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I'm tentatively interested in playing. After the holidays, my schedule is (hopefully) going to become a lot less hectic.

I'd want to play someone who I haven't seen played before, perhaps the goblin Nok-Nok, the hunter Korundo, or the bard Meliski. I typically play half-casters, so if you guys have any suggestions for rarely seen characters, I'd be open to it too. My favorite games have been with the paladin Koren and magus Zvarbel.

I'm on PST. Don't have a computer at work so can only post pre-work or late in the evenings when I'm home.

Very excited! Six new ancestries! Tanuki, samsaran, wayang! All look amazing! Wonder what the other three ancestries are..

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I work for the forest service as a hydrologist. May be going out to a site (I think the one we are going to is an 8 hour drive into the mountains) in two weeks for a few days to 'winterize' one of our projects. I'll keep you updated on my schedule - plans most likely will change.

I'd be interested in the Chronicler.

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Will there be mammoths?

Please add your details in the following format
1) Player name: Tommy aka Mauve
2) Character name: Sisyar
3) SFS#-Character#: 215382-701
4) Character Class & Level: Mystic 2
5) Faction: Acquisitives
6) Regular or slow speed for chronicle: Regular
7) Dayjob Roll: Commercial Pilot: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25
8) Anything else you wish to add:

Would like to play Gazigaz the Envoy or Dakoyo the Mystic.

So I thought my character was level 3, but he's only level 2. When I get this chronicle, can I hold on to it until I'm level 3 then apply it then?

Ah shoot! Thought I had a little more time. Was just finishing up my character but looks like I missed the deadline. Good luck to everyone!

Hey, thinking of creating a dwarven abjuration wizard from Azurestone with the vigilante dedication and a cleric dedication via social purview. A dwarf who has studies the unusual and unique monuments like the Azurestone. But travels the world as a cleric of Torag, rooting out the evil he sees in the anarchy of Galt.

Hey! I've always wanted to play in this AP. Was thinking of creating some sort of elven mage (i.e. wizard, arcanist, etc.) with the Tammerhawk’s Agent trait.

I'm very much interested in playing! I've played with you as well as GM'd a game or two for you. Fine with your boundaries and reasonable.

Been really enjoying more support type characters lately. Thinking of playing a halfling cloistered cleric. Unsure of deity as of yet, but typically like the more unusual ones. Perhaps the Cosmic Caravan. Are there any deities that would be better suited for this adventure?

Hey all! I'm debating between bringing my Geomancer Occultist or my Twilight Speaker Skald. Both are level 4 I believe. If we are going low tier, have Psychic Detective Lashunta thats level 2.

Definitely leaning Skald (unlike other skalds, he gives a +1 comp. bonus on attack rolls and a +1 morale bonus on saving throws with no penalty to AC or concentration).

Can this be out already?? I want to play it!

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Just downloaded it and will give it a listen!

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Wow! I definitely can't wait for this.

I'm interested, flexible on who I play.

Do we need to own the class decks to play? I believe those are the some of the only ones I don't own.

It should already be inactive!

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Definitely going to give it a listen. Been looking for a new podcast.

Been looking at archetypes not normally allowed. Planning on making a sylph Aeromancer. Will stat the character up later today.

Sounds good to me. There are so many characters I want to build. Will have to think about it. Usually play melee dudes so may branch out into something more spellcast-y for this.

For Blothiq, my psychic, I'll probably go for one of the following disciplines: either Faith (if no healer), Rebirth (if no bard), or Symbiosis (otherwise).

I'm excited to see what monsters will be included!


I've only been on the boards for a little under two years now, but mostly started with playing the PACG (the card game) on here.

Like a lot of people have mentioned, I've noticed a lot of burnout. When COVID hit, all my gaming has moved online which is probably what most people did as well. When this happened, I think a lot of people overcommit or didn't realize the load they could handle. They don't respond for a few days, then the time between posts grows till its weeks between posts. It slowly spirals down, losing momentum, until the game finally collapses

Despite this, I'm optimistic and committed to a game once I start. I love telling stories, especially with other people. I have yet to complete an AP (furthest I've done is an IRL RotRL game where we completed two books). Currently in a WotR campaign on here and we're halfway through book 2. Though we've had some hiccups along the way, we're all committed till the end.

A. Blothiq

B. Ratfolk

C. Psychic (discipline may vary depending on party composition)

D. Animal Whisperer

E. Blothiq is a traveling salesman, originally from Druma. Being from Druma, he grew up around the Prophecies of Kalistrade in his every day life. He got married, had a few kids, but felt itch of adventure. Though not a Kalistocrat himself, he took the mercantile practices to heart. Blothiq said goodbye to his wife, and left to go on an adventure. He recently was in Molthune and Tamran, working his way west to Korvosa, using his recently discovered psychic magic (perhaps from his Vudran ancestry) to guide him along. He's taking a week long break in Phaendar to sell some good, resupply, and enjoy the town.

I might go with a gnome fey sorcerer, but also very interested in building a ratfolk psychic. Will work out details tonight.

I'd vote Ironfang Invasion as well.

