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Just as the title says. I’m not saying that Ydersius need necessarily to get his ‘head back in the game’ but I would like to see the return of Serpentfolk as a menace- at least within the darklands as well as Garund. We also don’t have nearly the amount of bestiary options in 2e necessary to create a hombrew campaign with snakefolk as the primary antagonists.

keftiu wrote:

Pathfinder’s take on Ancient Greece, a land of hero-gods and monsters; we’ve seen one of its cities in Distant Shores, and a few more of its hero-gods at the final 1e AP backmatter - how do folks like the region? Is it somewhere you’re eager to see more of?

I like the region from what little I know of it but it is weirdly placed in terms of geography as one would assume from its real world inspiration it would be geographically closer to the inner sea than it is- but I guess one could argue it’s as close as it can be given how crowded the inner sea already is.

I enjoy the Theros setting from magic the gathering.

Casmaron itself is a little less historically accurate than other continents in terms of the conglomerate handful of nations upon it. I think they have to do a better job in the region in making it their own and taking seriously the consequences that each real world inspired culture and civilization would experience from their closer proximity to one another than in real life. This might create some dissonance from the real world inspiration, but at least the setting would be more reflective of what the traffic and sharing of goods and ideas would look like according to their fictional set up.

I like that Iblydos is the best remaining place where cyclops peoples can still practice a less-marred (less fiendishly/evilly-influenced) and noble version of their culture.

Everywhere else where they exist(ed) no longer reflects the once-great civilization that they were. I could see this being a place where cyclops are akin to sphinxes and Norns in their relationship with humans

ikarinokami wrote:
it's almost guaranteed to be Asmodeus. Even though he is from real world mythology/religion his current incarnation is too close to the OGL, so he probably has to die, and this does give them an opportunity to make the lost omens hell more distinct from the D&D hell.

Would it? I thought D&D hell was currently in a war of succession or something according to BG3? I could be wrong as I haven’t yet played BG3 yet nor D&D in a while

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WWHsmackdown wrote:

Gurdy was a legend in his hometown; nobody was a better bouncer for the local tavern! His imposing height and rotund physique (coupled with a full childhood of farm work) meant he was unparalleled in his ability to bar chuck rowdy malcontents. One unassuming night while standing his post out front he felt a warm splash on his balding scalp. He cursed the gulls of his seaside region but his head was magically dry when he went to wipe it. He didn't think much more on it and continued his shift until a scream down the road alerted him to danger: old farmer Whithers raced through the town's front gate with a werewolf hot on his heels. Gurdy pulled out his trusty sap and raced to meet the beast and protect his favorite turnip farmer! He reared back and smacked the creature upside the head....unexpectedly sending it into orbit. ".....well that's a bit much, 'init?" whispered Gurdy to himself and quickly left town to figure out what was going on with his body and protect his neighbors from inadvertent harm.

Animist is the class I'm more interested in, I just haven't thought of a character yet. When I do I'll post it!

I love him already.

Which thread is the official “who’s gonna die” thread from now on? I keep getting confused.

Didn’t the play test announcement mention a goddess torn apart or something??

Did they not say “goddess ripped in half’ or something like that in the announcement??

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Happy Calgary Pride people!

I will..not be joining play tests this weekend. Also I was terribly wrong about one of the new animist class being Arcadian.
You win some some you lose some. Oh well. Better to score well in other areas in life heh.

Damn tho am I’m do’in that heh.

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Failed Starstone initiates.

Ancient Sarkorian godspirits

Giant Spirits

Spirits representing the ancient bonds of heroic parties past.

“Ghost in the machine” spirits corrupted by integration with AI/tech from The Divinity

Harrow card archtypes.

Ancient Pharaohs of Osirion.

Echoes of dead divinities.

Dead familiars.

Lingering Quintessence that has yet to return/be sorted to the corresponding plane/demiplane to which it belongs.

The Painted Oryx wrote:
Mammoth Daddy wrote:

The second pic looks like someone from Arcadia. Maybe wearing their cotton armour?

Cultural background influenced perhaps by real life pre-contact Zapotec civilization?

We know that Camazotz is going to be be featured relatively soon…

Do we? I love Camaztoz! Where was that hinted?

look up the titled:

"Is Camazotz still canon?" thread from the general discussion page of the Lost Omens Campaign setting mega thread.

