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For chapter 2, event 2: "Explosion at Bottleneck Bridge" I am going to have the Powderkeg Punks ambush the PCs outside of his home. Logically, it's the only place I can think of aside from the brewery where they would know to set an ambush.

Alternatively, it could be interesting to have a 3 way battle at the brewery between the Punks and the Clearwater Cleaners.

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keftiu wrote:

Asking on a friend’s behalf: in Chapter 2, the “Escorting Gattlebee” section has a pretty significant geography snarl that’s throwing us both for a loop.

The whole section hinges on Bottleneck Bridge, a crossing over the Ustradi River that an enemy faction uses as a choke point. Escorting Gattlebee is supposed to take the inventor from his home in Steamhaven to a saloon in the Ferrous Quarter… which are both on the same side of the river. There’s actually no route I can make on the provided map that has any reason to cross the Ustradi, as all the pictured bridges lead away from their destination.

Any thoughts or help on this one?

I came here to make note of this as well. Any official response?

I'm either moving his place to Skyside near Blythir College (which makes the most sense) or moving the ambush to somewhere else.

@Kurald Galain

This guide has helped me so much. I jumped into Rise of the Runelords at 9th level and it was a challenge! I think I've finally got the spell combat, spellstrike down. I used the Assault Magus build as a framework for my magus.

Awesome work!

I hope it will be in landscape format!

PossibleCabbage wrote:
I feel like the game could really use an appendix which contains a capsule version of the rules for every term which is capitalized to show there is a specific rules meaning, with a page reference for the page which contains the full rules for it.

Totally. There is a section that goes over trait definitions, but its not completely comprehensive.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
A success deals your weapon damage, a failure does not. I feel like that's enough of a difference.

A success deals unarmed damage because is it not a grab? Is that even stipulated in the ability?

Ah yeah, it is a "strike". Still, the failure should be not as good as the success.

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I was looking at the domain power, Hand of Obedience which referenced Stupefied 1. Flipped over to the conditions for 'Stupefied' and read... Never mind, as I'm typing this post I discovered that the attitudes are in the conditions placed alphabetically. I'm a big fan of them being ordered near to the social skills in order of severity like in the Starfinder CRB.


Just an observation. Also, having to flip through 3 separate sections was kind of a pain. Domain power, to spell, to conditions, to skills relevant to the condition like diplomacy and intimidate, and then back to conditions to find the attitudes...

Warmagon wrote:

Well, it kind of seems like you need something good to make up for not having either shield or two hander. The default position of a 1 hand+empty fighting style is generally giving up either defense or defense versus other fighting styles, so its traits need to be stronger to make up for it.

Also, a lot of fighter feats can deal out flat footed even on a failure. Brutish Shove does it next level. Aggressive Shield can flat footed without a roll. Shatter Defenses can flat footed. So can Debilitating Shot, and Reeling Blow.

I just think that giving up a potential 2 AC to give, potentially, all allies +2 to hit for 1 action on a success of a failure is a very lopsided trade-off. Yea, the monster can leave the space, and yea it has to be on a second strike, but still. Failing and getting basically the same result as a success, is not great.

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I ran my first session of the playtest last night and after mulling over it today I still think it is too much.

Whether the player succeeds for fails, it really doesn't matter, every other PC will benefit from the dropped AC of the creature. During the session, it was driving me bananas trying to keep track of the flat footed condition on all these creatures, and it was essentially a free -2 AC debuff.

In my opinion, I think the failure should result in just no effect. You try to grab someone, and you don't. You try to attack and you miss, you don't get to make them flat-footed and you don't get to hit, respectively.

Has anyone else dealt with this fighter feat?