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Sir Brantos did notice your reactions to the High Priestess, and his attitude towards you is chilly.

Brantos said he had more frequent dealings with Katrezra, since he was largely responsible for taking care of the half-orc invalid when the chapel’s acolytes were occupied elsewhere.
Brantos knows that Katrezra’s past was painful, and that while the half-orc has no love for his full-blooded kin, the seer is a benevolent man who has a soft spot for fellow half-orcs.
According to Brantos, Katrezra has proved himself a loyal defender of Trunau on multiple occasions and has many friends in town, but Brantos does not know where the seer has vanished to.

You see a uniformed man, his hair unkempt and his jacket unbuttoned informally enter and sit quickly. He might be otherwise good looking, but he has allowed a couple of days beard to grow without shaving, and had a moody look to him.
Seeming to suddenly recall is manners, he stood and bowed to the Captain.
"Sir, Tybalt Bourchier, Lieutentant of His Majesty's Army of Cheliax, at your service." He said formally before sitting again.
He accepted a perhaps overly full glass of rum.
"Orders to the embassy in Elidar." He said briefly.

Perception DC20, Know:Nobility or Profession:Soldier DC15:

You notice by the stitching and weatherstains that his uniform had once born a higher rank; Army Captain or Major at least.

Off to one side, you see a uniformed man leaning against the railing and staring moodily out into the forest of masts around the docks here. His hair is unkempt and his jacket is unbuttoned. Every so often he takes a pull from a bottle of liquour.