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Please join me in congratulating 'Mr. Pirate Queen' himself, Chris Schweyer, upon is attainment of an official rank within the fleet!

Having been a stalwart champion of the ACG since its launch and a loyal cabin boy as well, Chris has been promoted to the lofty role of PFACG Venture Lieutenant. He will retain his cabin boy duties.

Avast! Yar! Also, Happy 13th Anniversary! :-)

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It is my sincere pleasure to announce that my esteemed Venture Lieutenant, Dominick Trascritti is now my esteemed colleague and the Venture Captain of Tampa.

I am maintaining my admiralty over Pinellas County and points north while Dominick will be leading his own scurvy crew in Hillsborough County and East towards the badlands of Orlando.

Please join me in a hearty "Congratulations!" to Dominick, or a "Yarrrrrrr!" if you are more pirate-inclined.

Roll for initiative!

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The time of The Gathering is nearly upon us!

Come join us for the largest RPG and PFS experience in Florida with 9 epic slots of gaming madness!!

Amongst the awesome things you can look forward to: 6-00: Legacy of the Stonelords (this year's interactive special), all three murderous levels of Bonekeep, featured Season 6 scenarios, favorites stretching back to Season 0, modules galore, Paizo prize support, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - Guild Play & demos and more to be announced soon.

Don't delay!

Now accepting GM signups at our Warhorn, player sign ups open soon!

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I know there are some website...irregularities, so no worries if it takes a while to answer.

I had also ordered a new deluxe Harrow deck, put in my sidecart, set to ship with next subscription shipment. Today we got the last pack of the ACG (thanks!) but the Harrow deck is now pending and waiting to go with the Skull and Shackles box set.

I would prefer not to wait and would like to get that Harrow deck sooner if possible. Is there anyway to change my shipping option and get it on its way?

Thanks, as always, for excellent customer service. You guys rock!

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To my good pal, Ocol Redbeard (aka Shane Murphy) - landlocked, mouse-eared pirate extraordinaire:

Congrats on earning your 5th Star! Took ya long enough. ;)

Fair winds and following seas!

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My subscription for the Card Game shows me starting with Sins of the Saviors, but my husband already picked that deck up locally.

Can my subscription please start with Spires of Xin-Shalast instead?


Sorry for the screw up.

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Please join me in offering a hearty 'Yar, har, har!' to the newest Florida Venture Lieutenants who are busy making things happen in Ocala and Gainesville.

Joshua Robertson - PFS VL Ocala


Jack Ellis - PFS VL Gainesville

Welcome aboard ye scurvy dogs! (I mean that in the nicest possible way)

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Adventurers wanted!

Interested in PFS somewhere close to Tampa Bay? Then I have good news for you!

Pathfinder Society is booming in the greater Tampa Bay area. For instance:

St Petersburg - Every Tuesday night at Serenity Games
New Tampa - 1st Sunday of every month at Learn 2 Play-Tampa
Lutz - 2nd Sunday of every month at Anthem Games
Temple Terrace - Third Sunday of the month at Armada Games
Sarasota - Every other Monday night at Dark Side Comics
NEW!! Brandon - Twice monthly schedule TBD - Grand opening May 17th!
NEW!! South Tampa - Coming Soon!
Gainesville - Every other Saturday (-ish) at the Reitz Union
NEW!! Ocala - Coming Soon!

Comics Invasion on May 24th at Emerald City in Largo!
Free RPG Day at Darkside Comics in Sarasota!

Salty Bay Con
Tampa Bay Comic Con
Walk the Plank Con

Want to play? Check us out at or on Facebook as Pathfinders of Florida

Message me or post here for more info. We'd love to see you at the table.

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And one of the best GMs I know, to boot!

Congrats and thank you, Dom!

The Pirate Queen approves!

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Ahoy and welcome to the newst scalywag in the Pirate Queen's fleet - Andy Berger!

Andy already heads up one of our most successful game days at Serenity Games and he is also a great gm and core member of our community.

Thanks to Andy for everything he has already done for PFS in Tampa Bay and then looking around and asking if there was more he could do. I'm proud to welcome you as an officer for this crew!

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Join us for RPG goodness in the Swamp on Jan 18 and 19th!

Warhorn site

SwampCon is a free convention hosted on the University of Florida campus. Check out the main convention site

Players and GMs wanted. We had lots of walk-up players last year and want to bring even more gaming to Gainesville this year!!

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It's almost that time, Pathfinders - time for awesome gaming in Orlando, FL on March 20-23.

