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Good overall but Disappointing...


I was thrilled when I saw this book as it allowed me to quickly have fully generated characters (NPCs) for any class in my campaigns. Sadly, once I got it home and read it more carefully I was shocked and dismayed. It only has write ups for the 11 core classes. Well, I've been playing Pathfinder since its inception so I don't need as much help with those... I need help with the newer more complex character classes, the ones without 5 years of exposure and playtesting: the Witch, the Cavalier, the Oracle, the Magus. This book covers none of these... I can usually crank out a decent cleric, wizard or fighter in about 15 minutes, even at high level. But if you want this book to help you create a written up mid-level Alchemist, or high-level Ninja, or a band of adversarial Cavaliers or coven of Witches, brace yourself for disappointment.

The book doesn't even include write ups on the iconic characters for these missing classes. No Seltyiel, no Feiya, no Alahazra, etc. Those are the iconics I wanted to learn about... I've already got the core write-ups in the first 50 PF Adventure Path books. Ever since PF stopped including the iconic write ups in the backs of the adventures paths, I've been curious to see their write ups.

So essentially, I was extremely disappointed to pay $40 for an incomplete product. What there is was extremely well done, I admit, but it's missing far too much for me to be remotely happy about it. I'd return it and get my money back if I could.

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