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There have been a few threads wondering where various D&D and/or Dragon 'celebs' are now. These got me wondering about some of the heavy hitters I really loved when I was a young lad.

Any one know if Kim Mohan or Roger Moore is still working in the industry? How about great artists like Jeff Dee? I used to love Jeff Dee's work ...


I'm in Harrisburg PA - what part of Maryland are you in? It takes me about an hour and a half to get to Baltimore - are you close to Baltimore?

I've played D&D for about 20 years or so and really want to get into a good, mature gaming group. Once a month sounds about perfect for me and I might be willing to travel depending on where in Maryland you are.

Take care

Lord Silky wrote:
I'm a DM looking for a group of 4-6 ladies or gentlemen who want to get together once or twice a month on a Friday or Saturday night for some gaming. I've been doing RPG's for 25+ years now. Format would be D&D 3.5. I don't mind teaching new players. Drop me a note at or post here and I'll contact you. Thanks. :-)

Thanks Mark!

I just checked Paizo's Downloads section of the website thinking I would buy the PDF of this issue, but there are only 4 Dungeon issues for sale? Am I missing something? I though most if not all of the past issues of Dungeon and Dragon were available for PDF purchacse

Really??? I would LOVE to see that! Does anyone know what issue this was in?

This sort of goes along with the question about being compatable with the DRagon archive CDs ...

Are these Dragon PDFs you can buy from Paizo essentially scans of the pages or are they actual full featured PDFs created from the original files? For instance, can you select text from the PDF or is it just, as I said, a big static image of each page?


I'm looking for some opinions on the Weapons of Legacy book. Is it good? Can someone give a good overview of what it is exactly? It looks pretty cool in the store but I'm on the fence as to if I want to shell out the cash for it.


Quick follow up question ...

I would like to collect all the Dragon issues that contained Ray's Dungeoncraft articles. Does anyone know what issue range they were?

I think they started in issue 255 and went to at least 287. Does anyone know if they went farther than 287?


Thanks Jason! Trust me, I understand completely.

I guess I was sharing this with everyone more because I was glad to have found the articles finally and am VERY happy and excited with how the final product is turning out ...


I wasn't planning on selling it or in any other way gaining from doing this. I'm just doing it for myself and perhaps a few friends who also love those articles so we don't have to carry around 20 some issues of Dragon.

Believe me, I understand how important copywritten material is. Are we now saying I can't do even this???

Just wanted to update everyone on this. I came across a decent plain text file containing all of Ray W's Dungeoncraft articles. It's very good and complete but, because it's just unformatted plain text, it's pretty hard to read.

So ...

Since I am a graphic artist by trade, I am in the process of formatting the text in Quark (adding color, pull quotes and headings, a nice D&D Third Edition rule book kind of page look etc). I might even sdd some art to spice it up. When I'm done, I am going to make a PDF so I can read the articles anytime I like. It's turning out very well so far - it's time consuming but it's a labor of love I guess ... :)

Thanks for the info!

Regarding the application that gets installed ... I assume this is a Windows app? Do you know if there is a Mac version as well? I would assume that, even if there is not a Mac version of the search software, I could still just open the individual PDFs in Acrobat, which is good enough ...

Thanks again!

matt_the_dm wrote:

It has a program that installs with it that lets you search for specific things.


Interesting. The fact that the PDFs are searchable would indeed seem to indicate that the text is true vector text. How many CDs were there? I'd love to get my hands on a set - I'll have to start trolling around eBay ...

What are everyone's opinion of this archive? Is it worth my time and effort to track down?



I've never tried to select the text, so I don't know whether it was a straight scan of a vector scan, but I know you can search the text, which suggests that the text is selectable.

- Ashavan

Remember the Dragon Magazine CD archives that came out a couple years ago? Are they still available?

Were/are the issues all in PDF format? If so, are the pages essentially static scans of the pages or are they actual vector type (in other words, can you actually select and copy the text in Acrobat)? What was the issue range?