We've got:

*Eyes of the Ten
*PFS Special: Siege of the Diamond City
*Bonekeep Levels 1 & 2
*The latest Season 5 scenarios, plus favorites from previous years - 10 slots worth!!
*Pathfinder Kids Track

Plus more RPG action than you can shake a +1 stick at!

Check out the Warhorn Schedule

Or check out the Event Webpage

Free event tickets for GMs who run 4 or more slots. Room arrangements for out of town GMs are possible - contact me for details.

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Ahoy ye landlubbers, the Florida pirate crew has made port in Clearwater for another Walk the Plank Con! Join the Pirate Queen and her sea dogs in two full days of PFS adventures!

Fair winds!

For more information and sign ups:

Sovereign Court 5/5

Joseph Yerger has joined the ranks of the Florida PFS Pirates.

Avast and prepare to make way!

Welcome and congratulations. :)

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Congratulations, Dominick!

Now stop standing around looking pleased with yourself and get back to swabbing that deck or something! :-)

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I'd like to welcome Dominick Trascritti, a long time supporter of gaming in Florida and a devoted Paizo fan to my legion of minions.

Our plans for world conquest are now even closer to fruition!! Venture Officers of Florida, ASSEMBLE!

Welcome, Dominick - now go get me some Starbucks! :)

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Until the household budget is back on track, no more AP or comics for me. :-(

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We concluded our Kingmaker AP yesterday in an epic romp through Nyrissa's castle that ended, as it should, with a last minute, picture-perfect win by the PCs as the paladin rolled two 20's in a row with Briar. Overall, this is a fun AP with some very memorable moments.

Kingmaker was a lot of fun to prep and my players seemed to have a good time. Below is a list of recommendations of things that worked well for me as the GM and things I wish I had done a little bit differently. YMMV.

1. Foreshadow the fae more than is obvious in the main story line. It helps the last book, which is so different (and awesome) cap the arc nicely. Little clues left in unexpected places, especially in the early parts when the PCs are still very actively exploring, made my group slightly paranoid and always had them looking for a First World connection.

2. Balance the nation-building specifically for your group's preferences. The system of rolling kingdom turns is going to be waaaay too time consuming for some groups and not detailed enough for others. Looking back on our game, there is a lot of focus on this in the middle books, but it doesn't feel like a strong part of the overall arc.

If I could do it again for this group, I would still let them make decisions, but get more of the rolling and randomizing 'off screen' to keep things focused on the action and to cut down on inter-party conflict re: adventuring vs. city turns, which was often and hotly debated with my group.

3. Really think through the war with Pitax. While the city/nation-building is hyper-detailed at times, the war mechanic is hyper-simplified. Paizo says as much, they were not trying to make a full war sim. For my PCs, this aspect could have used a lot more oomph and I wish that I had imported some meatier rules and planned for more conflict opportunities. They loved this part and, as written, it didn't give my group enough war.

4. Give them some memorable NPCs that aren't villains. The seeds are there for you in the earlier books and its worth adding some tailor-made advisors, love-interests, power-grabbers, families, money-grubbers, what have you.

In our game, the General wooed and eventually won the heart of a Swordlord who founded a martial academy in their main city. The King married a young noblewoman from Mivon. Important alliances were formed with the Nomen Centaurs that eventually resulted in a sort of 'exchange student' program. Svetlana and Oleg had a beautiful daughter (who was imperiled by an evil witch at one point!). They had a trusted advisor 'on loan' from Restov who helped with the early kingdom-building and eventually served to keep them apprised of trouble back in Brevoy. To name a few.

Its a sandbox for you as well as the PCs, don't be afraid to play in it.

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Please join me in congratulating Shane Murphy, the newest VL in the Sunshine State - representing Orlando!

Shane has been doing a great job organizing game days locally and he has agreed to help out in a more formal capacity as a Venture Lieutenant for one of the biggest potential PFS markets in Florida.

Welcome to the team Shane!

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Megacon Warhorn

PFS Highlights for MegaCon 2013:

*Mike Brock (PFS Campaign Coordinator) will be at MegaCon and GMing games! Get your character killed by an actual member of the Decemvirate!

*This year's special interactive: Race for the Runecarved Key run over 1.5 slots (Saturday afternoon and evening). This is a MEGA-event that you won't want to miss!

*Florida PFS Lodge meeting with Mike Brock after the exciting conclusion of Race for the Runecarved Key. Ask your PFS questions or share your ideas here!!

*Got a PFS character who is exactly Level 12? We are offering the Eyes of the Ten story arc! Join the select group of Pathfinders that have played this arc and know the Decemvirate's secrets.

*Your first chance to play this season's exclusive scenario: Day of the Demon!

