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A player with poorly made character.

What happens to an animal companion / familiar when their Biped dies?

TWF Bard, yea or nay?

Drunken Qigong Monk

Kitsune Hunter Help

Let's look at what the fighter actually has going for it now

Plot agency: for the martial character

The Tiefling starting age rules seem odd

GM Advice: Total Party Kill (TPK)

Designing an Artificial World / Campaign Setting (Help Wanted) (Pathfinder)

What Alternate Magic Systems do you like?

The "too much books and bloat" argument.

Does having extra arms grant extra off hand attacks.

Is going Dwarven Rogue worth it?

The weakest sides of the Unchained Monk... or is it just my impression?

Best Necromancer Builds

Dhampirs and non-human mortal parents, starting ages, and ignoring starting age

Giving spells prerequisites, good idea?

Automatic Bonus Progression and Holy Avengers

Vital Strike and Overwatch Style.

The Beginner's Guide to the NEW Master of Many Styles

Bestiary 6 Wish List

Shadow Evocation build?

Hunter Thread

Totem Shaman: WoW's Enhancement Shaman

Adopted + Nine-Tailed Scion

Can you take Racial Heritage Twice?

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet Adventure Path coming soon...

Is there any Devil version of a Succubus?

Power Equals Power: A Mini-Guide to the Unchained Monk

Here Be Monsters 2 begins on Thursday, 21 January

Presenting: The Most Popular 3PP Products for Pathfinder! Maybe!

Eldritch Guardian and Improved Familiar

Returning weapon price

Ranged Fighter Feat & Archetype Advice Needed

Why do Kineticists only channel power through their hands?

Order of Attacks: TWF + Natural Attacks w / Multiattack Feat

Bypassing DR with variable enhancement bonuses

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time themed one-woman campaign

Opinion on my inquisitor

Unarmed sap master stealth URogue build advice needed.

Creative ways to counter an unchained summoner

Myth Busters - Pathfinder Edition!

Succubus in a grapple.

Natural Weapons Bloodrager* [PFS]

Beastmaster Animal Companions

Can NG Wizards cast evil spells or summon evil creatures?

Using a Centaur Mount: Double lance attacks on charge?

Are there any rods that contain spells?

Growing big inside other creature

shadow metamagic question

Does Rahadoum tolerate divine magic healing spells within its borders?

Share Spells Teamwork feat question

I'm building a LE sheriff -

DM Advice Needed

Net focused build?

Heavy armor + int synergy

Kineticist Jolly Jumper

3rd-Party Character Samples

UC Barbarian Guarded Stance & Stalwart?

Help me mess with my GM

Why don't people like the Close Range Arcana for the Magus?

taking a stab at DMing and such stuff got questions

Confused with siege weapons

Guided hand

Spell Sage + Preferred Spell...

Spirit Animal (Ex) and feats that need a familiar

Wizard Build for Giantslayer

Bad Touch Cleric and... Mesmerist?

How does the Eldritch Scoundrel rogue compare to other 6th level roguish casters?

Wizard Build for Giantslayer

Armor and Clothing: Both together, or is it either / or?

Early Prestige Class Entry w / Equipment Trick (Sunrod)

Wearing armor

Complete Cleric Overhaul Project / AKA 'Unchained Cleric'

Celestial Witch (cleric / witch hybrid / archetype)


Pricing on a Wondrous Item

List of Favorite 3rd party books out now

Advice on best armour for high dex characters

Good 3rd part products for construct races

Deliberately creating cursed items

New "Unchained" poisons and monsters

Vision of madness for enemies?

Wrestling with White Haired Witch

Shapeless, the Martial Polymorph

Drill Sergeant + Fighter's Tactics?

Optimizing Beastmaster Ranger with Giant Mantis companion

Is it time for Pathfinder 2nd edition?

[Amora Game] Liber Xpansion

I miss prestige classes

100 or more Space Ship, Installation, or Base Rooms

Planning to run Shackled City

Find a good mount

Why do manacles suck?

ranged swashbuckler

[Build Help] Gunvestimist? I have no idea....

Sorcerer DD / / anti paladin gestalt

Please, kineticist. Please

Errata / Typos in APG

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