Malachi Silverclaw's page

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Full Name

Malachi Silverclaw




Paladin 1







Special Abilities

Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil. Traits: Bully, Soul Drinker


Lawful Good


Ragathiel (Empyreal Lord)





Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 7
Wisdom 7
Charisma 17

About Malachi Silverclaw

Cheliax was a nation so terrified of the chaos of civil war that it sumoned devils to crush any opposition to House Thrune, enabling it to usurp the throne and bring peace. At a cost. That cost was Freedom.

Cheliax turned to the worship of the archdevil Asmodeus. The world did not approve. Cheliax responded by strengthening it's bonds with Hell and pursuing an aggressive foreign policy.

Over the years the noble houses vied with each other to curry favour with House Thrune. One such attempt has recently borne fruit. Forbidden fruit.

A secret breeding program was put in place. It's objective: supernaturally strong but obedient super-soldiers. What do devils hate, even more than angels? Demons!

The half-fiend offspring of an unholy union of mortal and succubus was 'encouraged' to impregnate a noblewoman of a house fallen from favour. Although the mother did not survive the birth, the tiefling bastard grew to be a loyal and powerful servant.

The Aasimar scion of a half-celestial was 'acquired'. Years before, a celestial servant of the Empyreal Lord Ragathiel had fallen in love with a mortal, and a child was born. That blessed being, in the fullness of time, loved a mortal and bore an aasimar girl. Destiny had a cruel fate in store for her. Slavery!

The pieces now in place, the tiefling forced the aasimar to bear his spawn. At first there was dismay at the result; the angelic and demonic influences seemed to have cancelled each other. Wasn't half of Malachi's breeding stock human, after all?

Still, Malachi is much stronger than his spare frame would seem, and his extra-planar heritage seems to lend him a certain aura. His intellect and perception could diplomatically be characterised as 'limited', but Malachi prefers 'uncomplicated' and 'focussed'. Multi-tasking is for wimps! His red eyes, pale almost iridescent skin and milk-white hair lead him to resemble an albino, but this unusual colouration results from his conflicting bloodlines expressed in his DNA.

Satisfied with the result of their nefarious experiments, Malachi was trained to be a soldier, perhaps one day to become a Hellknight! Fate had other plans.

Not long ago, Malachi dreamed of an angel. Unknown histories were revealed, and a destiny unfolded. Malachi was ordained Paladin in that moment.

Malachi had become a duelist, lawfully settling the claims of clients by right of combat. Since his 'calling' Malachi only represents the just against the unjust. In a society that equates 'goodness' with 'weakness' he keeps his new calling private.

Although a greatsword is his weapon of choice, Malachi is never seen in public without his silvered spiked gauntlet on his left fist. He encourages rumours that it covers a hand burned beyond recognition by the fires of Hell. Or maybe it is the actual claw of a fiend, grafted onto a bloody stump by the darkest of magicks. The reality is more mundane. In a nation where family and connections equate to power and respect, surnames are an important indicator of both. As the son of a slave Malachi had none of the above, so he has taken the epithet 'Silverclaw' and made it his own.

In order to do good in the world Malachi decided to leave the cursed shores of Cheliax. He applied for entry into the pathfinders as an agent of Cheliax, hoping that he can make the world a better place even while working for a power that wants to crush freedom under it's cloven hoof. He may find that to be beyond his power...!

Recently Malachi has found it increasingly difficult to balance the requirements of paladinhood with working for Cheliax, and he has transferred his allegiance to the Silver Crusade. He has chosen not to inform the Paracountess of this 'adjustment'...