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I bought the comics in the beginning of the 90's, I am talking about Danny Ketch. And I bought the skin in Fortnite some days ago. He is one of my favorite characters, at least until the story arc with Zadkiel. I bought some comics of Johnny Blaze, but I don't like how both are in the last years. Let's say they aren't very happy. Too bad vibes for me.

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Of course there are more people in addition to Weis & Hickman, but they are two of the main stars in D&D literature. They are good hooks to sell novels. WotC should try to keep a good relation with them because theses could be useful to promote the revival of Dragonlance.

And the current society is changing, or is just going to start to change in the next years, and this change also will affect the speculative fiction. Let's say the rules about being politically correct will be altered. WotC shouldn't worry about (too forced) inclusivity but to promote positive moral values as the respect of the human dignity or growing up as person.

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Today lot of people imagine D&D gnomes as twins of the ones from World of Warcraft.

* Tolkien was not racist against people from real world. Other thing is people using fantasy races with negative stereotypes linked with people from real world.

Then I could complain about the red paladins from Netflix "Cursed" and to say it is not only annoying, but also so dangerous as racism or homophobia.

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We agree some races from Dragonlance, kenders, gully and tinker gnomes were created for comedy elements, and with a wrong roleplaying they may becomes very annoying. But this could be fixed easily with some little retcon softening their personalities and allowing different behavior avoiding stereotypes.

Other suggestion is allowing 3PPs to publish sourcebooks about alternate timelines in the DM guild.

I would bet Hasbro has got ambitious plans about this franchise, and not only with a possible update of the modules, but mainly with a media adaptation, maybe a teleserie in a streaming service as Netflix, Paramount+ or Disney+, (I felt a lot of curiosity about the heroes of the lance with a look of Disney art style) and a videogame when you could customize totally the PCs (and potential romance nPCs).

And this controversy may cause a delay of the relaunch.

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This matter is very unpleasant for me.

This is not only the lawsuit. Something is wrong but we don't know what.

Avalon Hill was within WotC and now it's separate, with the new edition of Hero Quest. Hasbro has given a licencing to Renegade Studios for the d20 RPG adaptation of famous franchises: Transformers, G.I.Joe, Power Rangers and My Little Pony. Why not that work for WotC, who created the d20 system? It is as if this was very "burn" by fault of the desprestige caused by the last controversies.

I think these troubles are by fault of Nic Kelman. If I was Hasbro I would very furious with him, because W&H could be a great help for the relaunch of the the franchise, when this may become one of the future best cash-cows by the company.

And this is causing a great damage against the reputation among the fandom.

I guess both sides will agree a settlement, the best option, because we should wonder about this matter will cause a delay of the relaunch by fault of trying to be too politically correct.

* Sometimes I think WotC is planning a future metaplot event about a multiverse crisis, causing a reboot of the D&D worlds, allowing to can add new elements as classes, races and monsters.

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I hope both sides agree a settlement. Hasbro can win the trial, but this matter is a bad advertising for the future relaunch of the franchise. We are talking about an IP may be one of the best cash-cows by Hasbro. In the past Dragonlance was the most sold fantasy saga after the Lord of the Rings. Hasbro lawyers could win the trial, but it may be a Pyrrhic victory if the desprestige is too serious. Today fandom is more aware about toxic bosses and wrong human resources management.

Do you remember Tom Hawks in the movie Philadelphia? His character was fired and the company said he was a bad lawyer but the true reason was other.

I wouldn't be surprised if.... how to say it softly?.. there are creative differences between "old-school" and "new wave". I am afraid about this may be a matter as "Disney killed my Star Wars" or "old Mulan cartoon is better than the curren action-live version". One of the controversies about the "Comicgate" is somebody says there is a blacklist of authors whose ideas are "old fashion" or not enough "new wave". I am OK with add more characters with different ethnic origins, but Dragonlance is Christian fantasy. A lots of things can be added into Eberron, but in Dragonlance wouldn't be so easy. And a good section of the fandom doesn't like inclusivity when this seem too forced, and even this may cause couterproducent effects.

