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My players are going to assault Menador Keep tomorrow and I'm confused by something. The book says that each of the 4 small rooms has the same number of defenders, it then continues stating that there are 8 Menador Soldiers.

Does this mean that each room has 8 soldiers in it, so there's a total of 46 soldiers (4x8 + 6 on the battlements + 8 inside the keep)? I find this slightly unlikely, but that's how I initially read the info in the book. The Herolab encounter pack has also interpreted it like this.

But since there are only 12 bunks, I'm assuming there are only 8 in total in the courtyard, so 2 per room.... For a total of (8+6+8) 22 soldiers. Can someone confirm if this is as it is intended?

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Serisan wrote:
Follow-up question: when will this sanctioned material be available to report? They're currently not available in the reporting page to select for sessions.

I was wondering the same thing. Reporting this would earn me my 4th star, so I'm kinda hyper about it ^^

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Hmm, that sounds like something that might work with my players. Thanks, Serisan.

And thanks for the heads up on the items, andreww. I think it only fair to incorporate the loaning rule in the entire series, yeah.

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I'm prepping the entire series to run this weekend and I would like some advise on the Field Command part of the series.

First of all a question: how is the knowledge check meant to work in there? Does the entire table get to roll or do they have to pick a specific character for one or both of the checks? Does that character also have to give the briefing?

The reason I ask is because I expect to have some number-crunchers at my table. If I tell them that knowledge checks are necessary and which ones, they'll likely start figuring out who has the highest bonus in those, potentially buff that skill even more and have that player brief the team.

While I know there is nothing wrong with that, I feel it detracts from the role play and the idea of suddenly being in the position of a venture captain doing as well as you can with the things you have. I'm basically looking for a way to naturally push them into giving the briefing without them shoving forward the guy or girl who wouldn't naturally give that briefing but just happens to have the right skills for the job.

So how did the GMs who've already run this do it? I've seen some examples in the specific All for Immortality threads, but how did you inform the party? Did you role play it all out and ask for checks afterwards? Did you tell them the checks that were necessary? Or did you have the party as a whole make the checks beforehand to help them decide on their briefing and which team to send where?

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I have a PFS character with a Red Mantis history (Cultist Lineage-trait and a background that he "escaped" from Mediogalt and joined the Society). I would like to have him run into a few Red Mantis over his career. There is of course the Mantis' Prey scenario, but are there any other scenario's that feature, mention or otherwise involve Red Mantis?

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:
They're supposed to capture Davian, who will probably survive due to Regeneration. He can be brought back for interrogation.

But why would they? I agree that smart players will see him as a source of extra information, but I guess I'm a bit disappointed that no such information is given in the scenario. What would they ask him? And why? And what would he answer?

"I died of starvation, because Thrune blockaded our house and eventually resorted to eating my kin." That seems rather trivial information to bring back to HQ.
Now if he had some interesting tidbits about life in that time, some nice dirty secrets about Thrune or whatever or something specific that would spark off the next scenario, I would understand and encourage my players to capture and interrogate him, but as it stands I see no reason *within* the scenario to ask him anything.

I guess the fact that he ate his kin might have something to do with the "shame on house Davian" that's implied for the next scenario, but I can't be certain.

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I'm going to run this today and it looks like a nice one, though I've also found a few things I don't really understand.

What I like:
- Leshies! I love the idea of the encounter with the leshies, especially since I expect the players will not expect the gourds to suddenly come alive.
- Not just your generic explore-this-dungeon-scenario. I like the encounter where they have to protect Mireille. It gives the players a lot of options to think outside the box.
- Adding a troll is cool. I hope my players are sufficiently scared of it.

What could have been better or what I don't understand:
1. What's the point of the "reanimated skeleton hand" in area C2? It's mentioned, but it never explains what PCs are supposed to do with it. It doesn't feature in the combat and I can't image it would help the PCs mission in some way to dig the skeleton out.

2. I'm wondering if my players will understand when the scenario is over. Usually there's a journal or something at the end that gives the information they are looking for, but in this case there is no specific information that they are looking for. They're just there to "excavate" which means that after they make the area safe they can spend ages there if they wish. And not find anything of note, which might be a disappointment - or it might not be, I'm just not sure how this will work out....

3. I personally think the information that you're sent to get from Zefiro is a bit meager. The only thing the PCs can get is the handout, which imho doesn't tell them anything they didn't already know: Thrune did not like the Davians. The only thing new is that they probably all starved, which tbh is not really relevant to the scenario/mission.
I'm also curious what the "sensitive information" might be that he can give.
I think I'll just have Zefiro relate the entire piece in the intro of the scenario if the PCs play nice with him (excluding the part where Arenzo ate his family, since there's no way he could know that).

4. In the final encounter - low tier: how can a single ghoul "attempt to flank PCs"? I'm assuming it tries to flank together with Arenzo? Although I suppose it could flank with the troll.

