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This might be the wrong forum for this post, I am a bit unsure, so if any mods see this thread and think it should be in a different section please move it, as I would appreciate getting the appropriate help with this question.

That being said, I seem to recall a feat or maybe an archetype that allowed a wizard to memorize two spells in a single spell slot and when one was used they both go. So for example: I take the feat and memorize fireball/lighting bolt both in the same 3rd level spell slot. Once I cast either of them both are gone for the day because they occupied the same slot.

I do believe this was a Paizo feat/ability somewhere, but I might be thinking of a third party one. If anyone has a clue to what I'm talking about, whether its Paizo or third party, I would very much appreciate being pointed in the right direction here.

Okay so I’ve searched and come up with nothing here. Does anyone know how much a metamagic rod that uses a +5 to spell level metamagic feat costs? I’m looking for prices on all three versions.

Side Note: I’m well aware of the ring of transcendent spells, that’s not what I’m going for here.

Any help I could get with this would be much appreciated.

So in 3.5 there was a crafting rule/concept that assigned each body slot a certain set of normal enchant parameters. Crafting an item with an enchant that didn’t fit inside those given parameters caused it to cost 1.5 times as much. However, upon searching thru the PRPG magic item creation section I have failed to find any trace of that rule set. So my question is this:

Since paizo seems to like making odd-ball/unique items (such as robes of armor, etc) has this rule been done away with?

I personally never liked it to begin with, given there were all kinds of other ways for prices of magic items to go up. It always just seemed like “yet another way” to eat more money and limit creativity (such as a character’s family signet ring being enchanted to grant a +4 to wisdom).

For my games (unless someone can point it out to me), I will be doing away with it, considering that new players/dms would have no way to even know of its existence in the first place. – Word of mouth doesn’t cut it for me!

So I just realized that a bard might get a skill point penalization for even using Versatile Performance if he/she wants to qualify for a prestige class :/

Ex: Lets’ say a bard (Drake) decides at 2nd level to take Versatile Performance (Act), because he’s in the council of thieves campaign and it would make for a great bit of background flavor. Now come around 8th Level Drake wants to take Master Spy and he meets all the requirements except that instead of having 7 ranks in Bluff & Disguise he has 7 ranks in Perform (Act), which thanks to Versatile Performance counts as both of those skills for him.

So is poor drake locked out of the gates of master spydom simply for following his class’s given features, even though he would be in fact an excellent candidate for its ranks?

My subscriptions are being held up by what appears to be an order for Pathfinder #5—Rise of the Runelords Chapter 5: "Sins of the Saviors" (OGL) Print Edition. I didn’t order that issue, I already have one from when that adventure path originally came out. This mess up has already kept me from getting my orders with the Pathfinder Adventure Path #32: Rivers Run Red (Kingmaker 2 of 6) (PFRPG) Print Edition, and now its holding up my Pathfinder Adventure Path #33: The Varnhold Vanishing (Kingmaker 3 of 6) (PFRPG) Print Edition and accompanying Books. I would greatly appreciate if you would resolve this issue as soon as possible so that I can at least get my pdfs and start reviewing all that new material for possible use in my ongoing campaign.

Note: Please remove Sins of the Saviors from that Order, and thank you very much.

Ok! Bare with me people, I’ve got a couple of ideas here so please save all appraising/constructive criticism till you’ve completely read my suggestions:

Suggestion A:

Evasion & Improved Evasion: Fantastic Ideas

Mettle & Improved Mettle: Power Gamers Wonderland

Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, & Iron Will (which from here on I will now refer to as the Save Feats): In theory good, and great for low levels of play, yet later on become almost useless to take.

By now a few of you might have already guessed what I’m about to suggest here but for those who haven’t how about this.

1. For the Love of all that’s holy to D&D, split Mettle into two parts, one for Will and one for Fortitude (Don’t have names for these two yet and would love suggestions).
2. Now have Improved Evasion/Mettle follow suit.
3. Make Evasion and the two Mettles into feats along with their upgraded equivalents.
4. Set The Save Feats as prerequisites for them and require a Base Save Bonus for each as well, such as +3 Ref for Evasion, and +6 Ref for Improved Evasion (I based these on when the Rogue and Monk gained Evasion and Improved Evasion).
5. Now Change the Save Feats so that they give a +1 per five levels, with a minimum of +1.

And PRESTO! Now we have a whole set of Feats dedicated to improving characters saves. Classes such as the Rogue and Monk just gain certain ones as Bonus Feats. I’d also like to see Monks capable of choosing which of the three they get (Making it a kind of personal specialization for them).

Suggestion B:

Acrobatics: Combining the Jump, Tumble and Balance Skills was defiantly a good idea

Now Doyle Tavener kind of already beat me to what I’m about to suggest here, however his thread has already been taken over by the Ride / Handle Animal Debate.

Combine the Climb, and Swim Skills into a single Athletics Skill. This could possibly even take over for determining how long someone can keep running. Both of these are Str based, and its just seems to make sense to me if were going to have an Acrobatics Skill to add an Athletics skill to the mix as well.


Thats it for now, as far as my suggestions for skills and feats go anyway, so what do you guys think?