I read in reddit somebody said Jim Butcher, the author of Dresden Files was asked by WotC to write a reboot of Dragonlance.

I don't worry about too much about if this argument can cause a delay of the awaited relaunch/revival but if there is media adaptation into the screen, I don't want this IPs being using as platform to promote ideological agendas what are against my own convictions.

If WotC wants to add queer characters, I don't advice elf couples to avoid the annoying trope "and this is the reason because elves are becoming extinct and being replaced by the humans", neither children-face kenders to avoid possible future controversies as Netflix with the movie Cuties. I suggest being more ambiguous and subtle, with subtext, because we don't need kisses to be showed, but the evolution of the "bromance" relation between those characters. There is a second reason is to avoid censure in other countries. This happened in China with a planewalker of Magic who was lesbian and now she likes males. Better a storytelling where only changing some details allow to avoid that censure. Other trick would be tell the romantic story of a straight couple, but she looks a male, or she is like a garçonne ( = a 1920's woman crossdressing with male clothing, but adding her feminine touch).

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RIP. I don't watch TV, but sometime maybe some episode of mythbusters. I remember him.

I sorry very much. He wasn't too old yet.

Now I am thinking about a shadowmancer, but a spellcaster who manipulate the dark matter and dark energy.

Is Corefinder "free-gender"? Then it's not only for medieval fantasy, but also sci-fi, lovecratian pulp or gothic horror, is it? -fetch-4-billion.html

AT&T seeks sale for Warner gaming unit, could fetch about $4 billion, sources say


We can agree AT&T is going to keep the rights of the IPs because they can make money with the action-live productions in cinema or teleseries, but it wouldn't be totally impossible if in a future DC was lincenced to be published by other company, something like Star Wars by IDW Publishing.

A new class? I haven't seen the panel. Any clue?

The actions within your campaign happen in a parallel universe and the canon lore by Paizo isn't altered at all. If you wante you can create a cross-over with Star Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Halo, Farscape, Dead Space, Andromeda, Stargate, Marve, DC, Transformers...

I would like to buy when it to be translanted into Spanish languange.

Devir Iberia hasn't translated yet the corebook of the second edition. The ultimage magic wasn't translated, and for Starfinder only was translated the Corebook, o couple of modules and the pact worlds, but not the alien archive.

I remember when I bought my Savage Species, there was a curious magic item. The naga's arms were two artificial arms what could be used by nagas and other species. I always missed nagas' arms because in my own imagination always they have arms and hands with opposible dumbs.

Do you think with the magitek in Starfinder nagas could enjoy two arms? Maybe by living tissues created by biohackers. And wouldn't be too expensive? And how should be a monster template for a criature with added arms?

And a cyborg/android/Sentient Robot with four arms? two to use a heayy weapon, one to use a light weapon and the fourth a shield.

I remember that book, but not the name. The main character was Tanis, the half-elf. In the end Tanis created statues of the lovers to these be remembered for generations.

In Starfinder maybe demiplanes were virtual universes, videogames, and like this, but the collective memory recorded them and now they would be like reality bubles within the akashic plane or the dreamland.

Other option would be like the "ideaverse", a demiplane with all fiction by the civilitations, legends and literature.


The Ideaverse is a "pocket multiverse", an "hidden metaverse" in which all of the literary characters that inspired the Marvel Comics heroes and villains live together. The characters live in a time-loop in which the tales are repeated over and over.

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Do you remember that Star Trek episode about a parallel universe?

I have thought about the idea of a uchrony where Aztlanti empire is a conferation who defends the freedom, the respect for the naive ecosystems and the rights of the sentient creatures.

