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What is the meaning of 'source' in regards to bonus stacking?

Multiclass Archetypes IX: ACG Unleashed

a ratfolk sanctified slayer and a ratfolk sohei

Titanic Rage question

Ridiculous crit damage

Why Do You Want to Play a Catfolk?

abyssal bloorager size issues

Reign of Winter: Best Classes / Races

My (hopefully) last Zen Archer advice request. PFS

How do you deal with 'must have' magic items.

Things that might be cool to see in Pathfinder Unchained

RWBY Characters

So who here is Super Happy about sticking with Pathfinder?

Besmara's Tricorne = Once-A-Day Ultimate Attack?

Eldrich Scion bonus spells?

Thyressa - American Magitech

Magic: The Actual Problems

Brewer's Guide to Undeath - A Necromancer's Handbook

Sky Druid - Wild Shape?

turtle race help build!

Would you allow a Monster or Powerful PC?

action economy for a cleric

Player taking Ranger / Wizard multi-class... familiar vs. animal companion

Class feature for fighters to participate out of combat?

Komodo, a reimagining of lizardfolk for use as a playable race

swashbuckler, a buckler and a dervish dance

Why low magic?

Touch spell critical failure?

Battle Cry Feat from Advanced Class Guide

Can we please get an FAQ posted for damage dice increases?

Victor Saint-Demain -- Conversion from the Hell's Heart trilogy

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

My cleric died - need a new healer

Help me pick four Arcane Spells for someone stuck to the Oracle Spell list?

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Bloodforge

The Trouble with Skinwalkers

I'm having Timat's Baby

Maneuverability (flying) from magical sources--is it even relevant?

YAMO Class (Yet Another Monk Overhaul)

I'm looking for a feat

Being Sherlock Holmes: A Gentleman's Guide to the Investigator

[Interjection Games] Looking for Topics for Quickie Products

Necromancer Cleric build help

Half-Orc FCB for Brawler... What's the point?

Into the Southlands! -- The Fall 2014 Project from Kobold Press

Asmodean cleric, claiming territory in hell - aquiring an army

Can you retrain an animal companion's feats?

Tactics 101 (Bloggin, Book Writin, and gettin mad)

Ways of permanently destroying a vampire-do these work?

spirited charge + vital strike ruling.

What magical defenses might nobles bear?

Bypassing hardness

Way of the Wicked Character Class choice

What's your go to class for a character with an inferiority complex?


Succubus in a grapple.

Looking for a ranged combat feat

Double-Barreled Sneak Attack

How long does the effect from a monsters gaze attack last?

DMDM's Guide to the Diabolist

Pending order

FAQ Request(ACG): Does the Monk AC Bonus stack with Sacred Fist Warpriest AC Bonus?

Half Giant Weight, Psionics Unleashed

Half Giant Weight, Psionics Unleashed

Alluria Publishing Cerulean Seas setting discussion

Looking for a lost trait

Arcane Duelist and Brass Knuckle as Arcane Bond

Using a Tekko-Kagi as a shield

Harrower / Varisian Fortune Teller Build Advice

What feats do you wish existed?

Can Adept Champion (Grapple Feat) be used as part of a Smite Evil action?

Skillful Warrior Build?

Lighten Weapon

Which class best suits my character concept?

Cheapening death

What character class makes the best villains?

Half Giant Weight, Psionics Unleashed

Half Giant Weight, Psionics Unleashed

Could use some advice on Wizard opposition schools

How does Dragon Roar work?

Charging / Pounce Through Difficult Terrain

Winter Witch... How was it?

Caster changes from 5e: which could work in Pathfinder?

Dark Tapestry Oracle Question

Two Simple Questions Regarding Ranged Combat

quick, but meaningful hexcrawl region creation guide. What do you think?

RotRL character advise

How's my hunter?

Would fighting defensively with multiple Tonfa give me +1 AC per Tonfa?

Pathfinder adventures centered around a party or festival

Is there an online map for Black Fang's Lair?

Reach Spell Questions

Feral Combat Training and Natural Spell Combat?

An alternative arcane bond

Proper CR for monsters controled by guest PCs?

Three Man Regicide team results

Monster Knowledge & Perception

River of Styx: A guide to the art of Necromancy

PFS Cleric Build-Needs a Little Assistance

Drow Noble Advice

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