For everyone that has this product, is it worth the rather high price I seem to recall is having. What are everyone's thoughts?


Interesting point. This also goes back to my point about magic not being so common. I pretty much hate the idea that you can just go and buy magic items like there are Magical Wal Marts everywhere. Like I said, magic should be rare and wonderous.

Crust wrote:

none of my players have ever taken item creation feats. What's the point? It's not like they're NOT going to find magical items or buy what they need for wizards, etc. Why waste XP on an item that will more or less be found or bought eventually?

Well, if my avatar is any indication, then I would be a wise, pipe smoking cat man ...

One of my earliest characters was also one of my faves. Back in the early 80's (First Edition) I had a Half-Elf named Naeleck Farshot. He was a Fighter/Thief speacialized in the bow and I played him like an archer / scout character.

I also remember he had really long wavy hair and a very high charisma and comliness score (anyone else remember the short lived comliness optional rule???) so Nealeck was something of a fun loving ladies man, which was fun to play.

Thinking back, I recall one of the last things that happened to Naeleck was that he aquired a powerful magical black bow (can't remember how) that he was VERY fond of. The problem was that Nealeck slowly began to learn that the bow was also cursed and starting whispering nasy things into his Half-Elven ears and attempted to slowly take him over. The DM handled it very well (the fun loving, rougish ladies man Half Elf slowly developing this odd dark side ...) and it was great fun to play out...

I miss Nealeck - he's out there somewhere though. I just hope he got rid of that black bow ...

My understanding on this is not that experience points represent memories as such. They are a game mechanic that is to represent an individual's personal energy and power, so to speak. Higher level characters have more power. Since 'power' is an abstract term, D&D uses XP to quantify it in game terms.

So, requiring a wizard or sorcerer to give up XP in order to create a magic item makes complete sense. The creator must put some of his personal 'power' and 'energy (not memories, as was suggested earlier) into the creation of the magic item. There are plenty of literary examples of this and let's face it - it sounds cool:) If a wizard spends a week cranking out wands, he SHOULD be weakened when he is done.

This also makes perfect sense, and works very well, when you remember that magic is SUPPOSED to be rare and wonderful, not common and ordinary. A wizard SHOULD have to think very carefully about creating a magic wand, scroll etc and when he or she does do it, it should be a very important and precious thing. Kind of makes you wonder why many adventures tend to litter treasure hoards with these magic items, doesn't it? This also works into my assertion that D&D works best when magic is rare in the world. If every wizard and his brother can just bang out magic items as if he were nothing more than a baker whipping up loaves of bread, that game world should be knee deep with magic items. Making wizards pure some of their own power and energy into the creation of the magic item makes the entire system more believable and realistic (if such a terms can be used when talking about a fantasy game:)

Just my two coppers ...

What a GREAT idea! Thanks for thinking of us!!!!

Fantastic! It was indeed Mark Zug and he does have a web site.

Here is the painting even:

I knew this was the place to come for answers!

Does anyone know if it is possible to get good, art prints of past Dragon covers? I'm assuming the artist probably retains the rights to such things, but thought I would check just in case. Dragon staff, do you offer prints of the paintings that grace your covers?

I am specifically interested in the Dragon cover that featured the Half Orc Paladin. Remember that one? I REALLY would love a good print of that to frame and hang in my office. Does anyone know who the artist was and if he/she has a website or anything? Maybe I can get a good print fom the artist?


Thanks William - I responded to your e-mail. Let me know.

Fire me an e-mail at: so we can work out details.

Just please let me know here that you sent an e-mail (I don't check that e-mail address very often :)

Olidammara’s face is not on the die as far as I can tell. It's a cool, funky 6 sided die with a long, sort of semi crystal shape to it. It's pretty neat actually.

Dragon Lord Chad, if you are still interested let me know and we'll figure out a fir trade or something. Otherwise, William, let me know if you would like it.


