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Why WOULDN'T You Dip Horizon Walker for Your Martial Characters?

Trying to pick Sorcerous Bloodline for PbP Mummy's Mask Campaign

Religion help - dualistic concepts

Why is the monk lawful?

Anyone tried a Cthulhu Pathfinder 20's / 30's era game?

Santa claus

So we all know blood money is broken, but it turns out blood money is ACTUALLY broken!

Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Tracking Spreadsheet

"Monster" orphanages and sanctuaries (Golarion)

I don't want to tell you that you're doing it wrong, but...

Attack the stats! Higher level PCs suck at encounters.

Winter / Holiday Character Ideas

Do features with the same name that do the same thing stack?

Taking down a Golem at 5th level?

1001 Wonders of the World

Hello, any ideas on how to efficiently move allies?

Can i use Spirit's Gift on myself if i have Animal Soul?

Help moving allies efficiently?

Halt Undead - Would the target(s) get a save each round like hold person?

Happy Holidays from the Pathfinder Design Team!

Equipment Kits

Sylvan Bloodline, Eldritch Heritage, AC's, and a FAQ answer

Swashbuckler+Duelist question

Do SLAs gained from feats and traits count as arcane or divine?

Summon Monster and Summon Nature's Ally spells and new elementals

Androids in fantasy settings: Are they overpowered

Rappan Athuk review: survival to 4th!

Help me with Dwarf Cleaving Build? (PFS)

At-will quickened true strike going to be problematic for me?

Dynasty Warriors: Pathfinder

Surpassing even The Boss: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Gunslinger

Golarion Gods converted to Lost Lands / Rappan Athuk.

Reach weapons no longer cutting corners

Shadow Gambit feat + magic items: Spells and spell-like effects

What to make?

Addressing the fighter's late-game within the rules.

Cramped Hand Character Sheet Syndrome (CHCSS)

Greater Sunder after the armor is destroyed

So i bought a horse...

Magic / Psionic Transparency Rules Questions

Summoner Mounted Combat Build

Mistakes I've Made

Infiltrator's Adaptation - What Action to Activate??? (Action Economy Question)

Odds the same rolling a d20 or d6 d10

Rappan Athuk review: survival to 4th!


Help with Holy Shield Feats! Thank you!

Crafting magic items a above your caster level

Giant Blooded Trait plus Two Weapon Fighting question

What is the tower shield based on?

Giant Blooded Trait plus Two Weapon Fighting question

A Story About How A Cheating Player Got His Comeuppance From A Cyclops

How does one AM SKILLMONKEY?

Succubus in a grapple.

Help me build a MoMS / SF Pummeling Charger.

If your Magus could go past level 20, what would you do?

Vampires, Diamond dust and negative levels.

1001 cool ways to break the rules

Bones Oracle: Raise the Dead Rules Question

Do you Re-Do your characters?

Does reduce person give a stealth bonus?

Way of the Wicked - GM in need of advice (spoilers)

Monk Bloodrager - Ki Rage

Keeping your players on track

Level 7... now what?

Healing the Worldwound

What Would You Pack For a Crossover Campaign?

Protecting others out of turn

Rolling Hit Points for characters

Summoner VS Gunslinger

Help me understand the strangler archetype for the brawler

Help me build a Warpriest killing machine for Kingmakers AP

Upgradable Legendary Item (mythic) question

Really Simple Prestige Classes [Little Red]

[Eric Morton Presents] Animal Races (coming soon)

Help with equipment and sorting some feats

Would you pay 3 feats in order to get an animal companion?

Wild Hunter + Infiltrator Ranger

Trapper Rogue (first draft)

Need GMing advice for preventing problems with diffcult players.

should i allow my players to take Lighten Weapon?

What to do with a Duergar PC?

the great cylinder of sticky doom (the web spell)

Crafting magic items.

Does the Clustered Shots feat works on Monsters with Hardness?

Bonded ring

does a decoy ring give you greater invisibility?

Giantslayer AP

Best ways to jack up hit points

Quick-converting the League of Legends Champions

How to make a competent switch fighter-type character?

Monster Alignment

Breaking up Planar Binding

Help my Phalanx Soldier.

DM Practice stuff. I need to not suck as a DM.

1001 Villain of the Week Ideas

DMing styles changing the value of in-game skills / abilities / classes...

Family Time Part 4: Help with my wife's Sorcerer

Market cost of Dire Wolf mounts

What spellcaster demographics mean for the world.

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