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I am pretty sure the answer is yes, but I wish to ask others here more familiar with the rules. Does the Dazzle condition the bird animal companion causes as part of it’s support benefit allow characters to hide from the affected target?

Hello folks! My group is about to begin playing Kingmaker and I am at a loss as to what to play. The PCs so far consist of a Kitsune Nymph bloodline sorcerer, a human ruffian with martial artist, and either a human bard or magus archer (he hasn’t decided yet). Either way, it seems to leave the tankish melee type to me. I am not a big fan of armor especially heavy and don’t want to step on toes of other characters (the ruffian is likely taking Mt. Stance as part of Martial Artist).

So I need a good idea for a melee based character that has good AC, HP, and isn’t just a walking suit of armor. Thanks.

The animal companion speciality Wrecker allows for the AC to ignore half an object’s hardness. Would this apply to a shield if one were being used to block an attack? Say if the AC did 21 damage and the target used Shield Block with a shield of 20 hardness, would half of that hardness be ignored allowing the AC to do 11 damage, or would it still be just 1?

Hello community. In a coming game of the new Kingmaker, I plan to play a Phoenix Bloodline sorcerer (human). The character will focus on blasts, summons, and heals. I have considered taking the Elementalist archetype, which sadly leaves magical healing out. The character will also be taking Beastmaster for an animal companion because concept is king and I want one regardless of effectiveness.

So to my inquiry, what methods given the above (I may stick to the standard primal list) would provide good healing for the party using Nature? I do not wish to go with the Medicine skill.

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To all those who celebrate the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Lost Omens Ancestry Guide pg.139
“A weapon with the hampering trait is designed to be shaken, cast outward, or whipped about to control space on the battlefield. You can use an Interact action to thrash the weapon in a square within the weapon's reach. That square becomes difficult terrain until you attack with the weapon, move, or would otherwise stop intentionally thrashing it.”

So how does this work exactly regarding duration? If a character uses the third action point to ‘hamper’ an area, how long does that last? Until the end of the character’s turn? At the beginning of the character’s next turn? Perhaps it lasts indefinitely until the character moves, attacks, or otherwise just decides to stop?

As the whip claw is the closest weapon yet to a kusarigama and it was my preferred weapon playing Nioh, I have some character ideas...

It’s all in the title. As a bow (not crossbow) using ranger, which hunter’s edge tends to be better for damage thru low and mid levels? Assume there is full access to any level appropriate items, but no damage modifier from STR.

I am running Plaguestone with a group starting this Sunday. This adventure is new to me, but that really isn’t the point. One of my players was thinking of playing an alchemist bomber, but was concerned about a lack of damage from bombs. I know there are threads on this, but help save me the digging.
Has bomber damage been an issue in your experience? If so, what measures if any have you and/or your group taken to “fix” it? I’ve considered upping their attack proficiency to master, or adding striking rune damage to the non-splash damage. Perhaps nothing needs done and appearances here are just an illusion.

Side note: the player is brand new to the system and is an army veteran who used to work (go figure) in explosives. There is a specific appeal that the class offers him and I would hate for him to feel underwhelmed with it or the game.