I suggest a soft way to allow "uchronies" if anybody doesn't want a multiverse in the franchise:

Akashic demiplane: The History is "recorded" as a timeline but some groups with a "time-travel" technology can visit, explore and even alter or create a new timeline. This wouldn't create time-travel paradoxes really because it isn't a true travel to the past but to a copy (sometimes a false or wrong copy) of the past. Sometimes whe a akashic demiplane is altered too much by the time-travelers, it isn't erasured really, but "sent" to the dream plane. Then a lot of different things can happen, for example lord fey and lovecratians aberrations from the kingdom of the nightmare trying to invade these "reality bubbles".

Or the akashic demiplane is like a "backup" of the space-time to avoid time-travel paradoxes. This would avoid the true past was altered, but maybe some little details, but also allowing to create a uchrony demiplane, for example where an alien civilitation survived an apocalyptic crisis, or this hasn't started yet.

By the 3PPs I like the concept of the classes from the ultimate herbalism (Gourmend, Naturalist and Herbalist), and the onmyodo.

You can't use the name flumph, but you could create a similar creature and with a different name. For example some videogames where they can't use the D&D beholder the monster is "gazer".

Other option would be like a Paizo_WotC "intercompany crossover", a special event like Marvel vs DC. Who would buy this? Collectors and speculators.

Is the skittergobling deckcutter to be canon in a future?

The power balance is broken, not only in videogames, but also miniatures and board (role-playing) games.

My true wish a d20 superheroes, although with nerfed version of famous characters, in a fantasy counterpart world as mash-up mixing fictional places and factions from DC and Marvel universes. Characters could be very powerful, but not more than any level 20 creature from D&D. If the PC is a Superman ersatz, he can be defeated by a dragon or giants summoned by the DM.

Sorry for this little necromancy but I would like to ask some question.

I have read about Apple Inc could buy Disney, at least somebody has adviced this is the best time to do it. Apple Inc has got good relations with Disney, but also with AT&T, owners of Time Warner/DC Enternaiment.


I think some superheroes should change. Today bulletproof too powerful superheroes are very boring, like the perfect Mary Sue/Gary Stu. In the age of videogames fandom would rather heroes with the right balance between power and vulnerability. And it is not only the broken power balance if you want a videogame adaptation but also miniatures boardgames.

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To can choose my favorite racial traits, the racial feats. This allows a PC gnome not always illusionist or rogue.

In my humble opinion the true challenge for the game designers is the right power balance with the modern technology. Megafauna could be a true menace for a group of heroes, but with the right firearms a bear or an elephan can be killed with only one shot. Driving a truck can be enough hit over a horde or walking dead.

In the first movie, Alien, the eight passenger, one xenomorph was enough to kill almost all Nostromoe crew, but in the sequele dozens, maybe hundres, were killed from the next room with two sentinel gun turrets. In Sylvester Stallone's movie "Cobra" the girl, played by Briddgit Nielsen, couldn't face the main antagonist, the night stalker, only to hide and run away like in a survival horror, but the main character, a one-man-army with enough ammo and weapons could kill all the members of the New Dawn Cult.

Do you remember when a enemy was higher challenge rating/XPs reward if a monster template is added? With modern weapons the power balance is broken. Let's use as example a Battle Royal videogame. The first enemy is only an axe. Easy to be defeated if you have got a firearm. The second is a sniper. Then it is like surviving a traps of a remote-control gun turret. Now let's imagine the same enemy, but with an exosuit like the ones from "Call of Duty: Advance Warfare". It would be practically a mini-boss. Worse against a powered armor (for example Iron Man, or Fallout). And the ultimate final boss would be a mecha (Titanfall or the B.R.U.T.E from Fortnite).

A psico-killer with a knife can be a nightmare for unarmes civilians PCs in a d20 survival horror, but only walking targets or cannon fodders for soldiers PCs in a battleground campaign.

The SRD of D&D 5th Ed. has got a warlord class created by a 3PP, and Pathfinder SRD algo has got one, created by Dreamscarred Press as a martial adept class for its "Paths of War".

I imagine Warlord class like a pokemon trainer or digimon tamer but whose "monster pet" is a squad (troop monster subtype), and I would add "ki" martial maneuvers, like the school of the white raven from "Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords".

