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Underfoot Adept and Improved Ki Throw

Class feature for fighters to participate out of combat?

Characters in Paizo Modules

CRB and New Divine Spells

Vitalist: Spirit of Many with healing a bit over the top?

Nodachi vs. Greatsword: What does the math say?

Advice on any other good "Face" Classes that I should look at?

Shaman spell list oversights

What is the best one dip for an archer?

Being Sherlock Holmes: A Gentleman's Guide to the Investigator

Low Level Druid in need of Advice

Ways of permanently destroying a vampire-do these work?

Is this a Legal Readied Action?

PFS Trait Legality Question: Shield-Trained?

swashbuckler, a buckler and a dervish dance

Milking my Familiar (viper) for poison / venom

What to play for jade regent

Simulacrum—dear god where to begin

XP rates and Classes?

I need a panther mini?

Gandalf as an Aircraft Carrier - Eagle Shaman Druid build (PFS), Advice needed

Monster Knowledge & Perception

Blinded by the light!

Why low magic?

Expected AC at lvl 20?

CR + Levels + Monster Codex

What is the meaning of 'source' in regards to bonus stacking?

Female GMs?

My (hopefully) last Zen Archer advice request. PFS

Breaking all the Shaman APG rules

Help: Race and Build for Synthesist

Element of Surprise special material

Terrible luck ruining my fun as a GM

Hidden Priest; Thoughts about & uses

1st Level Flame Oracle build: The Hellboxer

Dealing with an Evil Eye Nerf

Potion Glutton. What does it actually do?

Martial Character Options: Weapon and Armor Mods, Feats, Materials and more

Variant Oradin Build

Strength Builds too good?

A question concerning Rise of the Runelords Anniversary edition.

bloodrage and rage and urban barbarian

Touch / Range-Touch Attack Wizard Build...

Pact Magic Unbound, Vol. 1 FAQ — Submit Your Questions *HERE*

Please review my house rules.

Question about False Focus in PFS Play

Help needed in understanding Redirection(Flowing Monk)

[PFS] Thoughts on an Investigator

Looking for some class advice

A Guide To The Swashbuckler

Dreamscarred Press introduces the Path of War

Reign of Winter: Best Classes / Races

[Misfit Studios] Adequate Commoner Kickstarter

[Misfit Studios] Adequate Commoner Kickstarter

Human FCB for Warpriest

Getting water

Dreamscarred Press Announces: Path of War Expanded!

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

Rook of the Gargoyles

[Amora Game - Kickstarter] the Book of Collective Influence - LIVE

Treant Sapling plant companion + Multiattack

Clarification about a FAQ

Treasure Distribution

Running Businesses

Blackrazor for Pathfinder

Can we please get an FAQ posted for damage dice increases?

New Paladin Help

Alluria Publishing Cerulean Seas setting discussion

FAQ Request(ACG): Does the Monk AC Bonus stack with Sacred Fist Warpriest AC Bonus?

Things that might be cool to see in Pathfinder Unchained

Trying to get a decent Natural Attack Based melee!

Bestiary 5 Wish List

Vital Strike + Double Barrel Weapons.

TWF for a Rogue. Viable option or suicide?

Need help with another pc!

Soul Warden and Command Undead

When throwing..

Rise of the Runelords in DragonLance

Multiclass Archetypes IX: ACG Unleashed

Steel Hound and Studied Strike

Milking my Familiar (viper) for poison / venom

Succubus in a grapple.

Vitalist: Spirit of Many with healing a bit over the top?

Magically Treated Sails and Hardness

Evil campaign - way of the wicked and devil's pact.

Jabberwock Bloodline for Sorcerers.

Which first and second level spells remain viable at higher levels?

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Remaking a character after level 1...

(Hopefully) Simple Question About One Spell / Effect Having Multiple Overlapping Areas

Elven curveblade with agile

I have a character concept, but I need class advice.

Questions / Clarifications about the White Haired Witch?

Advice for Bow / Bomb Alchemist.

Explain Path of War like I am five.

I need a poem that warns of danger

Stacking AC bonuses

Need help with a class feature

Can I turn into a giant octopus as a skald?

Evil campaign - way of the wicked and devil's pact.

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