*Con-exclusive boons and Paizo-product giveaways! Special recognition for PFS GMs!

*PFS gamers from all over the state...and beyond!

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Schedule is posted at SwampCon Warhorn

We will be featuring #4-12 The Refuge of Time for high level play.

Gainesville is a great town to hang out in and there will be lots of gamers at this FREE two-day CON.

GMs wanted, beer and Leonardo's pizza offered!

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Avast ye scurvy dogs!

Come join us for a day con of nautical and pirate-themed Pathfinder Society mayhem in beautiful, downtown Clearwater!

Just $10 pre-reg fee for 3 slots of PFS adventure on the high seas!

Wear a pirate costume! Talk like a pirate! Win prizes from Besmara herself!*

*Besmara is Paizo's intellectual property and a deity and therefore unlikley to actually attend this event. I will, however, be handing out prizes while wearing an awesome pirate hat. So use your imagination.

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Congrats to Dylan Williams (New Port Richey) and Robert Beasley (Tampa) on joining the venture officer team in the greater Tampa Bay area.

With Joe, we are now....


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I click on 3-16 Midnight Mauler in My Downloads, but I get 2-EX Midnight Mauler with no chronicle.


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One of my loyal FLGS here in sunny St Pete tells me he has tried several times to register his store (Serenity Games) but continues to be thwarted by internet demons.

The furthest he has been able to get is to uploading a store photo (he double-checked the size and type), but got lost in a "forever upload". The last time he tried was a week or two ago.

He is a very enthusiastic Pathfinder supporter and I would love to help him get registered ASAP.

Is there a Paizo internet demon-slayer available for this simple quest?

-Kristie Schweyer
Venture Lieutenant, Tampa

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Thank you to all who joined us for 4 days of Pathfinder-y goodness at MegaCon this year, it was a blast and many dice were rolled!

Extra special thanks to everyone who built at least 1 GM slot into their convention plans. Hopefully you had fun doing it - I know that I did. Everyone who sat at my tables was awesome!

Extra-extra-special thanks to Dom and Zach for organizing the whole thing - no small feat with as many tables and gamers as we had.

If you have observations, suggestions or feedback about your MegaCon Pathfinder Society experience, this is your thread. The intention is to have this be constructive, fruitful and non-personal.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate this year. Thanks!

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Any Pathfinders in the greater Tampa Bay area planning to make it to Necro this year?

The Venture Captain and myself are hosting multiple low-tier tables on all three days.

Let us know if you're planning to be there!

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Pathfinders wanted!

The Lodge here in Tampa Bay wants you! Check out this schedule for upcoming public games in our area. Contact me to find out more about what's up with the Pathfinder Society on the gulf coast of Florida.

Next weekend:
Necronomicon 2011 (con in St Petersbrg, fee required to attend) - Hilton Bayfront Hotel
Friday Oct 21
6pm - In Service to Lore
8pm - Tide of Twilight
Saturday Oct 22
10am - To Delve the Dungeon Deep
10am - The Dalsine Affair
4pm - A Vision of Betrayal
8pm - The Penumbral Accords
Sunday Oct 23
10am - The Frostfur Captives

Every other Monday night at Anthem Games in Tampa.

Every third Sunday of the month (all day) at Birds of Paradise in Dunedin.

Regular gaming at Serenity Games in St. Pete (schedule to be determined).

Beginner Box 'Learn How to Play' sessions appearing in game stores around the area.

Multiple home games - let us help connect you with a group that is looking for players or gms.

Have players in your area, but no games? Let us know where you are and we will try to help you get things going.

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It pains me to request this, but please cancel my ongoing subscriptions for right now. I hope to be able to pick them up again soon, but money is tight right now...

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Due to my tragic case of Gaming OCD, I have created a spreadsheet that lists all of the possible quests in Kingmaker.

For each quest, I have compiled: the page where the written quest is found, who gives the quest, page(s) where the quest is completed, very basic summary of the task(s), reward (treasure), reward (xp) and who issues the reward (when applicable). This is a really high-level summary - there is not enough information to run any of these quests without access to the Kingmaker AP.

Two questions: Is this something that is OK to share and, if it is, would anyone be interested?

The original document is in Excel and I could easily make it a Google Doc for sharing, but only if that is cool with Paizo.

I have read over the Community Use Policy, but I'm not sure where stuff like this stands.


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I am a new Pathfinder AP subscriber, anxiously awaiting Kingmaker #1 (and Council #6) and yet my order status remains in 'pending'. Is there something holding up the process?

Please let me know, since I cannot wait to get this package in the mail!