Similar to Sandslice, I found Pathfinder through the card game as well. Was part of a board game club in college maybe 5 or 6 years ago. People would bring in different games they owned and we'd all play them. One person brought in the Skulls and Shackles version of the card game. I had zero experience with any RPG before. Really enjoyed it and ended up playing through all four versions of the card game with them.

The board game club also started to do some RPG stuff soon after. Got involved with that and tried several different games. Eventually, someone ran Pathfinder for a month and really enjoyed it! Played off and on for a year or two.

Eventually moved, found my local PFS lodge and played with them. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit soon after. Been mainly playing online since.

Speaking of the Beginner's Box (Menace Under Otari), you can only play using a BB pregen or using the BB's character creation guidelines, and not a normal PFS pregen or any character built by PFS rules, correct?

Awesome, thank you! Will definitely use Charon's. Looks fantastic.

Still debating on what character to build. Thinking of doing Kobold barbarian -> Dragon Discipline. Will work on character creation this weekend.

Does anyone have a favorite online character sheet? Been wanting to make all mine digital.

1. How experienced are you with PFS2/2e/pbp so far

I've done a fair amount of PFS society stuff on the boards here, but it's mainly been PFS1e. Haven't played any of the 2e APs yet. In a The Slithering game and on book 2 of a Wrath of the Righteous game though!

I've been kinda waiting for Covid to be over to get back into PFS2e more, especially with my local group. But this is an opportunity I don't want to miss!

2. Something awesome about yourself

I can lick my elbow.

Planning a few backpacking trips this summer. Live in the PNW so have fabulous access to the outdoors.

I also got into roleplaying by playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Before, I didn't even know what a d20 was! Really enjoyed it and the people I was playing with wanted to start a 5e game. Played 5e off and on for maybe a year before switching over to Pathfinder.

3. I like recruiting players rather than characters but I would like bit of info on the character you're most interested in bringing. A brief bit of description/background/mechanics is plenty

I'm one of those people that don't plan too much in advance and like my character to evolve as we play.

According to the players guide, there are new archetypes in the AP. Haven't looked them up yet as I don't want to spoil myself, but tempted to use one of these archetypes.

For character build, leaning towards a Lizardfolk barbarian or oracle - two classes I haven't had the chance to play yet.

Dotted in!

Yeah, will run any of the bounties.

May not be able to build a wizard until this weekend!

Hey! No preference to keeping this in one thread or multiple. Haven't played any of the bounties nor GM'd them, so I'm fine with taking a random one.

Have a hobgoblin I could play, but will probably finish building my kobold barbarian and play them. Fine with starting anytime.

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Hey - also interested. Have only played two SFS scenarios (with pregens) before so very new. Have a mystic thats 90% built. Can post tomorrow morning if there is still room.

Have fun everyone! Wish I had finished my character.

Thank you! Had fun! Hope to see you all around!

Since no one has done it yet, want to dot in with a Winter Witch (possibly going into Winter Witch Prestige Class). Thinking of a Winter-Born (Snow May) Changeling for race. Will work on stating a character sometime today.

Hey all!

Will need to play a pregen for this. Thinking Crowe or Shandra. Any suggestions?


Hey all.

Thinking of playing either Crowe or Ekkie. Heard Crowe was one of the least played characters so want to try him out. Would use the Magus class deck. Any suggestions on Ultimate decks?

Do I need to own WotR to play Crowe since he comes from there?

I'm in PST so GMT-8. Have used both Discord and Google Hangouts. Prefer Discord though.

And fine with starting any time. No rush to start!

I'd be interested in playing. Been wanting to play it with Crowe.

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Hoping for something completely new. Maybe a tactician of some sort.

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I want to dip my toes into GM'ing 2e. Was thinking of GM'ing Unforgiving Fire. Is there interest in that? I remember having a blast when I played it.

Just to give a heads up, part 1 and 2 are lvl 1-5 and part 3 is lvl 3-6. Planning on GMing it soon too.

Characters I could bring:

Lvl 5 half orc bloodrager/shaman
Lvl 2 elf twilight speaker skalad
Lvl 1 lashunta psychic investigator would only be able to play first two

Hey - so I'm thinking of creating a Nature Priest druid of Zon-Kuthon. The Uskbond Domain stood out to me as well. Normally they wouldn't be able to mix, but for thematic reasons would I be able to combine the two?

The Archlich wrote:
@Mauve: interesting angle with the albino thing!

Reading up on the Uskwood Druids - they are all albino! (Also more info on the NPC! Basic backstory: his parents gave him up for adoption because he was albino. The druids of Uskwood raised him. Last he heard about them, they were wandering Cheliax. He wants to hunt them down and make them pay for what they've done.

Will spend some time tomorrow with character creation to iron out the details!

Dotting in. Have an idea of an albino dwarf(?) druid of the Uskwood. Worshipper of Zon-Kuthon. Hunting down his parents who gave him up for adoption because of his albinism.

Dotting in. Planning on a Deep Shaman (unsure on race).

A Crystal Tender Shaman?