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Well, I suppose it's a decent enough typo for a Monk...

Actually, that was one of the better laughs I've had all week.

But yeah. It seems that the extra Monk bonuses stay even though Dex is lost. Which seems weird, but I'll run with it.


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So this is a really simplistic question, but one that I wanted to put out there because I can't really explicitly answer it for myself...

I tried searching for any answers before I posted but did not find a clear answer.

The Question:

Does a monk lose his WIS to AC and Monk AC bonuses when climbing?

I'm the player of this character, and it makes sense to me that I would lose the bonuses when climbing -- however it seems that the implication of the rules is that I would not.

Just curious.

Thanks for any help.

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On the whole, I am a big fan of the Kingmaker AP.

One thing I would say is more of a recommend rather than a "like" or "dislike" is that you really need to read at least one adventure ahead of the part you are currently playing or it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the metaplot relevant.

I would echo most of what has been said here so far:

I used a slightly modified version of the "magic item economy" since I found the current incarnation frustrating (and I agree that kingdom building gets too paperwork heavy).

I am also using the old Birthright Mass Combat rules rather than the ones presented in the AP. I just didn't like em. Honestly, I think I was more frustrated with the idea that your army just "poof" is there when you need it -- but is also ridiculously expensive to maintain... We were six years in by the time we got to part 5. We didn't have any kind of army before that? Then why do we have a General on the Court?

Most important though, I would echo the comment about the side quests. Probably the most frustrating part of reading each adventure would have to be the inside covers... "Oh, hey, you guys are high-level adventurers and the rulers of a nation. Could you go retrieve me a roc egg or a wild horse? That would be awesome."

Linked to that would be a little frustration with the way encounters were distributed. My players skipped large parts of the wilderness exploration once they were into the 3rd and 4th parts of the AP -- they were too busy, you know, with ruling their country and trying to solve the problems of their neighbors -- who were disasters apparently.

Don't get me wrong. I'm enjoying the AP and so are my players -- but some elements don't really seem fully thought out. I've considered running it again for another group and I know that it would be much improved the second time through -- so that I could have more things kept in mind the whole way through.

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+1 vote for uncoupling prerequisites from many items. Like "tiny" only going with "fey" for example.

+1 vote for changing or doing away with the restriction on certain abilities only if part of an advanced category.

I would also like to see Fly modified in some way such that paying for speed and maneuverability could be done independently.

Finally, I'm hoping that in the final version there will be an option to make non-tauric quadrapeds.

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I love Paizo games but I'm having a horrible time with their website.

Can anyone tell me where to find product errata?

I've tried searching, I've tried browsing...

I'm looking for errata for books like APG and UM/UC.

Any help will be appreciated.