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Full Name

Maldrek Zorn




level 1 expert/cleric 2












Common, Infernal, Demonic, Elven and Dwarven



Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 16
Charisma 12

About Maldrek Zorn

Maldrek Zorn was born in the slums of Absolam, like most tieflings he was despised by the world at large. He struggled to survive and his world was brutal, he was beaten by corrupt guards and self righteous clerics of those so called "good" deities. He eventually holed up in the libraries of House Tevineg, the Infernal House did not seem to have the same prejudices of the outside world. He became a clerk in one of those libaries and studied his fair share of Infernal lore. As Maldrek desired to choose his own course in life, he desired the power to choose his own path. Then he found the text called "The Lessons of Thrune: Pacts with Devils". The promise of power that those pacts would give him all for the cost of his soul was siply to much to resist. However he needs to gather the materials to enact the pacts and choosing from so many options is...difficult to say the least.

Level 1 Tiefling Expert/level 2 cleric, LN
hp 24, ac 17, F 2+, R 3+, W 7+ and Init 3+
str 10
dex 12 (10+2)
con 10
int 16 (14+2)
wis 16
cha 12 (14-2)
feats Persuasive and Channel Smite
skillpoints 9 per level at first level, 6 with each cleric level skills that will have ranks put into them, Knowledge Religion, Arcana and the Planes, Diplomacy, Intimidate and Spellcraft. Knowledge Religion, Arcana and The Planes 9+, Appraise 7+, Profession (librarian)7+, Sense Motive 8+, Diplomacy 8+(7 with houses), Intimidate 10+ and spellcraft 9+(gleaned from obsessive reading of books).
Traits Reactionary, Suspicous and House Tevineg Affilation. Drawback Power hungry.
Attack Melee(ranseur)1+, 2d4 damage/3x
Orisons Guidance, Enhance Diplomacy, Create Water and Detect Magic.
Level 1 spells Divine Favor, Bane, Doom and domain spell Charm Person
Domains Destruction and Charm
equipment Scholar's oufit (given by House Tevenig) the gold is in an Adabar bank. Chainmail (150 gp), Cold Iron Ranseur (given in pact with Hell).

archdevils being considered, revised:

Dispator due to his dominion over rulership and diplomacy
Mephistopheles thanks to the fact that he is pretty much the libarian of hell and Maldrek does like powerful secrets.
Belial due to the sheer appeal this notorious archdevil makes to Maldrek's lot in life (if a archdevil is ever going to rebel against Asmodeus it is Belial).

Maldrek cannot be mistaken for anything but a tiefling, he has red skin, pointed ears that are far more pointed then even elves and yellow eyes. His hair is black and you can see a keen mind behind the yellow eyes. He wears a red and black robe that he does his best to keep from being damaged. Over that robe he now wears a set of pure black chainmail he commisioned from a Chelish armory as such it it has small barbs spread across the armor and has four downward descending spikes one for each knuckle. Maldrek also bears a cold iron Ranseur, a gift from his patron that is carved with infernal runes and sigils