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For the second one I’m convinced: demigod…or hero-god?

For the second pic: It’s Demigod. Or a Twin-based class, where you can play two characters who together are more powerful than when they are apart.

Maybe this character is the surviving twin based off of the mythology of Hunahpu and Xbalanque during their trials in the underworld of Xibalba?

One apparently gets beheaded by Camazotz in the real life myth and we know the latter will make an appearance soonish.

Edit: hero-gods?

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I think the second class pic on the blog looks Arcadian. They’re wearing no metal armour. There’s a ?llama on the pack and a ?bat or something ?South-American inspired on the wooden lower armour covering their crotch.

In the real-world, Mayan myths, Demigods Hunahpu and Xbalanque encounter Camazotz during their trials in the underworld of Xibalba. One gets beheaded.

We know Camazotz will be featured again soonish- what if this is a tease for more Arcadia content?

Edit: hero-gods?

I think Demigod is a good guess.

Anyone know of Hunahpu and Xbalanque and their trials in the underworld of Xibalba?

This (second) character might be the surviving demigod twin, whose sibling ?representing the sun gets beheaded by Camazotz.

Look at the symbols and the patterns. Lack of metal in the armour.

I thing this person is from Arcadia!!

The second pic looks like someone from Arcadia. Maybe wearing their cotton armour?

Cultural background influenced perhaps by real life pre-contact Zapotec civilization?

We know that Camazotz is going to be be featured relatively soon…

Arcadia. Hero-twins. Demigods?

Camazotz beheads somebody divine?

Northern and Southern Arcadia rising.

Camazotz. Consumes. The Sun.

Or something symbolic or divinely representative of the sun’s power.

Maybe Camazotz will be based off of an amalgamation of multiple night or darkness related, ancient-American deities.

Harm font clerics celebrate! :I

A Tian-Min champion of Tsukiyo


A Tian-La Ranger or Druid with a short bow and a horse companion


An Aphorite witch of some kind.

So…to follow up and without spoilers…

How is it so far?

If you don’t like dungeons or prefer small dungeons I then would suggest Quest for the Frozen Flame.
Never played it but read through the first book and know the gist of the story and arc. It’s mostly about survival, and trying to stay ahead of a looming threat until your able to take care of said threat.

I think one will have something to do with outer planes.
The other might be something to do with channelling dead gods or their divine echoes.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
This almost makes me wonder if the folks speculating that Asmodeus is the deity getting the axe in the future are on to something: His death and the subsequent chaos in Hell it could cause would be the perfect catalyst for a reinvention of Hell and all the creatures in it that makes it much more distinct to Pathfinder.

By that logic, if Pharasma dies they could hand-wave anything.

Actually…not a bad idea.

James Jacobs wrote:

We don't intentionally try to include at least one dragon in every Adventure Path, but we DO try to make sure the ones we DO include are not just rando monsters in a room. One thing I learned very early on during my time working on Dungeon Magazine is that folks really get frustrated when dragons appear in adventures and aren't an important part of the plot, so ever since, when I include dragons in an adventure, I try to make sure they have a personality and story role and are at least load bearing to the adventure in some way. Which does result in them not appearing in large numbers but also results in them being things I "program" into the outlines early on, more so than most other monsters.

So while we don't intentionally try to get one in every Adventure Path, we do usually try to curate their appearances more deliberately, even before we hire an author for the adventure.

That makes a lot of sense.

I always did feel Belshallam and Zarmangarof were odd in a CotCT campaign that never did feature it’s biggest draconic baddie: Kazavon


Edit: unless the party *drastically* fails.

Staffan Johansson wrote:
Extinction Curse doesn't have any proper dragons, though the last installment has two separate encounters with linnorms. It does, however, have a whole lot of dinosaurs.

Huh. Fair. I didn’t know that.

One thing I’ve noticed reading some of the 1st and second edition books I already own from bookstores is that most AP’s seem to include at least one dragon encounter somewhere within the adventure’s course.

Is this deliberate? Regardless- me like very much.

Whenever one is introduced to a new game there can be a lot of alien ideas for new players to grapple with.

