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I also have a level 8 cartomancer. My thoughts:

All my feats have been Extra Hex as hexes are fun and I want as many options as possible. I agree with the guides that say hexes are better than almost all feats, though I do plan to take Accursed Hex at level 9.

I throw cards to heal party members while still cackling or to throw touch spells at targets that are not basing party members. Occasionally that means I ask a party member to take a 5 foot step so I can throw a card. The Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot feats are great if throwing cards is your primary offense (Magus build), but as a witch, throwing cards is a change-up ability I do occasionally.

At level 8, my witch has the following hexes: Cackle, Evil Eye, Flight, Fortune, Healing, Misfortune, Scar, Slumber, and Soothsayer.

Scar allows me to Fortune/Cackle and Heal party members up to a mile away. Great for avoiding movement in combat as well as chase scenes or when the party rogue wants some help in his moonlighting activities.

Soothsayer is a great hex. Normally when I Evil Eye an opponent for -4 to saves the hex ends at the beginning of my turn before I can hit the opponent with a spell or Misfortune. With Soothsayer, the hex starts on the turn the target first makes a save so it's still in affect when it comes to my turn. As a bonus, it also allows me to put Fortune Hexes on customers of my shop or just walk through my town throwing out Fortune Hexes at random.

If your DM allows you to retrain, plan on getting a Cackling Hag’s Blouse as soon as possible and retraining the Cackle hex to something else.

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The fungus theory was a new one to me so I tried leaving a figure out in the direct sunlight. No change.

From what I've read on the various miniatures boards the dust shows up on miniatures from a couple of DDM and SWM lines due to a plastic WotC's manufacturer used for about a year. Something to do with a plasticizer, IIRC. Nobody has figured out how to prevent the dust although I do remember a recent unverified report that cleaning the figure with soap and water then applying a sealant works.

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Gems in my campaign are accepted just like gold (preferred even) in any town/city where a proper expert appraisal can be made. PCs can sell off gems for gold at a 10% loss.

Art and Jewelry sell at 50%.

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Name of PC: Tobias
Class/Level: Rogue 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings - Thistletop
Catalyst: Rope Bridge

It all started years ago with 5 PC deaths to the Rope Bridge in Forge of Fury followed about a year later by a few more deaths to a Rope Bridge in some other module. Half the deaths were Brad's characters, so when the party reached the Rope Bridge to Thistletop, he was understandably "hesitant" to cross.

After much discussion, the party decides to cross the bridge one at a time and sends the rogue across the Rope Bridge to scout. Tobias crosses then spots the goblins playing Killgull and motions for the others to follow. The half-orc barbarian crossed next and hid with the rogue to watch the game. Brad's sorceress crosses next and gets 40ft across when a goblin spots the barbarian and raises the alarm.

After initiative is rolled, the barbarian and rogue ready to defend the bridge as the goblins mount up. The dwarf cleric double moves onto the bridge followed immediately by the dwarf fighter, setting off the trap. Both dwarves make their Indiana Jones reflex saves, but the sorceress ends up in the water with enough non-lethal damage to be knocked unconscious. The barbarian decides to dive into the water to save the sorceress (successful) leaving the poor rogue all alone to fight the goblins and goblin dogs. After a quick calculation of odds, Tobias dives in after the barbarian and proceeds to roll 5+ on each d6 for a nice quick death.

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I got a TPK on Thistletop. After many survival check failures, the barbarian finally got the party to Thistletop around 9pm. When they found the wall of briars, they immediately decided to burn the wall, despite my heavy warnings.

A goblin came out of the tunnel to investigate, spotted the party, then retreated back to raise the alert level before the party could kill him. The party chased in after him and ended up fighting waves of goblins and goblin dogs plus the druid in the small tunnels. Using waves helped the party survive longer, but they still eventually succumbed.

The goblin's dinner that night was comprised of...
Lupbiddle - Gnome Psion 2
Tenderthai - Halfling Warmage 2
Zukai - Human Cleric 2
Dagar - Dwarf Barbarian 2