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Pathfinder RPG

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Rules Questions
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General Discussion
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Product Discussion, Advice and Rules Questions
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Opinions of the Alley Witch archetype

Why do we need piercing / slashing differentiation?

How lethal do my fellow GMs play bosses? Situational advice please.

Cavalier Vs Fighter (feats) Don't see advantage of Cavalier

Intimidate build

Killing the Party Cleric

Profession: What do you wanna retire as?

If PFS rules WERE the Pathfinder chassis, would it be an overall better game?

Monsters Codex 2 Wishlist.

Summoned Creatures

Alignment of a World Conquerer

Looking for 'Infinity Guantlet' type ideas

Do wolf mounts need exotic saddles?

Paizo Fans Unlimited - Sorcerer Bloodlines (Shadow Bloodline)

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

Telekineticist and working of angles

RE: Fighter Thread #21,422 (Weapon Master's Handbook)

Multiweapon Fighting (Combat) and a 4-armed Eidolon

Do Undead Dream?

Eversmoking bottle, how does it actually work?

Zephyr (Sylph Racial Kineticist Archetype)

Special material descriptions exactly the same??

Classes, Archetypes, Traits, Feats, and Skills

Mammoth Rider Companion Advice- Options

Knowledges to identify creatures

Freedom of Movement and Anchoring weapons

Bestiary 5 Celedon monster -> Race

Craft while Adventuring + Valet Familiar (Cooperative Crafting)

Ecclesitheurge of Sarenrae

Infinite attacks

Targeting projected image with attacks

Why play feral hunter if theres a druid?

Advice on Metamagic Feat selection as a Wizard.

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

A request to fans of 3pp books

Freedom of Movement and Anchoring weapons

Freedom of Movement and Anchoring weapons

Is my rage cycling monk that stupid of an idea??

Required: Detailed information on the trox

Feats for a level 5 evil evangelist 'reach' cleric?

Bestiary 5 Data Ready

Get Up To 80% off During JBE's Black Week Sale

Richard Pett's Levee Adventure Path - Part of the Blight Kickstarter


Samsaran Cleric newb wants some advice

Exciting Cleric!

Paizo Blog: Do You Think Flattery Will Keep You Alive?

[Pyromaniac Press] Official launch kickstarter

Explaining Ascetic style and it's chain.

Eldritch Scrapper - What makes it work?

Reasons to go to Cheliax

Does rogue bomber and alchemist bomb discoveries stack

archer flanking bonus

How to handle the unruley party memeber.

Taking a Hit

Overhand Chop

Is Preferred Spell worth it for Omar?

Roc Mount

When do you get a will save against a Projected Image with Mirror Images on it?

Is the Dervish Dancer worth it (without much rest)

Where is "Elemental Strike" defined in Pathfinder?

Making use of poison in PFS? (Alchemy Manual)

Special material descriptions exactly the same??

Raging Swan's 40% Off Black Weekend Sale!

A Magus Alternative

Befuddling Strike Question

Sylvan Sorcerer Multiclassing Advice

A whole book of "unchained" classes

One full round casting time means what?

Readying an action unchained action economy

Neutral Alignment Opposite

Does setting prefabricated traps require a Craft (traps) check?

Most overpowered level 1 builds?

Spellcraft and identifying "manifestations"

Moving through the spaces of fallen allies / enemies possible?

Favoured Class Bonus: 1 / 6 bonus feat starting at lvl 1?

Rage Monk

Elusive Target and elusive-redirection

NPC Adventures

Guide to the Arcanist

A cunning cleric plan ?

Maximizing Knowledge, Linguistics, Appraisal & Heal Bonus for a Lv. 2 Character

Weapon Master's Handbook for Dummies

Kineticist and Burn

Can I "ready" a charge?

Final Blowout of Necromancer Games Oop Stock- Grab bags

Magic Items suck.

Mythic Lich Spell Resistance

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: "Arcforge: Technology Expanded"

Gray's Homebrew Stat Blocks

Question About the Ghost Rider's Ghost Mount

Summoning unique monsters

What's the "baseline" of the Pathfinder community?

Google sheets to google docs. How to import the data to a 4"x4" flash card ?

Holy Avenger Bow?

question about undine alternate racial traits

The One True Build, x47

Pimp My Telekineticist (and maybe Hydrokineticist)

Bloody Burning Skeletons!

Bestiary 6 Wish List

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