Lilith wrote:
William Christensen wrote:

Just curious, is that the die with Olidammara’s face on it, or am I confusing it with something else?
It's one that's shaped like a crystal, if I remember correctly. I'd have remembered getting Olidammara's die if that was it. :-D

I am not at all fond of the medium to high magic games. I don't like campaigns in which magic takes the place of tech (continual light steet lamps etc). I very much prefer a campaign in which magic is rare and not an every day thing. I guess I like to play a more 'realistic' version of D&D ... as much of a contradiction that might be.

One issue I've always had with high magic games is that, unless you are willing to sort of just ignore a good amount of fairly common sense issues, things just get too unbeleivable for me. For instance, one could argue that, unlike in the real world, castles would not have very much importance or value in a high magic game. What is the point of building a castle if there are gobs of people that can use spells or other magic to fly over them, teleport past them (or into them!) etc. Of course, one can then argue that the people inside the castle just have to make sure they have enough spell casters and other magic to combat these issues, but at that point it becomes some kind of magical arms race and strays pretty far from any kind of historical reality.

I guess really the question is what do you want ... high fantasy or historical reality ... or something in between. For me, I tend to want to lean toward historical reality (sort of a Arthurian dark ages Britain kind of feel) so I go with a low magic campaign.

For whatever it's worth ...

I do indeed still have this issue. It is still in the un opened plastic package and still has the odd 6 sided die inside.

Like I said, I'd love to work out some sort of fair trade ... lemme know

I agree! I have the Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide and agree it is very good. Now, if only I could get my hands on the complete Ray W. Dungeoncraft articles, life would be complete :)

I'm very interested in this app as well. ONe big question: is this available for both Mac and PC or only PC?

I am a big fan of Ray Winninger's Dungeoncraft articles and would love to have the entire series in one place. Does anyone know if the entire series (which, according to Dragon 293, lasted for more than 40 months!) is collected somewhere?

What I would like to do is take all the articles and then format them together in a single giant PDF so I would have them all togethet to read like a book. I am going to search around on the net myself and see what I can find, but if anyone knows of a site that has them all collected, I would LOVE to hear about it!


I would LOVE to see The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh updated to 3.5. I love that module (as I may have said once or twice before :)

I wouldn't think it would be too hard to update, since the monsters were fairly basic. Maybe I'll take a stab at it myself one of these days ...


I sent in a subscription card for Dragon about a month or so ago. So far, I does not look like my subscription has started. Can you confirm that you at least have my information and tell me what issue will be my first?


PS, I sent a similar e-mail to the customer service address but never heard back ...

Well, I received my copy of Vol. I ....

Here are my thoughts ... parsed through the eyes and mind of one who has played D&D and read Dragon on and off for almost thirty years, as well as has been involved to a small extent in actually producing RPG products and who works in the magazine prepress and publishing industry ...

Overall impression – I REALLY like it!

True, there have been many game and stat related errors found. I also noticed a few editorial goofs, typos etc. For example, in Erik’s otherwise wonderful intro to the book, he mentions that the book contains a number of new classes and races and then lists them, but in both cases, he refers to them both as classes (or both as races, I don’t have the book handy to check). This kind of thing really should never have made it past the editing and proof reading stage, but from what I have read on these boards, this book was put together more quickly than was ideal.

Having said all that, the book really is very good. I honestly don’t understand why some people have complained about it. True, there is more later material than earlier, but the ratio is more than acceptable. I was very happy to see the updated version of the old article on various poisons. I actually still have the photocopied pages of that original article when it first appeared in Dragon in my old three ring binder of “cool D&D stuff”.

One thing I was not expecting, but I find I very much like, is the layout. I was imagining the layout would be more ... Dragon magazine like. In other words, the various articles would have looked more like they did as they appeared in the magazine. However, the layout is much more like a core rule book. In fact, the Compendium is organized and laid out much like a combined DMG, Players Handbook and Monster Manual all in one book. Which, once I looked through the book, is exactly as it should be. Feats are organized alphabetically just like in the Players Handbook, magic items follow the format of the DMG etc. This actually makes the book even more useful from a game standpoint in my opinion.

I am actually looking forward to Volume II and would recommend this first volume very highly.

