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Demogorgon Converted to new Demon Lords rules from Dragon 357

Can we please get an FAQ on taking 10 on knowledge checks?

Rogue Archetype - Psychotic Prankster --- Feedback much appreciated.

Animal Soul uses

Making a switch-hitting Samurai

[unchained] How is the new action economy system?

Pathfinder Unchained Potential Errors

Dinosaurs or Not? Inner World Campaign Conundrum.

Paizo Blog: Unleashing Unchained!

[Radiance House] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Backer Playtest Feedback

FTL Travel vs Wormhole Travel: Some Questions

A Hexcrawl... in SPACE !

CMB and penalties

Improved Damage, Improved Natural Attack, and size increases

Scorpion Whip FAQ request #584

A Guide to Cover

Could use help with making a PC for Mummy's Mask AP

Help me create a character to prove level 20 PVP arena fights... aren't reasonable

When Cantrips Save the Day

Why Are New Things Always Called Cheese?

Intelligent Animal Companions and Shields in PFS

Is Unchained compatible with previous archetypes?

marshmallow's super awesome amazing board influenced fighter fix

What *is* the area you can search wtih Perception in one move action?

Chains of Light Versus Incorporeal Undead

[Unchained] "Unchained Summoner" vs "APG Summoner" FIGHT!

Making heroes based on the Ulster Cycle, Need help

Help me find Spells and Abilities that damage attackers

The future of Pathfinder

What is Pounce exactly?

Swallow Whole and changing dimensions

CR 28 Mythic Vampire and friends

In this situation, would an odd stat make a difference?

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Shield Champion ricochet

PFS Unhinged - Updating Scenarios

[PFS] Unusual Blaster Builds

greater dispel magic question

Summoner barbarian help

Advice on a battle for my group, which is not optimized.

[Endzeitgeist] I am now on Patreon!

Toughness vs Combat Casting

Does the Vicious Weapon Enchantment's damage bypass DR?

101 Creative Uses for Undead

Halfling Arcanist Feat Advice for PFS

[Kobold Press] Advanced Races Compendium Poll for Pathfinder RPG

Monkey familiar and Action economy

Question about the Pathfinder novels.

Wardkeeper (base class, PEACH)

Can a wolf become a worg?

Can you use fabricate in order to make modern materials? If so how high DC?

The Interaction Between Unarmed Strikes and Natural Attacks

Complimenting Class

[TPK GAMES] The Feybinder Class

[Kickstarter] [Pure Steam Campaign Setting] Wild West Steampunk for Pathfinder!

[Legendary Games and more!] Mythic Mania PDFs available Friday!

Totemic Skald Question. Skald's Vigor

Fighting 2 Shields without penalty

Build for Bernard from Codex Alera

Qinggong Ki leech and weapons

[Unchained] The Monk Unchained

Any way for a PC to get Rake?

Alignment shift threats on the other end of the spectrum sound like they could be kind of funny.

When to apply speed reduction?

Education on Animal Companions

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Squire + Torchbearer Feats

Reincarnate and ability scores

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Paizo Blog: Now Available--Rise of the Runelords for Hero Lab!

[Infinity Archmage] I need your help building the world of Archmage!

Poisonous Animal Companions

Worm that walks and smite evil

Riding and provoking from movement

Can you use Gloves of Arrow Snaring if you don't have the Deflect Arrows feat?

Do you need Dual Slice for Dex damage?

+INT to skills. Should that be the only option?

Pathfinder / 3.5 Gestalt for Endless Dungeon Campaign

[Frog God Games] Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms Kickstarter is live!


Standard Action 2 attacks

A Possible Future Book: Advanced Archetypes

Hosting a work game

Crossblooded Sorcerer with Orc and Draconic bloodline arcana stack?

Bastard swords and hand crossbows... Are they just useless or am I missing something here?

Archer Build

Pathfinder 2.0 is NOT Inevitable

Can you take Free / Swift Actions when Nauseated?

Stacking Rogue Archtypes

Engineering challenges for a magical sailing fortress

[Unchained] What's up with Lore?

[Unchained] What's up with Lore?

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

Fabricate options

Emerald Spire Superdungeon Lvl 6 Advanced Bestiary Reference

Linkman81's Archer Build (fighter archetype)

Linkman81's Archer Build (fighter archetype)

mastering spring attacks.

Hi, Help with mass combat rules.

time stutter

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