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Topic Posts Last Post
Mike-Mike Min-Maxing: Codename The Green Arrow

Thinking of doing away with Double Slice Feat

Improving charging on foot

Five things the Pathfinder message boards taught me that were wrong

So I am playing an Eldritch Godling.... (Looking for advice on how to not be -too- cheesy)

How to deal with dominating ranged char in a group as DM?

How big is too big?

color spray vs snake swarm

Fixing the Steel Hound

Non-cloak Resistance Bonus to Saves Items

Free action during a move action

Rules arguments-You need to prove you're right, not have others prove you are wrong!

RP help: Low INT / med-high WIS

PFS Monk - Help with Buying Gear! 23k Gold to Spend!

Low level spell combos

False Focus + Power Components

Damage Reduction and effects such as Rattling Strike

Mythic Alchemist

Creat a Goblin Tribe

[Jon Brazer Enterprises] Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Changelings

Fighter Archetype that only gets Armour Training 1 still move in Heavy Armour?

As fast as Dwight Schrute: The Snake Panther Mongoose Combo Wombo Build Mini-Guide

Storm druid viable as shapeshift focused?

Tengu Hunter advice

The Lone Wolf Rider - pfs legal build

"Combat Expertise is a useful feat.." from melee toolbox.

Traits / PFS legality question

Cover, Prone, and Being Dead

Way of The Wicked Resources

Campaign with Humans and Undead Humans

When does a Nycar pass out?

Cornugon Smash question

Dreamscarred Press Announces: Path of War Expanded!

Reworking Skills

Homebrew Feat: Unarmored Agility

Mathematical Casting Build Idea

Bard. The best class?? inquiring minds seek thoughts.

Roleplaying a Memorable Paladin, Not as a Restrictive / Troublesome Class but as a Great PC?

New Prestige Class: The Thingomancer!

Should You Use A DM Screen?

I'm making a greek mythology campaign and need imput

TWFing a two handed weapon and kicks?

Highest Damage Reduction Found in Bestiary

Does this work to get dex to attack and damage without being a swashbuckler?

Vulnerable & Resistance

Combat, skills, healing, spells... any more role to be added?

Alluria Publishing Cerulean Seas setting discussion

FFG Quests of Doom

The front loaded zen archer what to do after 6th level

Should i allow deadly agility feat?

[Frog God Games] Sword of Air - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories

Question on Trickster Path Ability Perfect Lie.

A Genderless / Genderfluid / Agender Iconic

How long do your campaigns last

Axe's Guide to PFS Clerics (Optimization)

Guide to the Class Guides

Paizo Blog: Shax's House of Pain!

What is some of the best reflavoring that you've done?

Does mounted combat with a lance even work as written?

OP / Broken Classes

Most interesting places on Golarion you never want to go.

Archer / Trapfinder character build question

DMDM's Guide to the Diabolist -- Revised, version 2.0

Zerg Campaign

Slave stats and pricing

Thistle Arrows and bleed

Please no more combat expertise!

Oracle dual cursed problem?

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Lords of the Night Playtest

shaman class advice - high level

PFS Fighter Going Shopping


Why isn't spiked chain a reach weapon?

Alternate Paths: Magical Characters [Little Red]

[A Sword for Hire] Latest Posts

Torch Fighter

Building PFS 1st Level Melee & Healer

Surpassing even The Boss: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Gunslinger

Elven Branched Spear and Half-Elves

Halfling Fighter with a knack for magic? Help critique my character concept / build.

Familiar Delivering Touch Spells - Can they give them back?

Special Materials and shields as weapons in PFS

pfs Wisdom focused Inquisitor: Is it a useful build?

Glibness for my sorcerer

Animal Ally and Divine Bond

Highest Weapon Enhancements

The Paladruidin: Where Nature and Good Intersect

[Interjection Games] The Big Book of Bloodlines is Live!

Meister / Soul Eater

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Kingdom Building and Technological Advancement

Mad Monkeys and their ability to take commands

Skald Damage Reduction and allies: Double Stacking DR?

How should I make a footpad(unmounted highwayman).

Mounted Halfling Pali

Mauler Archetype Familiars and Enlarge Person

Shaping Focus and Quick Wild Shape

The "Adopted" Trait - Quick Question

Favorite line in a published module / scenario / AP?

Simple tricks

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