Really I would like a Marvel vs DC tabletop role-playing compatible with d20 system(Pathfinder/D&D, not Mutans & Masterminds), altought characters have to be nerfed when they are too powerful (sorry Superman and Hulk).

AT&T is not going to sell DC when those characters can make money with the media adaptations. But now in the videogames +internet age the printed-paper comic industry is different. Children don't want to buy more comics when spend their money into toys or a new videogame.

I guess superheroes are going to change for a easier adaptation to videogames and TTRPGs, powerful but not invencible. Public would rather stories about from zero to hero.

Maybe new crossovers are possible, only for the advertising. They wouldn't lose money because it would be bought at least by the speculators. My suggestion is a Lego: Marvel vs DC.

A licencing agreement? A lot of troubles about reprint or profits by merchandicing.

Maybe AT&T could buy a stock exchange package of Disney. This wouldn't be really a fusion, but would allow crossovers and DC characters as "guest artists" in marvel comics.

I suggest the cofrater ( = member of a brotherhood). A mystic warrior who tries to fight like a superhero without firearms. Using a force field only fighting hand-to-hand, and a energy whip/spike chain like ranged attack, and returning throwing weapons. Its origin is tribal warriors who learnt to use primal magic against alien invaders with higher level technology.


Marvel Rumored to Take Over DC Comics ics/

There’s a Rumor that Marvel is Taking Over DC Comics



Of course I doubt AT&T to sell Superman & cia when they are a very brand, even one of the main icones of the American culture. But something is happening. We, the Spanish people loves sayings and one is "to troubled river, fisherman's profit". This could be a great opportunity for Marvel/Disney, not to get the rights, but at least some licence agremeent, something like Hasbro with Disney, or IDW comics with Hasbro. Marvel could be allowed to publish their own version of DC superheroes or even theses as "guest artists" in the cinematic marvel universe.

I like the concept of alchemy-sealer from Full-Metal-Alchemy where with a rune on the floor you can create magic effects, and with a gameplay like a mixture of tower-defense and shooter videogames (Fortnite: Save the world or Orcs Must Die).

But a good trapper needs time, and she isn't so good to improvise in an attack. And the gameplay in a videogame can be fun but in a TTRPG it may be hard for GMs without much experencie about combats with and without miniatures. Where is the trap on the wall or under the roof?

And in openfield combats traps are easier to avoid.

A trapper sounds more like an archetype for the technomancer.

What are the most used alternate ability scores by the rest of players? I guess perception and courage/willpower/guts.

I understand they are very buy with their own personal life, but I don't feel confortable when there is a lot of time without news.

They have published true classics among the 3PPs. If I was WotC or Paizo I would hire them.

I would like to can use modern technology but in d20 it can break the balance of power. How to explain it better with any example? In the first movie "Alien the eight passenger" one xenomorph almost almost all the crew of Nostromo spaceship but in the sequel dozens, maybe hundreds, were killed from other room with only a couple of sentinel torrets guns. If a PC without ranged weapons face a remote-control drone with canons or a sniper from the top of a tree or windows, it would be more surviving a trap than defeating a monster.

I would like monster classes, and also racial parangons classes.

* I suggest a hybrid class mixing the summoner and the shifter, something like "choose your own mutation and monster traits".

* About titles by 3PPs I would like an updated version of Akasha Magic and Paths of War by Dreamscarred Press, and vestige pact magic.

* The no-core classes...and monster compendium....but for D&D 5th Ed.

* The races from Starfinder for PF2, with lists of racial feats.

Maybe this bantrid lost his memory and conscence by fault of a mindcontrol parasite or spore, and survived a bite by a ghoul but the cure wasn't enough. Or the body survived a brain extraction (by a mad scientific, or something like the tall man from the horror cinema saga "Phantasma) but losing free-wall (and now the brain in a robotic body). Or the badrid is a clone created by alien plant like seeds from "the invasion of the body snatchers".

With machines as 3D printers you could create new clothing and armours for aliens with different body shapes, but it should be more expensive in the most of markets.

