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I was looking at the domain power, Hand of Obedience which referenced Stupefied 1. Flipped over to the conditions for 'Stupefied' and read... Never mind, as I'm typing this post I discovered that the attitudes are in the conditions placed alphabetically. I'm a big fan of them being ordered near to the social skills in order of severity like in the Starfinder CRB.


Just an observation. Also, having to flip through 3 separate sections was kind of a pain. Domain power, to spell, to conditions, to skills relevant to the condition like diplomacy and intimidate, and then back to conditions to find the attitudes...

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I ran my first session of the playtest last night and after mulling over it today I still think it is too much.

Whether the player succeeds for fails, it really doesn't matter, every other PC will benefit from the dropped AC of the creature. During the session, it was driving me bananas trying to keep track of the flat footed condition on all these creatures, and it was essentially a free -2 AC debuff.

In my opinion, I think the failure should result in just no effect. You try to grab someone, and you don't. You try to attack and you miss, you don't get to make them flat-footed and you don't get to hit, respectively.

Has anyone else dealt with this fighter feat?