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Good rage powers for Skalds?

Skull and Shackles Shark Shaman advice

Challenge! Dropping Arrows Like Nuclear Bombs

Coup de grace for a wimpy spellcaster

Familiar Folio fun. What else can you do with this stuff?

How to Avoid Becoming a Murder Hobo

Advice on Party Integration and Alignment / Motive / Play-Style Issues

[TECHNOLOGY GUIDE[ FAQ submission: Is this a misprint?

Help with homebrew race.

frightened rules

The Monkey Goblin Savage Technologist Barbarian of my Dreams

Suggest hp to skill feat.

Fighter going mythic? Choose archmage. Here's why.

Hunter: Verminous Hunter Archtype

Investigator vs Rogue Sleuthing Olympics!

[ARG] Human Spirit

Add to Monk Weapons

Dragon Knights

Non-humanoid Goliath Druids and Enlarge Person


Cantrips for all.

Embrace Destiny + maximize + empower

Dealing with an annoying playing attitude

[Tripod Machine] Sorcerer Bloodlines 2

Whip it!

building a specific big bad

Warpriest using Level as BAB for feats

Alternate Paths: Martial Characters [Little Red]

Diviner dilemma: Arcanist or Wizard? (and other stuff)

Terrain Improvements (Ultimate Campaign)

The Cavalier's Code: An Optimization Guide

Sable Company Marine Advice

Homunculist and familiar questions

Action expenditures and Attacks of Opportunity / Readied Actions

More realistic coinage

Which Full BAB Class Gets the Most out of Reach Weapons?

Good rage powers for Skalds?

Can Investigators use wands?

Half-Elf Feat, Human Spirit, no good?

Looking to Build a Mounted Archer

Devil Fruits in Pathfinder

50 Shades of Goblin: Goblin Variants

Adventure ideas for a party of 7

Weird Character Concept, Lawyer!!

rope dart weapon + distance

Mount options for a Fighter - or should I just switch to a Cavalier?

Animate Dead

Advice on Optimizing Sword and Board

Multiclass Archetypes IX: ACG Unleashed

[LPJ Design] Pirates of the Bronze Sky Playtest 1.01 FOR FREE

Obsidian Chakram???

Boss Focus Rules

How does Kensai Fighter training react to Fighter feats that aren't weapon specific?

Wildshaping Class

How much would it cost a wizard to know every spell

Can a Titan Mauler wield a large long sword in one hand?

Summoner affected by negative levels / level drain

Why do summoners and eidolons have glowing runes on their forehead?


Favorite low level encounter and why?

why are slings so bad?

Weapon like spells

Stealth, Hide in plain sight, sneak attack and....

Bestiary or Game Master Guide?

Succubus in a grapple.

How do I make Lars in Pathfinder?

Making an 8th level paladin. Thoughts?

Best Gestalt Build - Assume optimal ability scores.

Wood Shape and Making Twine

Construct Healing?

Vow of Poverty.... for non-Monks

7th level sorcerer spell: Should I blast them with ecstasy or exhaustion?

Starting at Level 12 - Late blooming class ideas / crit. current plan

pathfinder monsters that aren't fun for their CR

Where is "Elemental Strike" defined in Pathfinder?

swarm ac / reflex...misdesign?

How to make the Boss last!

Firearm ammunition pricing

bookish rogue feat?

Down syndrome NPCs

building a light cavalryman

Two Hands are Better Than One: A Guide for Fighters using Two-Handed Weapons

dragon tactics?

Slayer TWF and Two weapon Feignt build advice

domain powers question

Leader Character Help

Down syndrome NPCs

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Remember that one time, when you did that thing?

Arcanist Optimization Guide

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

Town adventure

Some of your house rules that you like best

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Lords of the Night Playtest

Please Advise how to Best Use this Weird Battlefield Control Technique

adding to hunter spell list

New Barbarian Totem Line, Critiques Welcome

Let's talk about diabolism

Improved Precise Shot vs. Displacement

Aegi Inspired Fighter

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