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The Green Tea Gamer wrote:
How played out are Monty Python references at this point?

Tis merely a flesh wound! i'll be fine.

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I can see Elves as thats older, but Gnomes and Dwarves of Golarion are bad ass, one of these days a Dwarf wielding a Dorn-Derger will devastate an as of yet undetermined corner of Golarion, while he rides his miniature pony of course:-)

I know i just want to see the reaction when i bust out my human cavalier riding a pony named this guy, he's already made, i will get the PDF for the ACG just so i can use that feat, of course now i don't have to so *yay* :-)

someday i'll get to use Kingmaker, someday.....

It turns out yes, yes they can get even more ridiculous then a Dwarven Oracle, Halfling Rick Steves/Indiana Jones Hybrid (Jade Regent) a Vanara Gunslinger named Ceasar (Animal Farm S&S), and a dwarven witch that only wears Pantaloons has a peg leg and a Platypus for a familiar and says "Arrr, i got me a Platypus in me Pantaloons!" (non animal farm S&S)