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Building a campaign World

[PDG] Monsters of Porphyra & Monsters of Porphyra II

A Thief & His Dog (Summoner Critique)

Druid Wildshape Question

Can we get an official definition for "wielding"?

Riding Summoner Build

Attack of opportunity with the armor spikes?

4-armed Thunder and Fang+Klar+Mutagen, Legal or No?

Can the OGL and the "rules cannot be copyrighted" mechanic used by OSR systems work side by side?

Serendipitous Reaction, Deflect Arrows, and neener neener neener, you can't hit me.

Cool uses for cursed items!

Nonstandard Orc warlord suggestions

Need a strong class build to guard my character from a paladin / cleric tag team.

Barbarians and Arcane Strike

Combat Manager application

Devil Summoner - Need Advice

Making it Creepy and Horrible

Piecemeal Armor

does anyone else miss the cure minor wounds spell from 3.5?

House rules against Linear Warriors - Quadratic Wizards?

A favor owed to Calistria

[FGG] Dunes of Desolation (coming soon)

Exploit weakness and epic DR

Thrown Daggers, are they Ranged Weapons?

Searching a room for traps

The Courageous Property: What does it really do?

Alignment, the War Stirring Beast that needs to be sealed.

Limitations for intimidation

Hypothetical alignment question

Remember the Titans?

How do you do Magitech?

The combination of Improve Cleaving Finish and Great Cleave... works how?

Eldritch Heritage -> Wildblooded archetype?

New FGG Kickstarter coming April 1--Not Fooling!

Sanctum - Mythic Adventures pg.19

A paladin Smite evil is applicable to spell damage?

[Legendary Games] MYTHIC MARCH MANIA Kickstarter announced!

4 Armed Fighter with 2 two-handed weapons? Viable?

A level 4 Human Paladin can Raise Dead for Free?

Chaotic Neutral: the Lazy Gamer's Tool?

World Creation by Popular Vote!

Spell Slots for a high INT Magus

Help beating this Rogue in one turn (in a duel)

Ranged Spellstrike and Dragon Pistol

Is it possible to use a bow while kneeling?

AoO Triggers

looking into overhauling the casting system for clerics

Who is St. Cuthbert's Golarion Equivilent

Utility Rogue?

Demon fast healing cancelled by cold iron / good damage?

Yggdrasil Fanzine for Midgard CS accepting submissions!!

Who gets trapfinding?

Complete immunity to falling damage at level ten?

Rolling tons of Dice

Savage Grapple, AoO's, and Damage to CMD

Best uses for bluff.

I disbelieve it's magic, in a young girls heart

Flame oracle build advice

A rogue / sorcerer getting Improved Familiar?!

Shooting from Darkness and Sneak Attack

Why Are Summoners Practically Banned from PbP?

Need help figuring this characters attack

Maximizing martial artist's exploit weakness

Convince me Magic Missle isn't useless?

Getting the most out of my Lion Shaman - PFS

Feats for Fantastic Fighters (also a rogue talent)

Improvised weapons - many questions and can you use opponents?

Arcane Spells with varying levels on divine casters

Another question about retraining and prestige classes

Blood money, fabricate and wish for stats

Reach weapons: Getting around (soft) cover

Bashing Shield Property and Weapon Special Abilities

Changes to the Called Shot rules from Ultimate Combat

Can my monkey familiar use a wand to function as a medic?

Tuba Bard?

Cleric Domain Spells

Does "Sunder" Damage attacker's weapon?

Item creation: balanced / sensical?

How to make the party *LOATHE* my NPC.

Monk of the Four winds

Adopted trait [I misunderstood this; move along, nothing to see here]

Cleric Domain Spells

Knowledge skill checks

Are spells like teleport or dimension door considered moving away for effects like step up?

Warlock: STR Ranger's Guide to the Hexcrafter.

Seltyiel and the Pathfinderwiki

The Comprehensive Kensai Magus Guide

Multiclass Archetypes VII: MCAs Forever

The Amazing Spider-Man (Now For Pathfinder)!

Insights from God -- How to play a wizard and not come off as a jerk

Apparent Master vs. Golems immunity to Magic

Magic Item Creation

Spell combat and spell strike with a quickened spell

Undine’s curse

A Beginners Guide.

The Big Mouth Biter Goblin Barbarians are awesome!

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

Storytelling advice...

PFS - Traits / Feats to increase healing?

Shameless boosts for rogues - POST HERE! :)

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