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How I would suggest fixing the healing and Resonance system would be to allow healing similar to Starfinder's system along with recovering spent Resonance Points (not invested Resonance Points) on short rests. That would reduce/eliminate the reliance on CLW wands and help get rid of the 15 minute adventure day.

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I've liked what I've seen of most of the previous preview posts but not these last 2 blogs. I can see what you are trying to do with Resonance but so far it looks to be contradictory and clunky due to combining X/day with another resource management system. That combined with the logic issues of having a healing potion you can't drink due to not enough resonance and fact you have to spend two resources each time you use a consumable.

My ideas on how to fix the issue is to have remove the X/day limits. Either lower the power of the magical effect or raise it's resonance cost if it's so powerful. The 2nd thing I would do is let consumables not use resonance. That gets rid of the un-fun issues of trying to drink a potion when out of resonance and dying due to a coin flip.

The new Veiled Moon Style feat sounds nice! Any possibility of having that teleport count as a Veiled Moon maneuver in regards to Mirror of the Moon? Cause that would be hilarious :>.

I have a couple of questions regarding The Veiled Moon combat style feat. Does it take a standard action to use or can it be used on any attack once per round? If it can be used on strikes does that mean every target hit has the 50% miss chance? My DM is a bit worried about an almost guaranteed 50% miss chance from my opponent every round without a saving throw.

PS Thanks for the great work!

This might be a bit too late but I just noticed something interesting while leveling up my Stalker. The Stalker does not actually have Diplomacy nor Survival as class skills. You would think a class named Stalker would have some way to be able stalk a target, either in a city or through the wilderness. I'm still loving my Stalker but I just thought it a bit wierd.


I just wanted to say I am loving alot of the Path of War and wish to give a little bit of feedback of the Broken Blade discipline after trying out a Stalker in a campaign.

I have a dual wielding tri-bladed katar Stalker that is having some trouble with selecting manuevers in the Broken Blade discipline. A lot of them seem to require unarmed strike in order to function well which is bit limiting. I was wondering if there was any work on opening up the ability to use discipline weapons for those maneuvers such as Cartwheel Axe Kick instead of requiring Unarmed only.

BTW I loved the art work for the Stalker which made me want to play a duel wielding katar Stalker

So let's say I have a flowing monk with reach being attacked by a wizard 10ft away. The wizard casts scorching ray defensivly within reach of the flowing monk. So would Redirection allow the flowing monk to trip the wizard once he tried to target the flowing monk with the scorching ray?

If the wizard was tripped would he still be able to shoot the scorching ray from the prone position?

I have a couple of questions regarding these abilites.

1. Does the attack that triggers these abilities have to be a melee attack or does a range/spell attack trigger them?

2. For Elusive Target does precision damage aka Sneak Attack get halved also or does it deal full damage? If it deals full damage does it deal full damage to the flanker also?