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Male Sarcesian LN Large Monstrous Humanoid Corporate Agent Solarian 4|Init +9|Peception +7|Sp 28/28, HP 32/32, RP 5/5|EAC 19 KAC 21|Fort +5 Ref +2 Will +5|45ft Speed|Society Subdermal Graft

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201427-703 Marveen Marcian
Male Sarcesian Corporate Agent Solarian 4
LN Large Humanoid (Sarcesian)
Init +9, Perception +7

SP 28, HP 32, RP 5
EAC 19 KAC 21
Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +5

Speed 45 ft
Melee Comically Big Staple Remover +7 (1d6+11 P, Critical Wound)
Ranged Laser Rifle Azimuth +5 (1d8+3 Fire, Crit Burn 1d6, 120ft, Called)

Str 16, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14
Skills Acrobatics -1, Athletics +5, Bluff +2, Culture +11, Diplomacy +10, Disguise +2, Intimidate +2, Life Science +8, Perception +7, Physical Science +9, Piloting +1, Profession +13, Sense Motive +0, Stealth -1, Survival +0
Languages - Common, Sarcesian, Vesk, Lashunta, Eoxian, Ysoki
Feats - Improved Initiative, Tight Fit

Low Light Vision
Size & Type - Sarcesians are Large humanoids with the sarcesian subtype and a space and reach of 10 feet.
Skilled - Sarcesians gain an additional skill rank at 1st level and each level thereafter.
Void Flyer - Sarcesians can go 1 hour without breathing and can exist in a vacuum without suffering the associated environmental effects. When in a vacuum, they automatically grow wings made from pure energy that grant them a supernatural fly speed of 60 feet (average maneuverability) but that work only in a vacuum.
Primary Fighting Style - Blitz
Rapid Response - You gain a +4 bonus to initiative checks and increase your land speed by 10 feet.
Solar Manifestation (Su) - Solar Weapon
Sidereal Influence - You can tap into stellar forces outside of battle, using the properties of gravitons or photons to affect your skill use. At 3rd level, choose two skills from the lists below, one from the graviton list and one from the photon list. At 11th level and again at 19th level, choose two more skills. Each time you pick skills, choose one from the graviton list and one from the photon list.

To use your sidereal influence, you must spend 1 minute in meditation, then choose either graviton skills or photon skills. When attempting a skill check with one of your selected skills of the chosen type (either graviton or photon), you can roll 1d6 and add the result as an insight bonus to your check. This ability lasts until you enter combat, fall unconscious, sleep, or meditate again to choose a different skill type. You can reactivate this ability by meditating again for 1 minute.
Bluff and Culture

Blackhole - When you’re fully graviton-attuned, as a standard action, you can pull any number of creatures within 20 feet of you closer. You choose which creatures are affected and which ones aren’t. Each target must succeed at a Fortitude save or be pulled 10 feet toward you. The range of this revelation and the distance pulled increase by 5 feet at 5th level and every 4 levels thereafter. Solid objects do not block this ability, but any creature that runs into a solid object ceases moving closer to you. Creatures moved by this ability do not provoke attacks of opportunity from this movement. After you use this revelation, you immediately become unattuned. Black hole functions as a zenith revelation for the purposes of abilities that reference them.

Supernova - When you’re fully photon-attuned, as a standard action, you can deal 1d6 fire damage plus 1d6 additional fire damage per solarian level to all creatures within 10 feet of you. A creature that succeeds at a Reflex save takes half damage. At 9th level, you can increase the radius to 15 feet, and at 17th level, you can increase the radius to 20 feet. After you use this revelation, you immediately become unattuned. Supernova functions as a zenith revelation for the purposes of abilities that reference them.

Flare (Su) - As a move action, you can shed light in a 30-foot radius for 1 minute. You choose dim, normal, or bright light each time you activate this Revelation. As a standard action, you can create a flash of brilliant light, forcing one creature within 30 feet to succeed at a Reflex save or be blinded for 1 round. Once you’ve targeted a creature with flare, you can’t target it with this Revelation again for 10 minutes. Blind or sightless creatures are not affected by this use of this Revelation.

When you create a flash of light as a standard action and you are attuned or fully attuned, you can instead choose to make all enemies within range dazzled for 1 round (no save).

Combat Gear - Serum of Healing MK1 x2, Serum of Healing MK2
Other Gear - Lashunta Ringwear II, Clothing Professional, Professional's Tools Toolkit, Portable Light Lantern (10cap 1/hr), Datapad, Laser Rifle Azimuth with the Called Weapon Fusion, Gluon Shard, Soulfire Weapon Fusion, Speed Suspension Minimal, Society Subdermal Graft, Library Chips (Cuture, Life Science, Physical Science), tetrad certified translator

Bot Information:

I will rush into melee and make sure I do the most amount of damage that I can.

[Dice=Melee Attack]1d20+7[/dice]
[Dice=Melee Damage]1d6+11[/dice]

[Dice=Ranged Attack]1d20+5[/dice]
[Dice=Ranged Damage]1d8+3[/dice]