negligible, then it's reasonable to cost to buy some bullets and recharge a gun are negligible. The book never says how or the gun makes rockets from. It just says that after 10 minutes it "rebuilds" them. I am not arguing that we should pay for rockets. Just that when comparing what we need to pay for and what we don't, it seems odd. Energy should be readily available because we are based in a space station near a sun. Solar energy should be aplenty. The society giving us unlimited resources for rockets but charging us for an hour of energy between missions seems a bit wacky.

Twitch Stitchwell wrote:
vlaovich88 wrote:

No, Markov Spiked Chain was getting at is by the core rule book, that is how missiles work. They just appear after some time after combat with out costing money.

And I agree. The whole equipment section of the book to me is lacking. There should be more guns and armor and tools. But to me, it is logical that unless specific situations happen, projectiles should seem obsolete.

I might agree with projectiles being obsolete much of the time, but I suspect "Analog" will come into play at some point, and things like EMP or other tricks will make your big honkin' space guns so much junk, especially at higher levels. Also...

** spoiler omitted **

Hope I got the spoiler part right.

I agree with you that there will be times that having a projectile gun will be handy. I plan to have one on my characters. I did say they should be obsolete unless specific situations. That would be one of the situations. I just don't see the need to preserve a balance between cost of projectile and energy weapons. To me, using a projectile will feel like using silver arrows or something. More expensive but under the right conditions, far more effective.

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Jared Thaler wrote:
Micheal Smith wrote:
vlaovich88 wrote:

No, Markov Spiked Chain was getting at is by the core rule book, that is how missiles work. They just appear after some time after combat with out costing money.

And I agree. The whole equipment section of the book to me is lacking. There should be more guns and armor and tools. But to me, it is logical that unless specific situations happen, projectiles should seem obsolete.

That is dumb they reappear sometime after combat, if that is true. I haven't ventured to much into the starship section.

Also, I agree the equipment section is lacking ALOT. But please keep in mind this is the CRB. Limited space and they did't want to throw ALOT of things out at first. They could end up doing a full on book just to weapons. I am sure we will get an adventures armory style book. I hope they do a full on book and not a companion style book.

Also this is the first edition of the system. I am sure over the next 1-2 years we will see some changes.

Reading comprehension is a thing...

"They just appear..."

No. The missile launcher has an assembly plant that can build new missiles from it's stockpile of parts.


Limited Fire
A weapon with this special property can fire only the listed number of times in a starship combat encounter before it requires a brief period of time (10 minutes outside of starship combat) to recharge and rebuild the weapon’s inherent ammunition. A weapon with this special property is often a tracking weapon.

Okay, there is no need to get hostile. Yes fluff wise they build new missiles. Mechanically, you have an endless supply of free missiles. Saying they build it our of something doesn't change the fact that missiles just replenish after combats and cost nothing yes people really think between adventures we should need to pay for recharged batteries?

No, Markov Spiked Chain was getting at is by the core rule book, that is how missiles work. They just appear after some time after combat with out costing money.

And I agree. The whole equipment section of the book to me is lacking. There should be more guns and armor and tools. But to me, it is logical that unless specific situations happen, projectiles should seem obsolete.

Maybe so, but still more costly to harvest than energy.

I get that there may be some power difference between the types of weapons. I haven't played with the numbers or scenarios enough to say to which extent they are different. But I would argue that a power difference isn't necessarily a bad thing. It makes sense that a weapon firing pure energy does more than a weapon that fires hunks of metal. A weapon that fires charges off of energy is cheaper to recharge than one that needs to have a non-renewable resources and physical material makes sense to me. Futuristic weapons should be better than guns we have now.

The one argument I don't understand is that we need to try to keep a balance between bullets and batteries. Why can't it be cheaper to use a battery powered weapon? I think that it makes sense for us to have cheaper ammo for energy weapons than physical weapons. The physical weapons still have a use, even if they cost more.

I am a relatively new player in PBP and I have some input from a new player perspective. First off, the community is really awesome about answering your questions very quickly. I think anytime O asked anything, within hours people were there to help. So if you have any questions before starting, don't hesitate.

Second, they reserve spots in lots of games for new players. This is a huge help for if you don't know where to start. So you can start up usually pretty quickly and the GM is normally really understanding of you being new.

If you are on the fence about joining one, I would say go ahead and give it a try. One game isn't a huge time commitment each day and it is really fun. We have a great community and I hope that this helps convince more to join us!

Hey, I was wondering when the next Gameday is planned to be? I was considering GM'ing a game this one but I figured I should get a few games on pbp under my belt first (this Gameday started right after I finished my first adventure). But I am interested in being a GM for the next.

I was thinking that but the book says this

starfinder srd wrote:
A Profession skill should not overlap with existing skills. For example, if you want to play a scientist, you should put ranks into Life Science or Physical Science rather than create a Profession (scientist) skill.

starfinder srd

I am in the middle of the Claim to Salvation SFS so I haven't really made my own character yet but I want to before this finishes up (I guess I should clarify that I play by post). My question is if using medicine will ever be a legal thing for day jobs? I ask because I was thinking of a character background that having that option would fit well with. If that doesn't ever seem likely than I'll play that character and just not worry about day jobs but if it is something that might happen, I can push off playing this concept till then.

Tl;dr: how likely will it be that medicine can be used as a day job?

Honestly, that bed time story is a good idea even if it didn't couldn't count as a credit.

Edit, though with some minor editing in RotRL for the

RotRL spoiler:
incest and sex dungeon parts
to make it a bit more child friendly.

I was wondering the same thing. I have some of the books on audible and haven't applied the boons yet. I have the added question about playing on pbp. That's pretty much exclusively what I play. How do I "show" my GM that I have the book.

I have no clue how I missed that but I am thamkful for the information.

That's crazy! I didn't know you could get credit for running APs. Do the players have to follow the society legality system (i.e. no house rules) because I am in the middle of a RotRL right now that has very minor house rules (rolling a natural one means you provoke an attack of opportunity, and flanked is a condition so everyone gets +2 if the enemy is flanked not just the flankers are the only two that come to mind) so if I can't get credit, I will go for PFS legal in future campaigns.

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