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What is the meaning of 'source' in regards to bonus stacking?

Supersonic Monk

Divine version of eldritch knight)

Creating Wondrous Items That Grant Feats

Can I ever dual wield Longbows as a human?

I think I broke something... Diplomacy forever smashed

Spell Lists Drive Me Nuts

Houses are overpowered.

Monk with ring of force field

Lessons for 2nd Edition: 5th Edition D&D and Pathfinder's Complexity

Jin like Swashbuckler

How does Precise Strike interact with Spell Combat?

Sneak Attack, Am I missing something?

Arcane cult plot ideas, first time GMing, I'd appreciate any help

Creating armor from monsters

OK, Bestiary 4 devs, fess up :)

Saced fist and pummeling charge

Cannibalizing 5e D&D

What races (or traits) now qualify you for Arcane Strike?

[Northwinter Press] Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters for Pathfinder is here

Any way for Investigator to qualify for Master Chymist?

[ACG] Is exploiter wizard really THAT good?

Tiny Mouser Flank w / Underfoot Assault?

Underhanded - Natural weapons

Spontaneous Witch

Anyone actually use most of these Prestige Classes?

what feat is this and where?

Would you two Shut UP?!?! Twin Black Blades and the trouble they cause...

The Knave (base class)

How do you use your Pathfinder library?

The adopted trait

How to unframe the party

Joshua "KtFish7" Guillion has died.

Oddball magic item question

Best class for an archer with a pet

[FAQ Request] Pummeling style requirements +6 BaB and Flurry of Blows / Brawler's Flurry.

Occult Adventures, new iconics, male fanservice, tieflings,and Hell's Rebels

Axe Musket Blackblade?

New Feat: Professional Expertise


Thinking about a new campaign

Does Poison Use let you poison Natural Weapons

Step Up? Worth it? Or no?

Does the cleric spell list suck?

Stygian Slayer advice needed

Mithral Celestial Plate Armor

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Does anyone just like Pathfinder as it is?

Frog God Games Any News on The Lost Lands Campaign Guide?

New contest begins: Here Be Monsters!

Multiclass Archetypes VIII: MCAs Unlimited

Why aren't Divine spells listed by school type?

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Need more ideas for a One Shot for a Gaming Con

Half-elves and Dual Talent

Good traits, Archery Rogue?

Most popular Oracle Mystery?

Killer Rabbit Eidolon

What's the shaman for?

Razor Coast

Gun-toting demonhunter

Sneak attack spell use

Yet another attempt to "fix" the fighter

Is this right?

What feats and items can help an animal companion bodyguard.

[MM & RGG] The Veranthea Codex Kickstarter launches on Friday September 5th!

A Comprehensive Gunslinger's Guide

Knockout Artist - Feral Combat Training

[Interjection Games] Strange Magic Kickstarter launches August 28th!

Occult Adventures Speculation and Discussion

ACG Swashbuckler, Slashing Grace and... Bastard Swords

Trying to improve my arcanist build

Paladin Code of Conduct and One Night Stands [Some spoilers of RotRL]

Encounter Design: 4E & Pathfinder

The Fool Base Class- concept help

ACG Ki Pool question

Trying to improve my arcanist build

Slashing grace and Throwing weapons / swashbukler precise strike and two weapon fighting

Looking at Third Dawn

Seeing the Arcanist in action

Feral Combat Training combined with other Natural Attacks

Spirit Animals

Are the older melee classes getting less attractive / obsolete?

Settlement Creator

Investigator advice?

How to flesh out a town map..

what ways can you gain a borrow speed?

Advanced Class Guide - Bolt Ace

[PFS] Advice on a Dhampir shaman build

meta-magic stacking question

Is the Alchemist a 'caster'? Arcane? Divine? Unique?

Half-elves and Dual Talent

Brute [homebrew] blast from the past

Treesinger druid and plant wild shape

Treesinger - Elven Archetype Druid

Kobold Press - this summer's PF kickstarter?

Small sized intimidation specialist

I stack Monk with MORE MONK (actually Warpriest)! And other random noodlings from the ACG.

Slashing grace and sawtooth sabres

Master Chymist (Grand Mutagen)

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