* Bandrids could use tools with its fingers, but most of machines have got buttons and triggers for smaller humanoid hands.

* Anybody couldn't pay enough for a resurection spell and then a variant of reincarnation spell, cheaper, was used. Then the soul of the dead adventurer has got a new body, a transgenic kizhard, working as a simbiont (or living biopunk armour) with his old lover. (the plan is later to implant the kizhard brain in a new biotechnological body).

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If we are talking about monster creation we should think about to adjust the challenging rating of XPs reward if an enemy becomes more powerful thanks to modern technology or teknomagic equivalent.

How to explain this better with an example? Let's imagine we are playing Fortnite, but not the Creative Mode. Other player has created a dungeon, an crashed alien ship. The first enemy is only one robot with a hammer, easy to be defeated. The next target is a robot with a metalic wrench...and riding a stepway. It is harder than the first one but the next will be worse, with a gun. Now it start to be difficult. The new menace will be a robot, but with a exosuit like in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The same monster with identical stats but now a true challenge. Later a robot wearing a powered armour, like the ones from Fallout videogame. This is practically a mini-boss. The final boss it's the same robot but piloting a mecha.

If you have to change Challenge Rating/XPs value because a monster becomes stronger with an added monster template then with those gadgets the same should happen. What do you think?

I really worried for them, and my best wished for them. Dreamscarred Press is maybe my favorite 3PP and I want the to publish more titles.

What a pity I can't buy a translated version.

This tuesday I bought "Pact Worlds" sourcebook, and among the five new PC races the bantrid was there. They are like a big nose over a ball.

High speed movement, but they can't wear clothing or armour for bipedal humanoids, superior limbs aren't like ordinary arms & hands.

It is very original and exotic, but I am afraid it is not enough practical as PC. It runs too fast, but we can do that with a stepway.


And how would be to use a (cyborg) bantrid like a (biomechanical) monster mount?

Other idea is a biohacker using a khizard (sentient plant) scion/graft/biopunk implant, working like a plant simbiont. It would work like a player with two PCs, but the distribution of XPs would be like an extra PC and then the power balance shouldn't be broken.

I would sugges occult classes but we can bet they would be published sometime.

My suggestion is something like Caige the mechromancer of Borderlands videogame, like the summoner class but whose "monster pet" is a transformer construct can be used as vehicle, powered armor mecha, or bodyguard. Teknoshaman? with some archetype for fans of dinosaur-robots, megazords by power rangers or Voltron. In Pathfinder tsukumogami (animated objects with a kami or spirit) are canon, and maybe in Starfinder that also could happen.

Other idea is a "ectoplasm-potter", whose gameplay would be like a tower-defense game adding hidden traps on the land..but also building walls and roofs. (Yes, it is a idea based in Fortnite, but you don't say I have plagiared the idea).

My opinion about mechas in d20 System they work as constructs with a "living brain". If you face an enemy riding a mecha the XPs/challenge rating should be higher.

Do you remember when there were B.R.U.T.E mechas in Fortnite: Battle Royal?

Some horror genres RPGs use systems to record the psychological damage by mental stress, for example the pool of sanity points from "Call of Chulth" but my opinion is the system for madness from "Unknown Armies" is closer to reality.

My idea is madness has got five pillars: violence, reality, helpeness, isolation and remorse. These pillars use a scale 1-20 like the abilities scores. Ordinary people have got 10. A low level is bad, and higher level isn't so bad but neither very good. A higher level means the character is hardened, for example a war veteran used to violence.

A low level of the pillars causes penalty like the abilities scores (-2 by Str 7, for example), and a high value gives a bonus check for some things, but also a penalty for others. For example somebody used to loneliness can suffer penalties for social interactions.

The pillars are:

Violence. Usually warriors and soldiers are hardened, but a high level means losing empathy, like indifference when you read fiction where lots of characters die. A cold heart is closed to the joy and happiness. He could lose advantages caused by inspiration or resolution. Love can causes pain, but we also need something to love, a reason for the sacrifice.