No one is missing issue 290 from their colloction??? I just hate to see a good copy of Dragon go to waste ...

Thanks - I'll have to check it out. Quick question: I don't have any of the Complete ... books - what is a 1-20 class? Are these actual new classes?

I just realized I still have an extra copy of Dragon issue 290 (the Scoundrels issue). It is in perfect condition - it's still sealed in the plastic packaging and even still has the cool die that was included.

If anyone needs this issue, let me know. Maybe we can trade if you happen to have an extra copy of an issue I need or something.


I also really like the Ranger, but my all time fav is a Ranger / Rogue multiclass. I love the stealthy, scout, tracker, woodsman angle this provides. Oh, and for me, he has to go down the archer combat style path. Very Robin Hood'ish ...

By the way, someone mentioned a Scout. What is that? Is that a Prestige Class or something from one of the suppliment books like Complete Warrior or something?


Ah ... I'll bet that's it! The price is only about $24.99 or so and I know I paid much more than that. It is a GREAT book though, regardless of the format, especially for those of us that have been playing for a long time ... lots and lots of memories kind of flood back when you page through that book.

I was checking out Wizards 2006 product section of their website and came across this ... "Thirty Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons" (here is the link if your interested:

Anyway, I'm confused. This looks exactly like a book I picked up at the book store well over 6 months ago (Absolutely FANTASTIC book by the way!!!), yet the web site is showing it as new for 2006. In fact, it says it comes out this month. Huh?!?!?!

Does anyone have any insite into this? Is this some kind of re-release of the book or something???

Wow, like I said - I loved that module. I have to ask ... does it talk about the house on the cliff (the one that was 'haunted') and give the map? I have such fond memories of running that module ... once my players had completed the adventure, they came back, pulled all their money and resources and fixed up the house. They ended up living there and using it as a kind of home base ...

Anyway, it looks like I'm going to have to give the DMG II a closer look. I'm anxious to see if this new Player's Handbook II will be as worth it. I just checked out Wizard's 2006 products page and it says the Players Handbook II will have new classes as well as varients on the exsisting classes ... interesting.

By the way, here ( is the link to the page ... check out the Players Handbook II cover! What a great tip of the helm to all of us old 1ST Edition AD&D players!

Interesting ... I really like Monte Cook. You said Saltmarsh ... as in from the module U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh??? I LOVE that module (I'd love to see a 3.5 update of it!)

Anyway, what does everyone else think of the DMG II? I also just read there will be a Players Handbook II ... anyone have any idea what will be in it?

I'm interested to find out how many people have the DMG II and what they think of it. Is it an indispensable companion to the DMG that everyone should have ... or more of an optional book that's kind of cool but not vital?


What is the Jamis Buck's 3.5 Character Generator??? It sounds great. Is it something you download?


Hummlestown is not that far away from me at all. So, you said you know of one other player?

I know very little about Eberon (I have not picked up any of the products ...) but would not be against playing in that setting - I would just need to get up to speed on it.

What kind of playing frequency were you looking for? I was thinking maybe once every two weeks or so (I'd love to play more often, but work, familiy and real life in general simply would not allow for it)

Take care


I don't really have a preference - it could be Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, a homebrew setting. I just want a good 3.5 D&D game that plays maybe once a week or once every two weeks.

May I ask where you are located?

I live in south central PA (Harrisburg, York etc) and I'm looking to find a good, ongoing 3.5 D&D game. I've played D&D on and off for more than 20 years and really want to get back into playing.

Any South Central PA gamers out there ??????


I live in the Harrisburg area and am very interested in finding a good game. I'd really like to play in a good 3.5 D&D game. Have you found any other good players yet?

This is my first post ... woopie

I've played D&D and read Dragon on and off for more than 20 years (boy did that make me feel old!). I just ordered my copy of the Dragon Compendium yesterday from Paizo - it should be here next week. I'll throw in my two cents when I get the book. From everything I've read on these boards so far though, I have a strong feeling I will be very happy with the book!!!