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Coniurokineticist: The Element of the Illuminati

Backstories. Some have it. Some don't.

How to integrate Kobold Press' "Advanced Races Compendium" into the Pathfinder setting.

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Player want to Create a new country

Custom Setting, New Races + Content, Looking for Critique

Narok: A hulking race of warriors and sorcerers who overthrew their creators.

Kapenia Dancer + Slashing Grace

"If only we had..." (Gear the Party Forgets)

[Forrestfire Studios] A new company, a unique casting class, and more

Android Barbarian -- Illegal Combination or Legal and Terrifying?

Paizo hires you and your first task is:

[WIP] CHARACTER SELECT: A guide to class selection

My Houserules for your Perusal

Focused Magi - a Magus Archetype for each Arcane School (sort of)

Is the errata'd Prone Shooter worth anything?

Casts Ressurect on Thread

Cavalier / Brawler viability? [PFS possibility]

Using Soul Gems to starve the Abyss.

Solo AP for wife

Best buffer advice

Ultimate Creation Guide?

Class advice for upcoming game

City Setting: Salt in Wounds - The bizarre, evil mega-city fed and powered by the perpetual butchery of the Tarrasque (Now Live on Kickstarter!)

Dervish Dance + Buckler

Your personal Top 3 classes

Possible way to have Spontaneous Cure Spells?

downtime renting rules? monthly costs?

Timed Durations vs. Permanent / Instantaneous

GM question. Kill PC animal companion and bring back as spirit.

The Ravenous Moon

Create that Character!

Should Plasma be the same as fire damage?

About monks flurrying with non monk weapons

In need of a DM

A Little Advive for Multiclass Feral Hunter / Ranger

[Unchained Monk Guide] YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

How to make an antipaladin fall?

UE - Folding plate prices

Kickstarter: Pawns Storage!

Caster Druid 20pts buy for PFS

Cleric help

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Recommend a Monster?

Using flying kick as an intitator

Dreamscarred Press Announces - The Malefex

Weird Vigilante Concept - the Reverse Vigilante

Greco-Roman-Sounding Elf Names

Help with a Ranger / Monk Multiclass

Cleaning up my Hot Mess

Is my monk doomed to be worse than the brawler?

Need help finding the right module / campaign

Sylphs and CMB for Breeze-Kissed ability

Fey Thoughts: PFS legal?

Witches... will they ever get some loving?

Promethean Alchemist & Pints of Blood

Would a LG character get along better with a CG character or a LE character?

Initiating Combat with a Full Round Action and other miscellaneous things

Cavalier without a mount archetype?

[Purple Duck Games] Kineticist of Porphyra (and guide) discussion

Magic Warrior Magus Archetype (Inner Sea Intrigue)

3.5 Spelltouched Feats in Pathfinder?

Magical Knack

[Transparency Agenda Daily] Week of September 26th - 29th, 2016 Videos

Rocket Launcher + Deadshot

[PFS] 2H Katana Ninja thoughts

[Design Camp] A Return to Patron Projects

Flying mounts, Monstrous Mount, and Leadership

What are some of the best bounty Hunter builds?

[RGG] Talented Bestiary Kickstarter!

Building an Alchemist / Gun Tank

Forgefiend and Tremorsense

Why No Custom Generation System For Specific Things?

Help with a HOT MESS Spellcaster

Leadership should be a class, not a feat

Ideas for tank?

Random World!

Dual Wielding Armor Spikes?

Monstrous grappling

How to become a Lich??

Mythic Spell Lore vs Mythic Spellcasting

Life oracle... Why?

PSA: Wyrm Singer solves 1 / 3 of the party composition issues of the Skald

wildshape while grappled

PaRaProMo 2016 - 1,001 PC Race Ideas

Bolt Ace, 20 point buy, PFSOP build help

Curse of the Crimson Throne

Need critique of alt. rules for hit points and healing

yet more rules questions

Build Challenge: The Buffoon

Pathfinder Society: Making a Vampire Hunter....But do Vampires exist on the elemental planes?

How does Caustic Blood interacts with a swarm

Deep Marshal Magus

Is there a option for non-wizard spellcasters to get Arcane Bond?

Estoc: Can you get Dex to Damage with it?

Why Infernal Healing is banned in my table

Help with Bard for Reign of Winter

Handle Animal while raging?

[PFS]The Illusionist Mesmerist

Magic Beans!!

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