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Pathfinder RPG

Ultimate Intrigue Playtest
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Some suggested revisions and new talent ideas for the warlock (feedback appreciated)

Using Weapon Finesse to hit, and Power Attack for Damage on an Estoc

Good Player person in my group but loves being the powerful fighting hero (GM needs Help)

Party Building (Dwarven Cleric Power Rangers!)

New to DM'ing

Flurry of Bullets

Brawler intrigue archetypes

Tf2 classes converted (need a bit of help)

Headhunter - Barbarian / Rogue Hybrid Class

Brawler intrigue archetypes

New Guide: Conjuring Your Own Army

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

[Fat Goblin Games] New Call to Arms Book -- Powders & Dust

What's so bad about 'cheese'?

Definition of Attended Object?

Avenger might need to go back to the drawing board

Magic Altars (from Inner Sea Gods): Can I mount it on the back of a wagon?

The Blood Scion - A Sorcerous Gish With Bloodlines!

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

[Legendary Games] Blast off to Legendary Planet - The Kickstarter has begun!

Linear vs Quadratic

Can a Black Blade magus use an Estoc for their Black Blade?

Ifrit blaster. having some issues. [PFS]

Need Help! Gunslinger damage is insane.

PFS Core Barbarian Shadow Dancer

Give me your best gunslinger builds!

WoW Favorites done Pathfinder Style

The Night March of Kalkamedes

so, improved reach and touch attacks.

How do I determine what feats a weapon qualifies for?

Do you like dinosaurs? Make a wislist!

multiple weapons and touch spells

Does your GM ignore your immunities?

Automatic Bonus Progression and Ioun Stones: Advice Needed

[Ascension Games] Announcing Path of Iron, the next book by Ascension Games, along with a Kickstarter launching July 10th, 2015!

Your party sets off into an ancient vault, delving into the ancient black depths...


Unchained Rogue - Elven Branched Spear path

Damn, Dirty Neutrals

Question about Skill Mastery with an Unchained Rogue


Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Progresive DC check to ACL chart ? Has anyone made one ?

Backup PC - melee caster

Hidden Strike Feedback

HELP! I'm a Monk on a Pirate Ship!

Greater Feint

Playtest Report (PFS, Scenario #6-22, "Out of Anarchy") *Spoiler-free*

multiple weapons and touch spells

Explosive Runes is overpowered

[Frog God Games] Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms Kickstarter is live!

You know what Occult Adventures is missing? Interaction with Haunts!

Firearms and Free Action Reloading

Advice on Prot from Evil / Summoning

The Aklys is a very silly weapon


The Vigilante Inverted: Powering Down, Not Up

Impression of the Warlock Talents

Custom / editable Rise of the runelords campaign.

Why did they build a maze?

Fitting property for armor and polymorph, non-humanoid

Multiclass and improved familiar

I want to play a Mystic Theurge... how to best go about it?

[Radiance House] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Backer Playtest Feedback

Making the indigenous folk on a treasure island a PC race

Favored Terrain Shenanigans

Transformative Shenanigans?

Possible problem with the Stalker talent Foe Collision

How would a Wizard fake being a lower level wizard?

Question about the Alchemist Discovery Healing Bomb

Enchantment Bonus question

What Does Your Character Do When Not Adventuring?

Rise of the runelords encounterss, Or a work doc or basically something I can edit.

magic caused conditions stack?

Dreamscarred Press Announces: Path of War Expanded!

Any feats or abilities that negate penalties when using Combat Expertise?

Need a plane for adventure!

multiple weapons and touch spells

Bonded Item for a Wizard dip

Blind fight and dispacement

Multiple grapple

Not E6, G6 -- Level-limited progressive gestalting

Third-Party Publishers: Accepting Submissions

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Personal spells on animal companion

Does Pummeling Style count as Full-attack?

Seeking advice on cleric / investigator blend

Should it be an Evangelist-style Prestige Class?

Using a wish from a Luck Blade

Initial thoughts on the Stalker Talents

The Complete Sorcerer Guide.

Is Heal an underrated skill now ? Unchained pathfinder

Help with Class decisions for 4th player in Jade Regent AP

Dapper Slapper and his Amazing Friends! (Playtest Results Ongoing)

Magus: Arcane Accuracy vs. Arcane Strike

meaning of "Ability to cast ..."

[LPJ Design] NeoExodus Kickstarter coming in June 2015

Hunting for Good One-Liners

Making Kaguya Kimmimaro

negative channel damage.

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