But they often perk up at the mention of ‘dragon’.

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I hope the dragons we already have will continue to appear in adventures.

Brine dragons for example are a favourite of fine and I’ve always wanted to do a campaign where Kelizandri or associated enemies are the campaign antagonists.

Something like a non-elemental planar channeller perhaps?

In other mediums we have something called a planeswalker. A specialist at traversing and channeling planes would be cool and distinct from other franchises who tend to view the archetype as more akin to sorcerers or x-men.

Subclasses would then focus on different planes being channeled- but with some caveat to distinguish them from Kineticists.

I’ll give em credit- Pathfinder hasn’t made their clues as ridonkulously simplistic, and easy to guess as their competitors.

The only person who we know is gonna do some god killing is an Orc warrior woman and ?cleric of Sarenrae who died with the mark of a God-challenger or something. I can’t see her killing any good deities.

But we also have hints that the storyline is about to get darker, and that the “sun will die”.

We have the lich Tar “Ba-fool” whose phylactery was hidden by Urgathoa. We have newly risen rune lords and a Peacock Spirit who is likely a thought-dead runelord.

Maybe Sarenrae and the spirit of the orc champion fight Urgathoa, kill her, but Asmodius takes advantage of the situation to kill Sarenrae who bequeaths her domain to the Orc champion?

Do we know that the death count will be strictly limited to just one deity??

If Paizo is using this whole thing to clear house and remove additional references to the OGL- then Asmodius makes sense. But we have literally done nothing to advance such a plot so far.

When do we find out or get more information?

Calliope5431 wrote:
Evan Tarlton wrote:

Among the dwarven pantheon, Torag seems to get the most blame for dwarven conduct during the Quest for Sky. Were he to die in a way that was clearly meant to be an apology (say, protecting a newly risen orc goddess who was from Belkzen), that would go a long way towards allowing the dwarves and the orcs to make a united front against Tar-Baphon. Especially if Taargick's regrets become public knowledge, which is a very likely ending for Sky King's Tomb. That alliance would pincer the Gravelands (Kyonin and Druma would be in, and Molthune and Nirmathas and Oprak would very likely join as well) and force Tar-Baphon to counter it. Probably by doing something desperate that impacts all of Avistan at the very least.

In short: While I think it's probably going to be Asmodeus, if it's a good deity it will be Torag. The setup is in place.

Ehhhh. The dwarves are getting an entire AP ("Sky King's Tomb") and just got an entire sourcebook (Lost Omens Highhelm). Paizo tries to focus a bit on one theme, then a bit on another. I don't think they'd publish yet more orc-dwarf violence that close to spending an entire summer on it. It'd get stale.

If Torag was gonna die, why not do it in the actual adventure path?? I agree. It seems weird to have it occur outside the adventure if it were to happen

Queens of Nights would make powerful patrons for any campaign villain.

Didn’t the infernal lord/duke? of the first layer of hell have to pay hell itself an entire world’s worth of souls just to acquire such an honour?

It’d be a weird (chaotic) economy of souls if a simple empress over a single (if large) nation somehow managed to become Hell’s ruler all because of her ambition and rulership of a nation on a world the game just so happens to care about.

It’s just a bit too neat and easy methinks. Should the bloodstained glass ceiling of hell be shattered- it’s gonna take a triumphant, gore-caked, **Queen of Night** to rise to the occasion.

And a Queen only respects her equals.

Abrogail who???

Phillip Gastone wrote:
Mammoth Daddy wrote:
Set wrote:

Well, if it's going to be a god that's 'somebody's favorite,' it can't be Gorum, because I've never played with anybody who likes that guy. :)

Not-Crom is somehow even less interesting than Rovagug or Groetus or that giant mosquito-thing.

Ooh, I take that back. Hanspur. God of drowned rats, or whatever.

I like Hanspur. More than Norg-er-murder?

Hanspur is a roguish god but lacks the terrifying violence of Norg. I agree on Gorum. He has zero personality.
Well, he does love war.


Set wrote:

Well, if it's going to be a god that's 'somebody's favorite,' it can't be Gorum, because I've never played with anybody who likes that guy. :)

Not-Crom is somehow even less interesting than Rovagug or Groetus or that giant mosquito-thing.

