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PFS - The Voices In My Head Tell Me What To Do

Arcane Pool and Magic Weapon(Spell)

Just how many toes is the Inquisitor stepping on?

Making breaks while in a dungeon

Just out of curiosity, why are Intimidate and Survival NOT AC class skills?

Is Bloodrager the closest we will get to a 'Arcane Paladin'?

101 reasons the people / citizens are worth saving

Pummeling Style and Sneak Attack

Would this work to stop Resurrection?

Let's hear your most unique Eidolon ideas

Magus, TWF, spell combat / spellstrike, and Kama: double chained.

Monk with tiger style and slashing grace

Hero Lab, Missing Ability - Blood Drain for Giant Weasel Animal Companion in PFS...

Alchemist Bombs and Incorporeal Creatures

Superheroes or Novel

Allowing for completely nonsensically stupid decisions in serious situations.

Flurry of Blows

Help Building Custom Lycanthrope Race for Player.

Bestiary - Monster Role Templates

Playing Skull&Shackles as a Druid, only Water Animal Companion good Idea?

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet Adventure Path coming soon...

Unchained Crafting

[PFS] Toothy Half-Orc with a pole arm.

Halfling Sorcerer Paladin

Inquisitor Healing Judgement + Fast Healer?

Pathfinder / World of Warcraft RPG Conversion

Issues with DM of game.

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

Tactics, rules and bad player attitude

Slave Lords updated for PF

Paladin Feats

Benevolent Spell-Sniper

Uses for the Traveler's Any-Tool

How good is a familiar for a magus?

GM advice needed - How to streamline multiple aura / gaze effects?

Creating a new class

Creating a new class

Why are teamwork feats so unpopular?

Players as PC's / Through the Wardrobe

Better Living Through Magic and Science

the Plan B thread > archers :

Summon Monster Action Economy

Pummeling Style's interaction with Style Strikes

[Rite Publishing] In the Company of Dragons (Kickstarter) coming May 20th!

Bag of Bones

Flaming Crab Games Archetype Compendium - Kickstarter Live Now

Optimizing a Bad Touch Cleric - Help!

[Unchained] Confused about Automatic Bonus Progression

Am I missing something? (Alchemist Bombs)

Logic behind double barreled pistols?

"Oh, I didn't know the spell did that, too!"

Weapon proficiency as skill points

Why are some weapon-wielding monsters so foolishly armed?

Sandpoint Faithful trait+ Hunter's Worm focus + fast healer?

indefinite shock arrows?

build advice

Core Evoker?

Shadow Evocation and resist energy

Dreamscarred Press Introduces: Akashic Mysteries

Half orc / half elf how would you make it ?

Unchained rage

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

So...the group is trying to sell me on playing a rogue.

Swashbuckler Weapon Advice

Advice for challenging 6 players in AP

[LPJ Design] NeoExodus Kickstarter coming in June 2015

My cleric's dead, and now my party does not know how to operate a Forge!

Unchained Monks and Feats for other sources...

New to PathFinder and RPing in General. (Looking for skype Players to learn)

Fairy Cavalier

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Would a feat acquired via Quinggong Monk be legal as a pre-req?

[Jon Brazer Enterprises] Week of Unchained Monsters

High Stats Magus Advice Needed

Variant Multiclassing For Advanced Guide Classes

Negative Energy Resistance

The Mythic Druid - Catching Wildshaping Up to the Other Mythic Shapeshifters

A request to fans of 3pp books

Could use some suggestions for my back up character?

[Eric Morton Presents] The Dinosaurs are Coming

Unchained Rage and 2H Weapons

Fan Made 0HD Races

How does this poison work?

Double Crossbow / Vital Strike abilities: Dump 'em on me!

Help creating a Warrior of Sunlight

How exactly does Barbarian Chew work?

Bestiary 5 Wish List

Size up my Build - The Dracodin

Planar Adventure Idea

Spreading plagues

Dominated / Corrupted Angel

Custom Staff

Freedom of Movement - which conditions counters?

Need to get prof. in bastard sword, without spending feat slot

Feats: Enforcer and Orc Weapon Expertise (Thug)

Prismatic Sphere and Prismatic Wall

How big is a 25,000 gold Diamond?

Splitting up BP among settlements or players.

How to build H.P. Lovecraft as a PC?

Wizard Spells that Damage & Penalize Abilities / Stats ...

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