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Yesterday I spent my day getting the monoliths on Veold up and running, set up my first settlement.

Then I went to the Nexus to see how things are going, not well. Apparently, they're being dicks about the whole unfreezing process.

F%#% politics man, I just want to terraform some s@~&!

Off to Kadara for me, I'll figure out the politics b!@~%*%@ AFTER I get a few more settlements up and running.

Other stuff I've learned this week.

There are symbols in the middle of the talk wheel thingy that tell you what emotion you speak with.

For being a woman with an athletic build I sure am striking out with a lot of guys. Peebee seems nice though.

Speaking of Peebee, I finally figured out how to switch out my squad mates, so no more dealing with Cora and her blatant animosity towards me.

For some reason I can't find anyone else to sell s#&+ to besides that one squatter on Eos.

I was going to put a science focused colony on Eos.

Then I found... Whatever they created at Site B. And some Kett a*$*~&$s.

Now, I'm not so sure I want them meddling with science there, it seems the environment encourages a certain level of mad science I just don't have the time to micromanage right now.

Peebee seems nice!

Oh fun, this planet has those monoliths we found on Habitat 7 too! Seriously, people, Habitat 7?! I'm pretty sure with 600 years asleep someone could have come up with a better name then Habitat 7!

First up is Eos, a delightful little planet awash in radiation.

Okay, powers out, totally understandable.

And apparently a squatter to boot!

Yay for new friends! And apparently Jarvis... I mean, Sam, can eavesdrop on the past. Remind me to have a talk about AI-Pathfinder confidentiality later, what happens in my dreams are Mabel time!

Anywhoo! Mister Squatter Guy was super afraid of turning on the power, on account of the Kett being such huge dickbags.

No problem guy, we'll take care of the Kett!

It turns out, while you can change your appearance and first name, you're still stuck with the same hardass dad destined to die leaving you in charge despite being wildly under qualified.

At least I didn't have to spend the tutorial getting raised by him only for him to die, like Zero Dawn Horizon.

And at least he went all Yondu with it (reflexively pours a 40 on the curb for Yondu).

So, since I'm stuck with the Ryder name, Captain Yesterday wouldn't fit as a first name, neither would my next go-to name, Toot Toot McBumbersnazzle, I went with Mabel Ryder.

And to keep in character I only go with responses that are positive, confident, or fun, never professional.

Yes, I can stop playing, if I want to... I mean, maybe just one more planet to colonize...

Ha! Now I've figured out how to switch to MY rifle!

Take that alien dickbags!!

Is promptly gunned down by aliens.

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Why does every alien species I have first contact with have backward bending legs, and laser rifles.

I get it, you're aliens, and a@&!#$+s.

Just once, once! I'd like to find an alien species that's conical, and sprays psychotropic drugs out of it's eyeballs.

Or at least doesn't have f+~@ing laser rifles!!

War, war never changes.

... Hold on, wrong game...

F%~! you dad!!

There we go!