Reality. In a fantasy world with dragons, pokemons-like creatures, undeads and spellcasters this can sound strange, but sometimes we need enough good sense to notice when somebody could be a trick, a magic illusion or an hallucination caused by some poison. "Keep your open mind, but not so open your brain falls out".

Helpeness. The pride precedes the fall, but the other extreme also is bad. Destructive or pathological self-criticism may be so dangerous like blind proud and prepotency. We need to find the right balance between self-criticism and self-esteem/faith in oneself. Both are necessary but too much also can hurt you. Sometimes we need hope or faith to get enough courage to face the challenges. Breaking our dreams may be hard, but also we need what thrills us to live.

Isolation. This is not about living alone as an hermit, but social contacts. Somebody could be a rich merchant, talking for all day about trading and business but he is emotionally alone, he trust nobody, without friends nor love by a family. We need human contact to improve our social skills.

Remorse. We face the consequences caused by our own actions, and sometimes we feel guilty for our mistakes. If you can't feel remorse for the damage cause to other people then you may be a psychopath, or like a zealot, a bad guy trying to do the right by the wrong ways.

In the TTRPG Unknown Armies PCs becoming hardened helps for saving of checks for mental stress, but too high levels isn't very advisable.

Sometimes in the past I have thought about adaptations from some TTRPGs to d20 system and I have noticed an obstacle could be the different list of attributes or abilities scores.

After several turn of the head, thinking about that, I decided to add two new abilities scores, and maybe a third.

Acuity as the sum of Astuteness and Perception, a good eye to find and interpret possible clues, but also a fast mind to improvise a lie or a excuse, or social manipulation.

And Spirit as union of different traits. Karma/divine grace/luck/fate/guardian angel, but also hope, faith in the future, and courage. Wisdom would be for Sanity checks, concentration, self-control checks about passions not linked with the fear, and emotional intelligence, psychological maturity, knowing himself and understanding the others' points of view.

Dexterity wouldn't change, but I add a couple of sub-attribute what would work as bonus feats: agility (for actions what need good speed, equilibrium or rhythm) and technique (precision, or pre-learnt actions, for example for playing music, dance, martial arts maneuvers, handcrafting, marksmanship, artistic talent, disarming traps).

Appearance could be work as sub-attribute, a bonus for social encounters, practically a bonus feat.

I guess I would rather to add more abilities scores to feel PCs characters by me are different, so that an elf with +2 Agility (racial bonus) isn't like a gnome or a goblin with +2 Technique and then the class building would a different strategy.

Ordinary vehicles are easier to be repaired.

A exo-suit, powered armor or a mecha for gameplay effects works as a monster template or a construct as monster ally.

How to explain it better with an example? Let's imagine a videogame where the first enemy is only a goblin, easy to be killed. The next target is other goblin, the same monster start but now riding a motocycle. Then the fight is harder. Later a gobing with an exosuit as in the videogame Call of Duty: Advanced Warfer, a powered armor as Iron Man, Anthem or Fallout, and the last enemy within a mecha like that final boss, Pretty Boy, in the Borderlars 3 DLC (Moxxxi's Heist on the Handsome Jackpot).

¿Do you understand? Enemies with "extra help" need a different Challenge Rating or XPs value.

I don't remember the canon. And all souls should remember the past. If forget your past then you also your own individuality. Even the doomed souls in the infernal planes should remember why they are unished for all the eternity.

Other matter is if outsiders can breed (this is the origin of tielflings or aasimars) then the souls have the right to meet their acenstors, families and bloodlines.

* I had forgotten a movie played by Kevin Costner, Criminal, about an agent is killed in action of service and then his memory is downloaded to the main character, a prisoner with a dark past, but he starts to change.

Don't forget what hapened to Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Total Recall"?

In my setting the petitioners always remember their lives as mortals, and the ultimate fate isn't to become bricks in the golden road toward Oz nor pieces or atrezzo in the planes, but the ascension to the true Heaven, or sent to the ultimate Hell.

