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"Free" Actions During an Attack of Opportunity

Catfolk natural attacks / claw blade interactions?

Combat Manager application

Paladin PC - I think he just fell.

What screams "paladin mount" to you more: Pegasus or Unicorn?

World Creation by Popular Vote!

How to play a LE Zen Archer Monk who is a surly S.O.B

Dreamscarred Press introduces the Path of War

[Interjection Games] Gauging Interest in Three-class Compilations

Amplified rage (teamwork) and raging song

[Interjection Games] The Cartomancer: A Deckbuilding Diviner Now Available!

So many topics about Paladins falling. But what about other classes?

Does anyone actually like the Fiend Flayer ???

Earning Capital (UC Downtime) in Forgotten Realms

Can Detect Evil detect whether a 1 HD goblin is evil?

Any good deities (flavor-wise) for an Arcane-Hunting Inquisitor?

[Interjection Games] Gauging interest in the Augur, a base class that uses a deck of cards!

Succubus Profane Gift

Custom Villian

What would be the cost of a darkwood collapsible plank?

Opinions on Paladins

Help me find fun magical items!

Enlarge and Reduce Person when considering Bows

Beastmass 3: Dragon Hunt

The Year of Yokai!

Puny god.

Why is the Kensai so great? (give me a build perhaps?)

magus arcane pool

Why can't Wizard cast healing spells

[Legendary Games] MYTHIC MARCH MANIA Kickstarter announced!

Is Sneak Attack ever worth it?

Thrown Daggers, are they Ranged Weapons?

Critique my PFS Dawnflower Dervish Cleric

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Is there a way to get grab to work with attacks of opportunity?

Paizo hates mounts; changes to mounted combat

Elementals and weapons / armor

Killing another player character on accident

max dex

Beginner Box - Includes, or where is current errata?

Multiclass Archetypes VII: MCAs Forever

ALchemist with animal companion?

How is Mythic doing (in terms of sales)? and thus the future of support for Mythic

Of Titan Maulers and Greatswords.

Bestow Curse delivered with spell-storing weapon as an AOO

Shameless boosts for rogues - POST HERE! :)

101 uses for Visions of Madness

Character Advice: What to Play as in Kingmaker?

Animal Companions, and long lives.

Bestiary 5 Wish List

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Crafty dwarvs and wise elves

Undead Wild Shape feat

WW1 or 2

Help bringing Penville to life - Summoner - and Riding with an intelligent mount

Revival of the d20 Black Company Zealot class

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Hexcrafter or Kensai

Ironjaw Facecrusher, the village wiseman

List of Artificer Classes

Blood transcription used on a Dragon

Holy Gun paladin archtype from Ultimate Combat...why!?

What do YOU think MY character looks like?

Advanced Race building question

Resource Pools

Enter image - Prestigitation or Arcane Mark

Oracle curses on other classes

Assistance requested - Witch - Arm (Anvil) Role - Reign of Winter AP

Whirlwind Attack Combos

[Legendary Games] New product schedule!

Whip Hexcrafter

Artificer Rebuild (again)

Spellblade magus - give it a chance, better than bladebound!

UMD skill advice,

Good alignment Witch

Bull Rush Warpriest?

Armor Spikes

When RAW vs. RAI rears it's ugly head...

Druid Wildshape Calculator

Lay on Hands and Self Healing

The Courageous Property: What does it really do?

Feats that don't do what they say they do?

Various weapons of war

Player Driven Plots (instead of Plot Driven Players)

PFS Mystic Theurge

What happened with Retraining

Roleplaying Synthesist and Fused Eidolon

An Obsessed NPC with a Vendetta. Help?

Dwarven Monk / Wizard

The Focused Striker-A New Monk Archetype

[Eric Morton Presents] a progress report

The Alchemist, and the attire to wear

Incantations and Lesser Incantations

A homebrew feat for consideration.

Too weird to play ?

Witch's fortune hex

Bloodsworn Retribution + courageous

Would you like to destroy some evil today? (Warbreaker)

Ley Lines Contest Voting Now Open

Roses are red, violets are blue, I made another class, rhyming is hard.

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