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Spell targeting rules

One-ish Punch Man? (using house rules)

taig's Twelve Days of Third Partymas, Year Two

How do GMs feel about a Pathfinder compatible adventures that are Node Based rather than Linear?

Where has all the magic gone

Spell combat + Whirlwind Attack

Help me make a wizzard able to survive

Vampire and Lich

Adventure to seduce my sister... Into RPGs, of course!

What is the best armor for a stealthy 30 Dex 20 level ninja?

Feedback on Alchemist for Skull and Shackles

Suggest an AP to me...

How to punish players insulting powerful NPCs?

Anything stopping you from using Lunge with Whirlwind Attack?

Fixing Warlocks Class

Arcane Enlightenment: Granting Prepared Spells to Spontaneous Casters

The Cestus Brawler

Deathless spell on magic items

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

New Power Attack and Monk's Unarmed Strike

Help with custom quest

Metamagic Feats without a corresponding rod

How do you use Battlefield Control?

Going to Pieces

I'm starting to think pathfinder 2.0 should happen

Need Help DMing the last boss fight for Carrion Crowns:Shadows of Gallowspire

Legendary Treasure Hoards

Summoner archer

Trying to figure out how to let my players make friends mechanically.

Animate Dead questions

Good 3pp content

Total Newbie

Catfolk and a Sabertooth walk into bar....

Why commoners are always 1st level

[Eric Morton Presents] Custom Class Builder (coming soon)

Unchained Monk Flurry Bonus

Dragon Disciple and Primal Bloodrager

Is there a class / archetype that gets some sort of undead companion that levels as you do?

Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion

Flying, Stunning, RAW... and other issues. looking for an official ruling

Horse play in dungeon

[PFS] Investigator Help

Store Blog: There Is No Great Genius Without Some Touch Of Madness!

The most damaging (medium) crossbow bolt

Dreamscarred Press Announces - The Malefex

Good 3pp content

Gnome Warpriest Feat Suggestion

Attack command for Animal Companion

Buffing AP Creatures

My gunslinger isn't having fun and suggested this deed

OK so here is a fun whip magus question i have. that has stumped 3 GMs so far

Strange Necromancer questions

Arabic knight Style character

RotRL - Character Advice

Feral Combat Training and Unchained Monk Flurry

Scaling magic Brass Knuckles (for Rogue)

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Advice for Bluff / Diplomat Life Oracle - Mesmirist?

Replacing Versatile Performance

What is in your Top 5 "Things to Change" list for Pathfinder?

Do monk unarmed strikes count as natural weapons.

How do GMs feel about a Pathfinder compatible adventures that are Node Based rather than Linear?

Charge vs Obscuring Mist

War priest build

can someone feel a Will Save

Does a Paladins Smite Evil work on a Neutral Cleric of an Evil God?

Bladebound Kensai Magus and griffon

Rogue with animal companion?

looking for a trait

[PFS][Advice]Please Help a Dumb Barbarian!

What CR would you consider this Mythic group?

playing non canon characters

Golem crafter Wizard

Extending spell areas

Alternative choices to Beast Totem?

Gnome Monk Build

Critique this new spell: Align demiplane

4 Player Adjustment In Society

Replace Caster level with Character level

Notes towards a Guide to the Spell Sage

Restitution: Heroic Community Service!

Two-handed weapons in one hand help

Worshipers / servants of rovagug

Divine Marksman Ranger and wands

Bestiary 6 Wish List

When should Magical Beasts be considered mere Animals?

Product Wishlist

Crowdsourcing the Spell Sage

Unity and Determination: Castilonium’s guide to the Path of War Zealot

Need help building a cleric

Transfering PDFs to Kindle

Help in building an Exploiter Wizard

2015 Dark Sun Conversion for Pathfinder

Disarming a Friendly Touch Attack

[Everyman Gaming LLC] Announcing Everyman Options: Unchained Fighters

Gay Male Characters in Pathfinder.

Two questions (Beginner's Box)

Magic Beans!!

Downtime Roleplaying, which feat is better? Leadership or Recruits?

Snake Style + Swashbuckler

1 to 100 of 157,035 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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