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Magic Altars (from Inner Sea Gods): Can I mount it on the back of a wagon?

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Worst / Most underwhelming characters you have ever made

Advice for helping DM tailor a PC's Druid

Does your GM ignore your immunities?

+5 Furious (Dragon) Bane Weapon? Is it +9?

[AAW Games Kickstarter] The Aventyr Bestiary from

How fast can you craft a Mithral Full Plate?

Early prestige = no more. Are their any other ways?

[Gamer Printshop] Horror on the Gila Express (a Gothic Western)

First-time player creating character- help!

Alternative Base Attack Bonus

[Legendary Games] Blast off to Legendary Planet - The Kickstarter has begun!

[Misfit Studios] Bite Me! Weremantises

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Mavaro

A request to fans of 3pp books

Hide in Plain Sight - the mega thread to figure out how it works

PFS: One Creature Grappling Multiple Targets

What is a Vigilante?

Options I would like to see for the warlock

What do you think is the hardest monster / BBEG to kill in pathfinder

Alchemist Tumor familiar, improved familiar

New DM Seeking assistence

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Undead healed by positive energy?

What is the hardest ap in pathfinder to date

Looking for some Alpha Play Testers - Low magic Campaign

First Time Inquisitor Build for (PFS)

Please don't include the Silent Dispatch talent in the final product

150 Urban events

Elans and Psionics

Guide to Attacks of Opportunity

One shot, one kill

Crafting items in unique ways and improving them later.

Difficulty with player magic.

most inefficient fighting style you made work before?

How do you kill a tarrasque


Renown on a ship

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Rivani

Take it slow. Need help on oracle / sorcerer mystic theurge.

Ghast Paralysis Duration

Divine protection stack with prophetic armor?


What Does Your Character Do When Not Adventuring?

Help me Hammer out my Hunter!

Bestiary 5 Wish List

APs and Advnetures for Vigilantes

Ulfen Skald, Advice welcome

Let's hear your most epic or ridiculous TPKs!!

150 campsite events

Druid 4 / Ranger X build... sword and beast :-) maybe a prestige class?

Hide in Plain Sight and Cover - Concealment

Two castings of Mnemonic Enhancer

Tripping strike attack and attacs of Opportunity

What's so great about the oracle anyways?

Can evangelist advance prestige classes?

Discrepancy in calculating crafted magic armour cost between PRD (core) and Hero Lab

[LPJ Design] NeoExodus Kickstarter coming in June 2015

[Ascension Games] Announcing Path of Iron, the next book by Ascension Games, along with a Kickstarter launching July 10th, 2015!

Empowering the Oracle

DM vs. GM

STR based Daring champion?

Surprise brace! Using sneak attacks on a brace attack?

Gadgeteer styled class

Super, Mega, Awesome Raging Swan Press News!

How can I balance the mechanics of my races?

Feat for Seventh Level Paladin

Advice Against Mix-Maxed Character

Alchemist Feats

Custom spell advice

Shadow Evocation'ed Continual Flame vs. Golems & High SR Creatures.

Iaijutsu Strike full round attack.

Need Help! Gunslinger damage is insane.

Kobold Vigilante: "El Dracón"

Need help with a Mythic Alchemist.

Paizo employees go waaaay back.

Personal spells on animal companion

Paizo Blog: Occult Adventures Class Preview: The Psychic

Fabricate to speed up Downtime construction anyone?

Best Open Content

Entering Pathfinder / Arcane Savant from Cleric

Adventure Paths - party lvl vs encounter difficulty balance - what a happy coincidence

Playing dead with Diehard...

Playing dead with Diehard...

Any (other) ways to get Versatile Performance?

The Harlequin, Roses are red, Violets are blue, I brought this class back, Here's my homebrew.


Dreamscarred Press Announces: Path of War Expanded!

Underwater race explores the 'overworld'

Why did they build a maze?

Resizing Animal Companions


Home made Demon campaign. Need character Ideas.

Help challenging my party

Dimensional Savant and Outflank

5 foot step into an opponents space: AoO or no?

Hunter raise animal

Kasatha Monk (War Scholar) Advice [Gestalt]

[Infinity Archmage] I need your help building the world of Archmage!

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