Ooh, I take that back. Hanspur. God of drowned rats, or whatever.

I like Hanspur. More than Norg-er-murder?

Hanspur is a roguish god but lacks the terrifying violence of Norg. I agree on Gorum. He has zero personality.

And there was a Great War…

In Hell.

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Mammoth Daddy wrote:

I think we will lose either Sarenrae, Urgathoa, Pharasma, or Shelyn.

I can’t imagine Paizo letting us keep a good or largely stabilizing force.

What about Urgathoa is either good or stabilizing?

I meant Urgathoa as the exception, with her death as the most likely ‘win’ they could give the forces of stability and/or good on Golarian.

PossibleCabbage wrote:

Plus some sort of reform to Nidal was sort of inevitable once they moved "slavery" below the Pathfinder baseline. Like Nidal used to buy a bunch of slaves from Cheliax, not to put them to work at menial jobs, but to torture them to death in tribute to their dark god. That sort of thing is going to have to stop, and the most natural way to do it is "Get ZK out of the way". Nidal doesn't have to be nice, but if we put Goth Shelyn in charge instead of her brother, we can at least have "exploring the extremes where pain and pleasure blend" have a safeword and involve consent.


Besides! This allows further differentiation of the Plane of Shadows from D&D, and gives another potential best friend for Calisteria.

Huh…we seem to actually have a lot of women-deities fulfil this role already though. Edit: someone beat me to that remark.

Either way- Nidal needs a revamp. Time to push those edgewalkers right off their now-comfortable platform.

I think we will lose either Sarenrae, Urgathoa, Pharasma, or Shelyn.

I can’t imagine Paizo letting us keep a good or largely stabilizing force.

Stairs need conflict.


Stairs work too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To me?

If I was to compare Golarian to an external product/franchise- I’d compare it to the board game “Smallworld”.

Essentially a fantasy world with ***waaay*** more sentient species and tropes than can easily fit in such a relatively small world- without careful diplomacy or violence.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
I hope not. Last thing we need is for all the evils of the world to get resolved before our new characters arrive.

Were they ever going to do anything with Zon-Kuthon other than "resolve things with Shelyn". Like the entire premise of Nidal is "it's horrible, but poses absolutely no threat to anybody who doesn't cross their borders."

Plus, elevating Ydersius to the main stage (what with the Snekmen being the major darklands threat) is a lot more interesting than ZK was from a metaplot perspective.

I agree that Ydersius is more interesting than Zon Kuthon.

I also dislike the way Zon Kuthon continues to emphasize the trope in fantasy settings that BDSM-iconography and interest is inherently ‘evil’. He’s just one crazy mad-god who doesn’t understand who he is anymore- let alone consent.

Heal him. Kill him. I don’t care which.

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Unicore wrote:

But what kind of caster would a weaver be? (Which feels very James Case to me) It feels like something that might be divine, or Occult or a choose between the 2. It could involve "spirit weaving" in enough ways to bring a lot of the medium/shaman elements Sayre has been teasing into the game without having to deal with a huge backlash of players who wanted a more primal bent to a class called Shaman. It is hard to imagine getting a full caster playtest without having at least one full remastered spell list. I can't imagine there is a lot of good data to get from players using a combination of produce flame and ignition in the same playtest, or any of the other "almost the same spell but not" spells, unless it really is just the intention that you, the player, really are expected to be able to use any options from any PF2 book, remastered or not, unless it has been explicitly Errata'd or called out as replaced?

Anyone read Tamora Pierce’s ‘Circle of Magic’ book series with Sandry, Daja, Tris, and Briar?

Look Briar and Tris will always be my favourites but let’s be honest- It’s Sandry- the stitch-witch who can literally weave different magics together -that stands out as most powerful. She literally bound their fates together as a group, and so as a buff/support caster- I think weaver might be fun -maybe it allows you to temporarily transfer abilities and statuses to one another.

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I hope it is available for the entire community

Maybe Camazotz eats the sun?

Run, don’t walk Sarenrae!!

Well! This sounds like a great year to return to pathfinder!

I’ll let you know which AP my fam decides on in celebration for when I finish this project I’ve been forever at.

