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Dearest Paracountess,

Whilst sadly I have not been able to return to my home in Cheliax for some time due to a rather .. interesting experience uncovering the secrets of the Razmirans. Would that I could return home to perhaps share what I have learned, yet while Thrune dictates Asmodeus will not allow his kin to be venerated it is perhaps best I do not.

Surprisingly I do not doubt that there is infernal influence involved behind this faith of false believers as their strictures seem oddly familiar. Would it not be a secret worth knowing if Razmiran was in fact one of the infernal? How delightful in the knowledge that the false believes would follow a false icon.

I now will travel on to Mendev to ensure the secrets this land has to offer are passed on to more capable hands.

Loyal servant,
Magnus Khollarix