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I just got this the other day, and I'm excited to play one, but I also had a few questions...

1. On Imprint Class Ability, do you have to pick your class abilities even before you gain this ability? For example, if I've played a taskshaper since level 1, but I wait until level 6 to pick Imprint Class Ability as a shaped capacity, I would have needed to keep up with 4 abilities from character creation, plus any I've seen?
2. For that matter, can I witness Class Abilities and imprint them before I have Imprint Class Ability as a shaped capacity?
3. How do class resources work? For example, if I imprint a Barbarians Rage ability at 2nd level, it can last up to 4 + Con rounds (that being the daily allotment of rage. If I use up all these rounds, and I re-imprint Rage, does it fail, or do I have another 4 + Con rounds?
4. Flavor wise, what happens if you imprint an Alchemists Bomb ability? Are you growing explosive organs to throw? Because that would be awesome.
5. Can you imprint class abilities you already possess? I've seen comments about imprinting Ability Shift to gain essentially limitless moments of change (though I'm guessing that could potentially be fixed by the ruling on question #3).
6. Assuming you possess Master of Shapes, is there anything stopping you from imprinting the same class feature twice? I didn't see anything explicitly, and maybe there's something in the core rules, but I wasn't sure. This seems like it is another cheesy way to break the class.
7. Are the natural attacks granted by Shaped attack primary or secondary?
8. Do all the advanced shapes cost 2 moments of change? The description only says "many" but no abilities have a cost listed. I'm also guessing that Master of Shapes is passive, and has no cost.
9. Do you gain any knowledge the creature has when using Become the Mask or is it just very strong personality? For example, a nefarious murderer cuts a poor villagers throat, and escapes. A taskshaper stumbles onto the scene, and touches the villager before they die, but they die before revealing who killed them. If the taskshaper uses Become the Mask, can the villager persona reveal who killed him?
10. Is the DC for keeping control on Become the Mask meant to get harder with your stats? Anytime I use it, I should dump any +CHA gear for +WIS?

...that's all I can think of for now.

Rynjin wrote:
Whether spellcasting falls under that is your call. It isn't entirely clear, but it does give you an opening to utilize pretty easily.

So, I guess this could be a convoluted way to get a witch with a CHA casting stat for theorycrafting (not that I can think of anything that could use it really well).

I guess any witch doctor would either be awesome, then suck as a lich, or suck as a witch doctor, and be awesome as a lich (with a dumped CON and a high CHA). It might make for an interesting for an NPC, but I don't see the struggle through the living levels being worth being a lich with crazy hp.

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As a hypothetical, what happens when a scarred witch doctor decides to attempt immortality and become a lich? His casting stat no longer exists. Does he become an undead spell caster that can't cast spells? Do his hex DCs go to nothing? Does he divide by zero?