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Improved Familiar

Fixing Underused Races

Necromancer Cleric advice

Multiclass Archetypes VIII: MCAs Unlimited

Advice Forum Challenge: Optimize My Guy

PFS - Help me make the Murder of Crows

Is a weakened drow noble a viable race?

Crossblooded Rager archetype compatibility

Humanoid Type proficient with weapons in stat block?

Monk, Is there any reason for it

Magic Missile Sneak Attack

How bad would these build rules be?

Name the four best adventure writers for Pathfinder?

Caster less game *possible problems?*

WoW Jungle Troll

Which foes are stupid enough to not attack the casters first?

Competitive crossbow build questions

Strength V.S. Dexterity: A Comparison of Form, Ability, and Power

What was the elf doing growing up?

Reimu Hakurei: an Oracle or a Warpriest?

Half-dwarvess; any suggestions?

Roleplay Character Creation Advice

Elemental Body Questions

What are the 4 opposition schools have you chosen when playing a Spell Slinger

Am I correct in the calc of this

Best Paid For Vitual Table Top

The Pathfinder Practicality Paradox

Qinggong Monk of the Four Ki Mystic Senseis

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Corpse Hunter trait

Lookout Clarification

If they were to make a new edition of Pathfinder...

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Some wayang alchemist help

Super Genius Games - Godling Classes

Zenith's Guide to the Ninja

Can an aasimar with Scion of Humanity not know they are an aasimar?

Meta-Knowledge of dice rolls

Need help refining a Druid archetype.

Lich + Flurry of Blows + Feral Combat Training

Dragon Disciple Prestige Class

Which magic items just don't live up to the hype?

Into the Southlands! -- The Fall 2014 Project from Kobold Press

[Legendary Games] New product schedule!

Necrotic Symbiote Feat?

Bestiary 5 Wish List

PC natural attacks

Oracles, Mysteries, and Revelations oh my! (Need help building an oracle)

Other ways to fight robots (no adamantine, no 2-handed weapons)

Monkey Shine Combos

Animal Ally feat, and the ultimate animal companion

Need advice to help party.

4 level 20 animal companions and full casting to boot.

Magic: The Actual Problems

You get a feat per level. What do you do?

New contest begins: Here Be Monsters!

Occult Adventures Wishlist

Avalon Games takes Pathfinder to Scary Places!

Pathfinder Compatibility Logo Vector Graphic?

What do you mean the dragon is wearing armor!?

Feat Advice / Build Advice for Arcanist

Reasonable Spell nerfs!

Brief Review Requested - Favored Class Bonus

Lvl 4 Paly with 7.7k to spend - where to go first

Master of Many Forms, Converted to PF?

War of the Worlds

How do you decide which classes / races to exclude from your campaign?

Adding PFS Boon to new character

Break spell and constructs / robots?

New Class Guide - Reach Cleric

Cannibalizing 5e D&D

Archetype Combinations that work well together?

What percentage of the population is what level?

[PFS] Feat Advice

Holding back Evil players

Making use of See In Darkness

should there be a save vs. detect spells?

Arcane Bond - PEACH

I gave Sean K Reynolds $50 and ripped me a new one for it…

Racial Archtypes taken when not of that race.....

Pesky Character Classes

A Paladin's god

Negative Levels, What is their Purpose?

Advice for a new GM?

Spring attack Reach Build.

Back it for a Buck (B4$) Challenge for Cross of Fire Saga Kickstarter

Need help optimizing a Ninja

Any way to pick a revelation outside of your Mystery?

Arcane Reservoir and Favored Class Bonus

Creating a combat challenge for my players... some monster suggestions?

Rules on natural fog

Neat Idea: Bolt Ace Grenadier Alchemist? (Help me make this work)

Life Oracle Channeling and Aasimar Purifier Channeling

wall of stone:

Psionics coming to Pathfinder!

Any way to get an Eidolon to hit like adamantine ?

Cursed dragon - help recalculate CR?

Monk AC Bonus and Sacred Fist AC Bonus

How to Medusa's Wrath Kyuss?

Quick question on magic weapons

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