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Can Sleeves of Many Garments Produce a Swarm Suit?

Rage Points: Were They Ever Republished?

Is there any reason you couldn't curse a non-caster with Ebon Eye?

DM Dealing with a 3 Charisma

Grapple, Grapple, Grapple!

PFS Summoner Wand

ninja for carrion crown

Party lacking in Trapfinding

Slayer Dirty Trick Build

Strength check bonuses that aren't just for breaking things?

Using True Strike the round you cast it - without Quicken

Adventure Paths / Module Monster Compendiums (yeah, here's your discussion topic right here)

Has anyone tried using Numenera's special rolls to replace.....

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

This feat seems pretty OP and pretty convoluted

Wall Of Fire

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Zadim

Blaster Wizard build

Dispute over a character with low int

Quiet Auditory Bardic Performance

Best Solo Class?

Warmage without houseruling

New FGG Kickstarter coming April 1--Not Fooling!

What closed content do you most covet?

Yet another attempt to "fix" the fighter

Grapple, Greater Grapple, Rapid Grappler in the first round of a Grapple?

Scaling Encounters

Advice on Lunar Oracle

Killing The Sacred Cow: Exchanging the Abstraction of Hit Points for New Mechanics

Perception checks and the surprise round

Craft Wand Save DC

[PFS] Mystic Theurge gish?

How do Negative Levels exactly work?

Epic Cleric Builds?

Deadly Dealer

Items that give feats, or more actions

Debate on toughness with three different views.

Changing the damage type of Unarmed Strikes

Why aren't adamantine weapons targeting touch ac?

Have you ever used Psionics in your games?

Lvl 1 Domain Ability from Feats / Items / Race?

Alchemists Are / are Not Versatile?

Planar binding seems kind of shady...

Hexcrafter Magus scaling issue

Necromancer build help

How does Underhanded (rogue talent) work?

Multiclass Archetypes VIII: MCAs Unlimited

Archer build ideas for Gestalt campaign needed.

Issue with Martials

Rats to Riches. Will this work or just cause headaches for my GM?

Is it possible to make a teleporting fighter

Claws and slams and swords, oh my!

Unbalanced druid power

Downtime Earnings Restriction Confusion

RotRL problem...

Alluria Publishing - Some information

Argument with my GM, looking for build to prove my point

Alternate Way Of Preventing Gods From Interfering

Throwing weapons in Pathfinder

questions about druid companion

Good natural attack build?

Polymorph and EX and SU abilities

Share Spells and Reach Spell


Light question with deeper darkness and darkvision

Monstrous Mounted Fury

Inquisitions and domains

Dreamscarred Press introduces the Path of War

How to print the gm screen pdf?

Rapid Boost vs Fast Fingers

[Flying Pincushion Games] What Kind of Gun Do YOU Want to Shoot?

upgrading a magical item

Combat Manager application

Monsters for a Library Dungeon

Initiative, real-time or fixed?

Devil Fruits in Pathfinder

What exactly would a 20th level commoner be?

monk sorcerer question

Wounds and Vigor: Constitution Modifier

Bestiary 5 Wish List

Magic vs. Martial

Weedwhip Shape

Two words of power question

Permanent wound system

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Bring back the adventure

Red Mantis Assassin advice needed!

A Practical Guide to Light and Darkness

Favorite Class Bonus Timing

[Legendary Games] MYTHIC MARCH MANIA Kickstarter announced!

Upcoming interviews about 3PPs and Kickstarters

Catch off Guard


Bowadin advice

[TPK GAMES] The Barbarian Reforged

Is it Wise to Prohibit / Restrict Consumable Magic Items (wands, scrolls, potions, etc.)? In a Dungeon Delve?

How to advance a priest - seeking opinions

Order of the Flame Samurai Sword Saint

Red Panda familiar

Spell-Like Abilities as prerequisites for Prestige Classes

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