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Feral Combat Training and Unarmed Strike Damage: Does this allow me to use my monk unarmed damage with the selected natural attack post errata?

Question on the Fly skill

What has this game become?

Advice for KingMaker.

Players held up in Thistletop. RoTRL GM ADVICE NEEDED. *spoilers*

To Warn, Or Not To Warn?

Psychic Spells and Armor

New Trait Fate's Favored

Luckstone: Does it add to attack rolls?

Building a gestalt Swashbuckler

Plot seed: The Keepers of the Grove

Critical Hit while smiting

How much information do players need to get into a new setting?

Completely new to the game - Half Elf Rogue!

Amplified Hex

Class "Default" Alignment

Need help for NSC witch

Fighter rewrite (v4 or 5?)

Spheres of Power Elementalist vs OA Kineticist

Help me with a PC for Tonight

Unconventional liches

Soulbound Puppet = Soulbound Doll?

[Everyman Gaming, LLC] Ultimate Charisma (Coming Soon!)

Breath Weapon While Pinned?

Earthglide and Drag maneuver

Rapid shot and aoo trip

What are the Vudrani Holy Texts based on (if anything)?

Crane Style / Wing / Riposte

Archetype of the Week

It's Coming

Lemmy's Revised Fighter [W.i.P] [P.E.A.C.H]

Deciphering the Occultist

Prestige at lvl 3?

Do you have to roll to attack a willing ally?

Thundering Enchantment in conjunction with Favored Enemy Bonus?

Halloweenish / Fall Adventures

Being Darth Vader: An Archpaladin's Quest to Understand LE

Pimp my encounter

Group skill checks

psychic spell provoke an attack of opportunity

When trying to sell an item, can I use my profession skill instead of diplomacy?

Psychic early access spells

What are the current martial-based "DPR Kings / Queens"?

Paizo Blog: FAQ on Errata

I evil eye a target, then move 40 feet away from target. What happens.

Absolutely most Optimized for DPR level 20 character in that class (single-class only).

What should be my first PFS character (With an Axe Beak?)

GM creates Artificial DCs on the spot.

What's wrong with pathfinder and how to fix it...

3 questions about kineticists

"Oh, I didn't know the spell did that, too!"

Gestalt Inquisitor with UC Monk

Magic Item Replacement Program (MIRP)

Paizo Blog: He Must Die—Again!

The Archetype Hall of Shame

Low Level Adventure Design

Is anyone bothered by one strategy classes?

PFS - Item Purchase Advice

Liches and alignment

Brain Drain

Promethean Alchemist's Homonculus

Need help with feats

Questions on Time Stop

Toxic spells and poison immunity

Knowledge is Power through Major Creation

[PFS] How to get pack flanking without 13 int

Kineticist TWF with Kinetic Blade and Kinetic Whip

Optional Debilitating Blow: (Serious Injury / Bleed / Broken bone)

Ready action hit blinking creature while material

Are there any tropes we are missing now?

Favorite Martial types

Arcane Apotheosis, the True Wizard, Nethys’ Favored - A guide to the spell sage

Unchained Rogue - Elven Branched Spear path

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Augmented: Soulknife

[Fat Goblin Games] New Sir Reginald Lichlyter's Guide to Magical Beer AND a revised Grippli race book

The Ninja Hybrid class--what would you like to see in it in terms of class abilities?

Drawbacks and Character development

Spirit Guide Oracle With Arcane Enlightenment

[Swords for Hire] Contest: Villain Codex II

Which doctor? Witch Doctor! (Shaman)

Unchained Barbarian Build Help

Vim, Vigor and Faith

Two Archers In A Party: Ethics.

Do constructs take full damage from energy damage?

Pricing Mithral Armor for Unusual Creatures

Animate undead un such

Green Faith Marshal plus Sacred Huntsmaster Inquisitor=Nature Bard?

Anti-Tippyverse Concept

Post-apocalypse fantasy

Readying A Reach Weapon to Attack Chargers

Anti-Antisocial Aspirations

Magic Item descriptions

Help realizing a fighter concept

Magic grappling arrow?

Ride Skill vs Fear Effects?

Genie Tropes

Do NPCs get favored class bonuses?

Toxic spells and multiple saves

Into the Deep Blue Sea

Advanced Firearms, Rapid Reload, and Metal Cartridges

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