When you know there is a reward in the afterlife for the just men, then you don't worry about immortality in the mortal plane, but to be remembered with honor or a positive legacy. Even you are too tired, you haven't to wait the death or some medicine, but you go to some zone like "Valinor", a demiplane very closed to celestial planes. Something like the planar version of a home for elderly.

Other trick to live more time could be "colonies" in the ethereal plane, (where nobody gets old) even penal colonies for criminals whose lives are too short for centuries of punishment. This maybe a bless and a curse. Let's imagine somebody with lot of doubts and then to pay he has to work in factories created in the ethereal realm. Even a punishment could be a forced reincarnation into a construct body, or reanimated as half-golem to work in some factory.

Or a criminal could use a clone, or a "forked" (a new body with all the memory by the original) to be used as decoy. The copy would be punished but the true criminal would free with a new identity.

Other matter about mind-transfer and digital immortality is a penal colony, where prisoners are condemned for the crimens, but really they are innocent people with altered memories, they are really political prisoners.

I guess fans of sci-fi know the concept of transhumanism, but I am not here to talk about this as philosophy, but more about "transhumanist technology", this is about mind-transfer, the digital immortality (have you seen the teleserie "Altered Carbone", or the comic "Rogue Trooper"?) and transgenic engineering. Maybe somebody knows the RPG Eclipse Phase by Posthuman Studios.

In a space-fantasy the medicine should be so advanced not only ectogenesis (this is other matter) is possible, but also the secret of eternal youth, by means of the regeneration of the telomeres in the extremes of DNA chains.

If in Starfinder the canon allows the gender bender... why not to change to another race who lives are longer? If you are an human, wouldn't you like to be an elf? In D&D 3rd Ed Savage Species there was a way to change the race, and the example was an ogre who became an elf. Somebody even would want to use transgenic technology to become a dragon.

Other matter is about the metagame effects of allowing the mind-transfer technology. Why not if druid 4th level spell reincarnate is possible?

Would you allow this in your games, totally banned, open doors or any limits?

In long travels you can bet in great ships you will find divine spellcasters, for religious ceremonies, to heal injured or sicks sailors. With the help of the rest of the crew they could do rituals to reload some single-use magic item (scroll, potion, rune, tattoo, talisman) or to block teletransportation when an enemy ship appear.

Usually magic is too expensive to be used by ordinary people, but some rituals could allow special effects by low level characters.

Maybe if the ship is too old then it become a sentient construct, with some magic tricks as repair itself. Or to be the host of some sea spirit/fae, working like a demigod or local idol.

We need a lot of playtesting for warmage vs gunfighters. Today there are new videogames set in the age of pirate but with fantasy elements, and then spellcasters are with or against musketeers. Or maybe the firearms are replaced with crossbows what reload themself with some muscle of biopunk organic technology.

My opinion is we will see before a new spin-off, and whose genre could be a mixture gothic horror, urban fantasy, weird western and pulp fiction.

Sometimes I imagine I am a videogame designer creating a real-time-strategy using an adaptation of d20 system for mass battles, and looking for a right balance of power between two opposite classes, the gunslingers and the warmages.

Gunpowder is cheaper than magic item, but it can suffer sabotage by means of magic tricks. A little piece of ectoplasm could be enough to block a canon, illusory magic could avoid to point to the right target, worse with a spell as Fog Cloud to get an effect as a smoking grenade.

In a naval ship your worst nightmare could be a stone with a teletransportation rune thrown to your ship and a pack of war dogs appears on you deck, poisonous snakes (that happened in a real battleship against Rome and Carthago, in ceramic jars) (that if you are lucky, your DM could use crazy weresharks) or chemical weapons as poisonous gases.

In my setting the war gods don't like the gunpowder and to punish the firearms in the battlefield they open planar portal from the Walhalla to summon bulletproof petitioner warriors. Then everybody are forced to fight with melee or traditional ranged weapons.


