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Player wants a whip based, Maneuver bard, any suggestions?

getting greedy with Brilliant Energy

magical tracking device?

Special Materials and shields as weapons in PFS

Revolving door character players

TWFing a two handed weapon and kicks?

God of Cities

Can someone stat out a low cost Bandolier of Abundant Ammunition for me?

Questions about grappling, rending, raking, and sundering

Roleplaying a Memorable Paladin, Not as a Restrictive / Troublesome Class but as a Great PC?

What is the effect of Darkwood mitheral Arrows?

A Halfling Bodyguard?

All Gish party

How Do I Make This? Sorcerer Advice

Does mounted combat with a lance even work as written?

Has paizo ever made their own version of something that a 3pp made?

witchguard ranger

Ideas and inspiration needed!

"Small" Aasimar clarification

I'm making a greek mythology campaign and need imput

Would you let a Player Play This?

"Combat Expertise is a useful feat.." from melee toolbox.

Help with a Paladin Concept

[Kickstarter] [Pure Steam Campaign Setting] Wild West Steampunk for Pathfinder!

color spray vs snake swarm

Low level spell combos

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Fluff Text vs. Mechanics?

Trying to Create a Giant Army Ant and need help with CR

What sort of action does it take to begin or stop "two handing" a weapon?

False Focus + Power Components

Dealing with "Totally" trustworthy characters.

Multiclass Archetypes IX: ACG Unleashed

Using acrobatics to pass through an enemy square, while invisible

Bard. The best class?? inquiring minds seek thoughts.

Zerg Campaign

What Class is the Stongest De-buffer?

Can the unseen servant use 'Use Activated' magic items?

Please no more combat expertise!

101 Paladin Falls

What can be the flag? For the flag bearer?

At What Level Does Each Class Come Online / Start To Shine

[Interjection Games] The Big Book of Bloodlines is Live!

Fastest way to get Whirlwind Strike?

(PFS) TWF Strength Slayer

Dex or Str based Whip Character?

Dreamscarred Press Announces: Path of War Expanded!

[Jon Brazer Enterprises] Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Changelings

[Legendary Games] Let the Mythic Minis commence!

Question on Trickster Path Ability Perfect Lie.

Advice: Playing an Oracle, Roleplaying a Wizard

Magic Items and Rarity

Free action during a move action

Paladin archetype Holy Tactician Battlefield Presence nerf

Strangler, Loss of Unarmed Strike issues

Duelist (probably an old question)

Baleful Polymorph : +4 on save if animal form is fatal

touch attack question

(Dreamscarred Press) Aegis>Ranged Attack Customization

Crazy AoO Pair

What is some of the best reflavoring that you've done?

FFG Quests of Doom

Elven Branched Spear and Half-Elves

Trait questiom

Rondelero Duelist Two Weapon Fighting

advice on what to play.

Any defense against Intimidate?

Paladins and the Distraction / Nauseated Conditions

[Mythic] Any thoughts on Divine Source?

Fun (or funny) ideas for magic items.

Damage Reduction and effects such as Rattling Strike

Familiar Folio fun. What else can you do with this stuff?

Finally doing a wizard for PFS, thinking Spell Sage?

Another Pummeling style clarification

Magus ninja trickster

[PFS] Priest of Pharasma

Question on trickster path ability : Transfert magic (Mythic)

Are there any enhancement to hlep with bludgeoning.

What Other Races Do You Want to See More Support?

Theurge with money to burn..

[PFS] Melee Witch with a Quarterstaff

Wide or Long Metamagic

Strangle and Damaging when Maintaining to Pin

Captured Party

gestalt on hero lab

The Cipher - A Pillars of Eternity Class Conversion

How long do your campaigns last

Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A guide to shapeshifting

GM loves mind control; PC choice

Does magus damage stall at high levels?

Master Arminas's Revised Warlock for the Pathfinder RPG (Finished)

This may sound like a noob question but....

Publishing - Pathfinder License and OGL Questions

Making A Gilgamesh-type Caster (Fate)

How to build a proper alchemical (but not alchemist) bomb?

Lantern Bearer SLAs and Item creation feats

Link (Legend of Zelda)

Rochefort from The Three Musketeers

Sound Striker - Wierd Words Ability questions

Creat a Goblin Tribe

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