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101 Adventurer Base Class Features

Tatan Fighter maths confusion

FAQ Request: Feat and ability descriptions to be considered "rules" or "fluff"?

Did I go too far?

Creative Ideas for Falling from Great Heights without Dying

Items that give a dexterity enhancemnt bonus

The many uses of Racial Heritage

[Path of War] Advice for a Warlord

Martial / Caster disparity: What are you going to do about it?

Unsummoner rant thread

Questioning the Value of Unlimited Uses

Negative levels and 'level-dependent variables'

Kitsune and Decoy Familiar Archetype

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

The Dark Side of RAI

The Blood Scion - A Sorcerous Gish With Bloodlines!

Need help...I accidentally made a monster...

Need help creating a dwarf Gun tank.

Vote for your favorite game in this poll

enlarge person / reduce person discrepency

Telekineticist Ammunition

How could a wizard lose spell-casting ability?

I will play in a scenario where we create our own races.

[Legendary Games] Final week of the (funded) Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter!

Crafting rules

Crafting Spell Lattice prequisites

MERCENARY base class

PFS looking for a reach weapon my oradin can use

If an aasimar and a teifling have a kid, what is it?

3rd lvl Oradin needs help picking feat (and deciding on archetype)

Muleback cords question

How many magic weapons can one be affected by?

Can a human take "Racial Heritage(Kitsune)" and then benefit from "Fox Shape"?

Is a game with 12 players even possible?

Challenge! Build Carol The Bowler from "Mystery Men"

Black Blade as an Intelligent item

best computer game using 3.5 / pathfinder rules

Overly controlling DM?

Pin Down; 5 foot step as a move action?

Using Quickdraw before / after two handed attacks

Weapon blanch on non-metal weapons

[Eric Morton Presents] Custom Class Builder (coming soon)

A idea about the poor AC when you're at high level

Fiery Fists of VENGENCE?

Why is the adventure format stuck in the past?

Looking for world-building help

Selective Channeling Question **Minor RotR Spoilers**

Do you feel a chill in your bones? (Character Concept: Opinions Wanted)

Readied Action to Move and Force an AOO vs Enemy Caster

[PFS] Spear and Shield build

More Monster Mayhem — An informal workshop

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Making Charisma not suck

Stacking Energy Damage

Metalcrafter - Codex Alera

Breaking the Gunslinger

how does dragon style feat with a bite attack work?

Constructs and Negative Levels

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot


Animal Companions and Potions

Gate - Creatures of Mass Destruction

Alchemist / Gunslinger / Explosive Missile Build

Magus' Black Blade and Energy Attunement Stacking

[Rusted Iron Games] Open Call for Plant Monster Pitches

Looking for a good list for Spell Kenning

GM just gave me a Scroll of Transfer Pregnancy!

Google spreadsheet for downtime management (teams / rooms / orgs / buildings calculator)

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Difficult GM / Difficult Player.

Recommend me something!

How should PCs find out what magical items do?

Witch against undead - help

Creative uses of Spirit of Community (Ex)

The Strain / Injury Hit Point Variant

Definition of Gish

Banner Skald

Fractional Round Action Economy proposal (not the one in PF Unchained)

Sorcerer magic item suggestions please

Looking for online PF Group

Ways of getting extra rounds of rage.

Hamatula Archer

Themed PC Groups

Darkwood Wooden Armor

Using the mount spell underground

How to increase PC level between pieces of story in a plot-relavent way?

Training a Wizard's apprentice

[Drop Dead Studios / Spheres of Power] Fun with Traditions

Adventurous Drive - (My Attempt At) Solving The 15 Minute Adventure Day

If you could recharge wands for free....

Do martial characters really need better things?

A Hairy Situation (or Fun Trying to Make a Half-Decent White Haired Witch)

Psychic guide needed.

Turning into a Deamon

Why Magic Works

Converting a Headless Horsemen into a PC

So the two-headed werewolf ate everyone...

Retraining redundant feats

Can a Familiar end it's bond with the Wizard?

Minimum Effort, Maximum Benefit

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