5. What I generally like about the 2- or 3-parters is how they link together. I like to emphasize that, so that I can be sure my players know what's important about the scenario they've just played and they can take that to the next part. Several (not all) of the multiparters give good handholds for that, but I'm missing them a bit in this one. The only mission they get is to explore the mansion and at the end of that they find nothing of note. No unexpected information leading to a new site, nothing to keep them interested in Cheliax. There's no reason for them not to pack up shop at the end and head back to Absalom to report. Yet in the conclusion and the next scenario's blubs it's hinted that they would go to Garund after and participate in the Loyalty Day festivities to boot.
Should I have Marcos at the intro say something like: "After you're done with this site, talk to Zefiro again for further orders"? That's the only thing I can think of to explain to the players that they're not done in Cheliax yet.

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Yay, this looks cool! Thanks so much for the rush in getting us this.

One question though: I really like how the sheets for Iron Gods offer 2 otherwise non-legal archetypes, except I'm not sure how I could ever make the Cyber-soldier work properly in PFS...

At 5th level, a cyber-soldier gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls with implanted weapons, cybernetic arms, and melee or thrown weapons wielded with a cybernetic arm.

But as far as I can tell, the first legal way to acquire a cyberarm is with the lvl 11+ sheet from Iron Gods (making your character at least lvl 12 and thus 'retired'). Am I overlooking something or is this archetype just not properly usable within PFS?

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Just bought it and it looks awesome. The city map enclosed is also very nice.

Are there any thoughts of sanctioning this for PFS? I can think of a few people who could have a lot of fun with this.

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I have a question about the Pure Legion Enforcer prestige class.

The class says:

The enforcer must always attempt a saving throw against the effects of beneficial divine magic.

I'm pretty sure that spells such a bless count as 'beneficial divine magic'. Yet the spell itself offers no save. It also doesn't say anything about being a willing target.

So my question:
As a Pure Legion do I get a save against spells such a bless (with the normal DC for that spell level), does it simply not affect me because I'm not a willing target or do I get affected regardless because the spell offers no save and it targets all creatures that the caster sees as allies?

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I'm so sorry for the absense.... A bit too much happening with selling the house and stuff to arrange, rental place to get, making decisions for the house that still has to be build. And on top of that (or maybe because of that?) I've been having headaches/migraines for 3 weeks now. I may have to drop out of this :(

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Guys, just a bit of a heads up that things are extremely chaotic here at the moment. Tijn and me are both stressed out of our heads. I hope it lets off over the next few days, but just to warn you: I might not be posting as regularly as I should.

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Signed up on warhorn.
Don't have a core character yet, so I'll see what the party composition is before I decide what to play.
PFSnr would be 113867-8

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DrSwordopolis wrote:

I believe it to be an immutable law of the Internet that whenever someone offers editing assistance, there is inevitably a hidden grammar, spelling, or similar error in the offer.

That said, I'd be happy to assist as well - amusing as it may be to read about swim checks to break down the door, the constant minor issues are a routine (albeit minor) annoyance when reading or running a scenario. Of course, I understand the reluctance of The Powers That Be to allow random GMs on the boards to see content while it's still being developed. I'd expect if "volunteer proofreaders" are ever allowed, they'd probably come from the venture officer ranks. Which is a shame, because as an innate grammar nazi, I go through scenarios with a red pen anyway after they get released.

An idea - next month, when the next set of PFS scenarios come out, why don't we start a thread to find all the various errors, both typographic and mechanical, in the scenarios? That way we can actually test and see if there's any value that an extra set of eyes can add to the document. If nothing else, we can provide unofficial errata to the scenario and throw it up on the PFS prep board as patch notes.

I agree and I would totally understand it if Paizo says they're not going to do that. Just want to know whether or not to keep my hopes up :)

I'd definately be up for starting a thread (though it might be difficult not to have it turned into a 'quote everything that's wrong with the scenario'-slugfest). They may be only little things most of the time (for example, my latest scenario is missing one monster in the bestiary appendix and the hp of a monster is quoted wrongly in the tekst), but it'd be nice to help.

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Murder Hobo wrote:

Sowwyyy, thanks. Note to self: writing posts when I should be working is not a good idea ;)

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First off: I'd like to apologize if this is the wrong place to put this question. That being said, my question is: I see (open) calls for writers and artists, but is there ever an open call for proofreaders?
I love Pathfinder, especially Society and its scenario's, but I have a healthy case of OCD and my fingers itch when I prep a scenario and find (small) errors in it.

I'd love to help and make the scenario's even better, but I have no idea if such a thing is even done by Paizo. Has there ever been a call for "external" proofreaders/editors?

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Congratulations and good luck.

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Grats Vince!

Our very first 5-star GM :) Who will be next? ;)