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spells to detect pregnancy / sex of child / father of child

Should DM's enforce the Child Characters ruleset?

Still Mind

Brown Dragons?

What beats mind blank?

Skills as a class feature

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Bulletproof Armor (+1 ability)

Skald and "Rage Class Feature"?

Bloodrager and Thunderstomp

Making a weapon finesse-able

Share Spell, Form of the Dragon III on a tiny Familiar.

Arcane Bond - PEACH

Puppeteer (Summoner Archetype) - help and critics

Name the four best adventure writers for Pathfinder?

[MM & RGG] The Veranthea Codex Kickstarter is now LIVE!

Serpentine Eidolon and belt slot

Optimising Bloodrager Unarmed Fighter

Fixing Dex-to-Damage and Cha-to-Will

Which magic items just don't live up to the hype?

Combat Manager application

Different movement speeds

Psionics coming to Pathfinder!

New Bloodline for sorcerers: Force; need constructive criticism.

Good Gifts for GMs

Need help finding any text on "Re-flavoring animal companions"

Multiclass Archetypes VIII: MCAs Unlimited

Homebrew advice

Take a look at my prototype house rules? (Lots of feat adjustments.)

Bards and Specialist Parties

Firearms + Silent Kill

[Summoning] Is summoning specific spirits a nerf, buff, or neutral?

Tower shield cleric

Chronicle of the Righteous: Tanagaar's favored weapon?

Building a divination wizard to support a hunter and a skald

Barbarian and Dex abilities

[Blog Post] Weekly RPG Posts

What kind of action is the Parry and Riposte for the Swashbuckler deed?

Warblade in PF

AC and very large monsters

Divine caster carrying other holy symbols

"one true" Barbarian?

Setting up this plot point? (Minor Skinsaw Murders spoilers!)

feat advice for a cleric:

Straight 10's

The ridiculous gestalt thread

What can you do with a Vestigial Limb?

Kata Master / Swashbuckler

Which feats are underpowered? Which are basically taxes?

Pathfinder Compatibility Logo Vector Graphic?

How about a Sandpoint Box?

Line in the Sand, burst and duration

Help with Descriptive BuildingTerminology

Regarding Paizo.... Clerics and the Ecclesitheurge

New contest begins: Here Be Monsters!


Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

should there be a save vs. detect spells?

Character wants to create a new spell for Eldritch Researcher

Type of Dragon?

Building a new character

Best Settings?

Pummeling Style Equals Total Nonsense (In other words...too much damage)

Yggdrasil Fanzine for Midgard CS accepting submissions!!

Patch Changes to Firearms & Gunslingers

Guide to the very best traits

3PP High Fantasy Settings for Pathfinder

What Classes Are We Still Missing?

Technological Slow-firing Firearms and Dead shot deed

Into the Southlands! -- The Fall 2014 Project from Kobold Press

Upcoming interviews about 3PPs and Kickstarters

Ideas for a bullet slinging bruiser

Spring attack Reach Build.

Back it for a Buck (B4$) Challenge for Cross of Fire Saga Kickstarter

Coordinated Charge + Party of Punishing Kickers

Stick it with the pointy end - My first attempt at a Swashbuckler

Is Mythic Adventures viable?

HEDGE MAGE [base class]

Help me create a backstory for a new race.

Valet Familiar, Teamwork Feats and RAGE

So what do you guys think about technological items?

How do summoned monsters feel about being summoned?

Occult Adventures Wishlist

Aggression Mechanics

Maximizing Strength Bloodrager

How to best derail CotCT

Does Evolution Surge stack ?

Chuck the Cavalier - throwing Greataxes for victory!

Multiple Resist Energy Spells. Legal Stacking?

Which foes are stupid enough to not attack the casters first?

Rogue, minor re-write

Sylph necromancer

Unforeseen Consequences of Vital Strike and Weaponized Spells

Favoured Melee Psychic Warrior?

Tactical fun with cayhounds

Podcast Feedback

Best build to become a Worm That Walks?

Testing the rules: Primal Companion Hunter

Pawn Boxes

Shaman Necromancer for Skulls and Shackles

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