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Roleplay vs Rollplay

Silence Spell

Disguise to another creature type?

ship size comparison

Raise Dead question

Are Undead Always Evil?

Allip Wisdom Damage and Desecrate Spell

Oracle Archetype: Corrupted Oracle

How to play a non-martial mesmerist from level 1?

Shield Master Shennanigans

Guide to the Class Guides

Bestiary 6 Wish List

Shooting a fireball through a murder hole

Devout Swash-Barian of the Drunken God!

Help me with my concept - Brawler / Bard

Killing high level casters

Stat the Gods!!!

Ending Bloat

Multiclass Archetypes XI: Resurgence

Best spells to destroy an army?

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Fallen Paladin: Does attacking a possessed party member qualify as an Evil Act and Violation of the Paladin Code?

'Smite Evil' on < level 5 aligned characters

Question on stats of a level 6 paladin mount

Considering letting player take Craft Wondrous Item at CL1

[Everyman Gaming LLC] Announcing Everyman Unchained: Fighters!

Create Pit to crawl under door or wall

Does anyone have a list...

To kill a caster

A Guide To The Swashbuckler

Reflex save while paralyzed

Good 'good' enemies for halloween oneshot

What is your favorite thing about pathfinder?

[Kobold Press] Demon Cults & Secret Societies Kickstarter is Live! (Pathfinder RPG & 5E)

Homebrew Challenge: NPC Creator

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Making a Magnelwyr

Start to doubt alignment system.

I have three cohorts!

[Transparency Agenda Daily] Week of October 24th - 27th, 2016

This "construct" are radical to economical system ! (In golarion)

Grenadier Alchemist Question

What do YOU want in a homebrew gazetteer?

City Setting: Salt in Wounds - The bizarre, evil mega-city fed and powered by the perpetual butchery of the Tarrasque (Now Live on Kickstarter!)

101 Gritty encounters

Player Vs. Player Conflict

Any way to use the ability score modifier to wands and scrolls DC?

Battlefield Mobility / Speed / Vital Strike for fun and Profit

Can I make an Elixir of True Strike?

Quick question about Medium's Spirit Bonus ability

PaRaProMo 2016 - 1,001 PC Race Ideas

Slashing / fencing grace+swordsman flair. don't work together?

Metamagic question

Summonables to Cover Roles

Quick question on that shadow caster.

Wraiths & Anti magic shell

Zerg as playable race and as enemies

How do you pull someone out of an Entangle spell?

Soulblade feat from Haunted Heroes

Trait Bonuses

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Kineticist Help

Tricked into expecting a beneficial spell

Bestiary 5 Errata

What Should I take at level 6

Storm Druid Archetype and Lightning Subdomain

Can you do do a swift action as a move action (or standard) instead?

Need help making 1 round of Total Genocide

Rage powers active while bloodraging?

Arcanist / CRB Errata

[Zenith Games] The Colossal Creatures Bestiary

Dragons and Material Components

Scarlet and Green Cabochon sickened duration

Best feats for Dark Tempest?

does a natural attacker pervoke AoO by attacking?

Do Death effects overrule regeneration?

Oracle love?

Improved Combat Maneuver Suggestons

Create Pit vs Paralyzed Opponent

Advice for Paldin of Sarenrae Gestalt

Metal Kineticists and Special Materials

Am I a rule lawyer to a fault?

Meridian Belt and Ring of Regeneration

Killing high level casters

Shooting at targets behind weak materials?


Brown-fur transmuter build and character advice, please.

Weakest Archtypes (but most fun)

Store Blog: You Lit the Black Flame Candle?!

Can't use third party so I'm stuck.

Channeling questions

Piercing the Heavens: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Warpriest

A Question about Spell Resistance

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

[Jon Brazer Enterprises] Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Gillmen Is Coming

New Gm Assistsnce

Offensive Invisibility uses

Deflecting arrows?

Two Weapon Fighting and Thrown Weapons?

Armor with multiple determination enchantments

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