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Weapon Finesse with a Quarterstaff?

Tough Words from a Sensai (please add!)

Not your average warpriest

Why don't fighters take Master Craftsman?

First campaign brawler advice

Converting the races of Warhammer to Pathfinder

Paralysis and Metamagic

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Inquisitor

Weapon Versatility + Natural weapons ?

Why do dragons hoard treasure

Ways to Increase Throwing Range & Carry Capacity

Paladin of Sarenrae Meets City of Vampires

What's a reasonable amount of time to search a room?

Swashbuckler Finesse and Weapons with multiple damage types

Ideas on How Anti Characters Can be Used in a Campaign

[Kickstarter] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls project is LIVE!

Fighter Using Deity's Favored Weapon

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

PFS Legal Tengu Investigator Build Advice

Kingdom Building and Technological Advancement

Help with feats

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Totemic summoning

Need some help making a Druid

Multiclass Archetypes IX: ACG Unleashed

Does the "switch hitter" still work well (in Pathfinder Society)?

Name 20 creatures for Monster Codex II

Support Caster

White Haired Witch / Brawler Grappler

Paladin of Cayden Cailean

Dismount and 5' step?

Strangler Ninja

When should I give a PC this ability?

How much is take 10 worth in combat?

Help me build a Mutation Warrior / Barbarian!

Making An Invulnerable Rager Barbarian

Homebrew Race - Succubus / Incubus (Feedback Wanted)

An alchemist need some tips

Controlling undead above your HD

A Stealth-based boss?

Small size, Swashbuckler, Tiny Weapon...

How to up my will save?

[Interjection Games] The Big Book of Bloodlines is Live!

Can I hold a charged spell / SLA and still make natural attacks with the other limb with out discharging ?

Protoplasm - how is the attack resolved?

How Would You: Synthesist Eidolon

Divine Warrior trait + spell trigger / completion items

Jiggy for Rules Historian

The Songbird of Doom: A Guide to a most unlikely tank and Mechanism of Mass Destruction (Warning: GMs will hate you)

Gonzo 2 [Contest] [Little Red]

Alchemical item idea and request for help

Morrowind Campaign setting

[PFS] Dance-centric builds?

why is two handing considered so much better than sword and board?

Can the Bludgeoner feat be used in conjunction with firearms?

Small-sized Elven Curve Blade Questions

Manyshot vs Rapid Shot

Mithral Armor and "all other Limitations"

Are tangle foot bags ever bad?

Are Self Buffs Worth It?

Druid Wildshape Towershield.

Rod of Interminable Hexes + Prehensile Hair?

Making a Last Stand

How is Arcane Trickster not just a better Rogue?

[Eric Morton Presents] Animal Races (coming soon)

Does Pathfinder reward offense over defense?

Finesse Morningstars: is it worth it?

Shopping suggestions: L12 / MT5 Wrath AP (home game)

S&S Gunslinger build

Frog God Games 2015 Previews

weird aoo tank idea, Help me max it out.

A more complete DPR analysis method (input wanted)

Ratio: higher damage dice and higher damage bonuses, in regards to critical hits.

Rite Publishing GM's Day Sale 30%-50% off Print & PDF products!

Another Arcane Trickster Guide

How do you feel about Chekhov's gun?

Razor Coast

Gods for my homebrew setting, input?

Boon Companion with Packmaster

Uncommon Buff Spells

Aspis Consortium details?

Can Hydraulic Push / Torrent cause a flyer to fall?

What's the use of Scrivener's Chant?

Converting the races of Warhammer to Pathfinder

101 Solutions to the "Goblin Baby Problem"

What oracle mystery and revelations would you choose if

Jump and Shield Slam

Alchemist and Fast Bombs

Leadership feat not always broken

[Raging Swan Press] 40% Off GM's Day Sale

Slayer has the ability to take talents they can't take due to prerequisites? Any errata yet?

No Older Female Iconic

Please no more combat expertise!

[LEGENDARY GAMES] 40% off GM's Day sale - plus previews!

Vahaan, a playable race of tiny fey creatures.

The Leshy Garden! [Homebrew / Suggestions]

Hold Person / Hold Monster and Immune to paralysis

Dark Sun for Pathfinder

Stacking shaking condition + riving strike + Cruel enhancement

Exalted Half-Troll Sainted Monk

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