I want it to be Nethys (and bring back the Egyptian pantheon) but I have a feeling it is Sarenrae, or Asmodius.

Lorcan and *Ruithvein

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Lorcan and Luithvein are both infernal dukes operating from the same realm and compete for the souls of infernal vampires.

Dancing Wind wrote:

From the Pathfinder Wiki

Wiki wrote:

Camazotz dwells in three different places in both Golarion and the Great Beyond. The first is the Abyssal realm of Argahoz, a cavernous realm dominated by an enormous pit.

The second is the Land of the Eleven Deaths, a Darklands realm beneath the distant continent of Arcadia; while the third is the House of the Bat in the realm of death, Xibalba.

The wiki article references the final volume of the Second Darkness AP Descent Into Midnight

Isn’t Descent into Midnight older than Year of the Serpent- and of questionable canonization with the advent of the core?

Yup! But my question still remains as the most recent adventure/scenario featuring him was Dead Man’s Debt.

Also- while I agree that Arcadia is more of a natural fit, they established in the scenario that Camazotz has a presence in the Mwangi. I didn’t write the scenario obviously but my hunch is that it was written at a time when the Mwangi’s original, real world inspiration sources included parts of Central and South America. While I think it’s more coherent to keep the place African inspired- I do hope that one lil shrine to Camazotz I. Dead Man’s Debt remains canon.

I agree with @BretI that the pf2 lore doesn’t preclude previous canon, so maybe nothing’s changed?

keftiu wrote:
I very badly want Qadira to Do Something. We hear a lot about the incredible power and wealth Kelesh has at its disposal, but the largest empire in the world's foothold in the Inner Sea has thrown its weight around remarkably little in play. They should cast a shadow over a Golden Road book the way Kelesh does over all of the region's history.

I agree. Though even more so the entire empire of Kelesh, Lately there’s been this weird lack of exploration of the Golden Road as a region. Same with Vudra.

On the Golden Road though, I agree that we should expect something big- maybe Qadira is one of the great powers coming to face off another great power in the future?

Hello, I’m curious to know whether Camazotz still canon?

A few years ago, through a previous pathfinder society account (whose access I seem to have lost) I ‘cut my teeth’ so to speak as a GM on a number of pathfinder society scenarios one of which was “Dead Man’s Debt” of 2016’s Year of the Serpent.

I was rather fond of the scenario as it was my first introduction to the Mwangi Expanse.


I don’t want to give spoilers for the scenario but as it occurred almost a decade ago, I’m gonna go ahead. The adventure featured Camazotz as an early threat to the Elves there and Jatembe- but the demon lord hasn’t had much by way of any references in any adventures or scenarios since.

What happened to him? Could we follow up with this plot? Is he even still canon?

I heard that there’s a new elemental-based archetype that requires access to either primal or arcane spellcasting.

Is this true?

If so- this kinda disappoints me as one of the things I enjoyed about “Planes of Power” is the fact that it offered more options for divine followers of the Elemental Lords as well.

An elementalist paladin or cleric would be a cool concept in my opinion, and I’ve daydreamed of a campaign where the protagonists aid the goodly Elemental Lords against the evil ones.

On the other hand perhaps they’ll expand upon the elemental planes in a future Lost Omens book?


I imagine a wizard within the Broken Tusks would be more akin to an anthropologist- someone who re-examines the arcane through their daily observation- even participation -within a society that greatly values the primal- to the degree that they consider the divine, arcane, and occult as mere (and unnecessary) extensions of said primal power(s).

Imagine a wizened and tattooed mammoth lord astride their Mammoth companion- the latter of which is essentially a warm, walking, hairy and smelly library -with leather sacks and pockets hanging from its back and strange, zoic, and arcane fetishes dangling from the animal’s tusks.

Sometimes a character concept is about leaning into its internal contradiction, and discovering that they perhaps aren’t as contradictory as they first appear. Magic in pathfinder is weird because it **habitually defies** the classifications that mortals (player characters) ascribe to it, as it is nothing less than the essence of storytelling- the Familiar mixed with the Unknown -itself.

There’s a kind of mutualism, yet inner turmoil to this relationship between the Familiar and fearful Unknown in storytelling- like a certain ‘Watcher’, and a certain ‘Survivor’ in a story I know...

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