In the real History Spanish ships went from America to Europe in convoys to avoid attacks by pirates. The most of attacks by pirates were against little towns on the coast. Once Spanish villagers could avoid a pirate attack sending against them a bull herd with firing horns. You could imagine those beasts were really furious and aggressive. Now imagine in a fantasy world a mind-controller beast-master sending (cheap canon fodder) beasts against squads of musketeers.

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Golarion. Sorry, I am a skrull and I don't know yet all about your speculative fiction.

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I was thinking about how would be a new spin-off after Starfinder and my opinion is a new title had to be about gothic horror and urban fantasy, but we should add some pulp-noirpunk touch. I also thought about other names Pulpfinder, Wyrdfinder or Grimmfinder.

The setting would be in Goraltha but in a demiplane like a Tyson sphere, with a level of technology of XX century, but industrial revolution wasn't possible without magic. In some zones the digital age tried to start, but machines without special magic defenses are infected, and controlled, by hostile supernatural forces. There aren't enough mining resources to manufacturare large-scale vehicles or motors but there is a great industry of energy from renewable sources and waste recycling. Nuclear energy is possible but forbidden by divine powers. Once a nuclear bomb was tried for a war, but in the last second a god used teletransportation to send to a zone of the attacker faction.

Zombie virus was used as biological weapon, but these were eaten by werebeasts, using a transgenic therianthropy as other biological weapon, or destroyed by half-construct soldiers...(later sentient machines started a rebellion in some zones) Transgenic engineering has created a new race of mutants (almost bulletproof) shapeshifters with regenerative troll traits, the fomorkin. Most of firearms are one-shot. Supernaturals forces don't allow machine guns without special (and more expensive) magic defenses. In cities who kills with an authoritative firearm is marked with a supernatural curse. Using machine guns in the battlefield is punished by divine powers opening a planar to the Valhalla and lots of bulletproof petitioner fighters appear. Almost all allowed ammo can't cause a serious lethal damage. Criminals would rather blades and hand-crossbows what reload themself by an artificial muscle of biopunk organic technology)

Aeroplanes are possible but travel companies would rather airships by carvorite, a special mineral with anti-gravity properties thanks a special energetic stimulation. Space race hasn't started yet. There is technology but not enough material resources. There are rumors of visitors from outer sphere, and their interestelar travel technology has caused planar rifts what allows teletransportation portal to unexplored regions of the sphere. Some zones have got ruins of a high-advanced civilization.

Almost all governments are dictatorships or fake democracies (the candidates are only figureheads obeyings instructions from cryptocracies or secret lobbies). Some countries are controlled by secret lodges of creatures as vampires or faes. There are also some monarchies, but these kings are puppets of giants, dragons or some other paranormal faction (let's imagine the noble houses of "Game of Dragons" with secret superpowers).

After the second titanomachy the gods have disappeared (and also most of dragons and giants), and now lord feys have established a new "regalism" ( = clergy controlled by lay powers). The high spheres of these new religions (too close to the leader cult) are ruled by a special type of faes, the lictors, whose symbol is a whip by grouped thin living tentacles (this symbolizes together being stronger than individually). Only the "fraterchies", religious groups ruled by lord faes are allowed by the current governments. There is a secret rebellion against the "fraterchies", some of them are cults of "titankin", people who say they have the "blood" of primal titans or giants. (controlled speech?).

I am trying to add more ideas, and my source of inspiration for my brainstorm are Buck Roger, Flash Gordon, Diego Valor (vintage sci-fi strip), James Bond, pulp fiction from jazz age, golden age or superhero comics, some 80's action movies (Rambo, Missing in Action, Schwarzenegger's Commando..), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Legenderry comics, supernatural romances, gothic-punk horror, urban fantasy (Charmed, Buffy vampire slayer), Men In Black, Dark*Matter (d20 Modern setting), Ravenloft, White Wolf's World of Darkness, Kult: lost divinity (Warhammer 40.000 next to this is P.A.W patrol).

A new class would be the nagual, a mixture of shifter and totem medium.

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