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Charm Monster and Planar Binding

Nature Soul + Animal Ally

How to make a competent switch fighter-type character?

How do you run portals?

does a decoy ring give you greater invisibility?

Power Creep - Are the newer options just plain better than the Core Rulebook ones?

Would you take this deal?

4.0 to Pathfinder

Surpassing even The Boss: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Gunslinger

Would you pay 3 feats in order to get an animal companion?

The Knave (base class)

Whirlwing Air Elemental Form Questions

Help me find a class

Magic Circle against Evil: When used as a trap, does it protect the trapped creature?

FAQ Contradictions: Two-Handed Weapons in One Hand and Power Attack

Missile Shield+Deflect Arrows?

Building a Tower Shieldadin?

Headband and Head slot, Do they Stack?

Help with feat for gnome illusionist

True Strike and Ray-ish Spells

What's the deal with the rogue hate?

Is there a magic weapon property that will increase sneak attack damage?

Uncarnate Question [Ultimate Psionics / Dreamscarred Press]

Advice on Arcane Deed Magus

Mystic Theurge / Envoy of Balance Character Idea- Input Sought

Is Antagonize worth taking over Superior Summoning?

What Would You Pack For a Crossover Campaign?

Erik Mona and Brandon Hodge talk Occult Adventures

What's The REAL Difference Between Sorcerers and Wizards?

A new race approaches!

Is Hypnotism ever worth it? Low level Kitsune Sorc help.

The Fighter Unchained! Let's get the Fighter into PF Unchained

Master of Many Styles, Monk of the Four Winds or Sacred Fist Warpriest?

toppling spell and magical lineage?

Paladin Smite Evil (Evil Outsider, Undead, Evil Dragon)

fake cursed character with multiple personalities

Group in / near Lafayette Colorado

Forget best, what's the most fun?

Mobile Summoning Platform

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Need help building a character with relatively poor stats.

Help with magic items for a sap rogue

New Race: The Lapidan

Beginner Box d20s

What to do with a Duergar PC?

Any good Pathfinder video on Youtube to learn from?

to deflect / destroy enemy arrow with my own

Character concept needing class

What spellcaster demographics mean for the world.

DMing styles changing the value of in-game skills / abilities / classes...

Wielding a Wand with 0 charges as a Melee Weapon

one more scorpion whip thread? (sorry)

1001 cool ways to break the rules

Suggestions for Pathfinder flowcharts

Touch Attack Casters - How to best utilize?

Two weapon fighter

Quick-converting the League of Legends Champions

Zora, legend of zelda races in golarion

Help making a bluffing rouge.

Brawler's Flurry Offhand Penalty

Pummeling Style + Blood Crow Strike and Other Monkly Questions


Potential MoMS Fix

Fighters and Bravery Points

Rogue Talents (alternate)

I know what I "want" to build...can anyone help me actually do it ?

Codename: Morningstar partners with Mike Schley and Exploding Rogue Studios

FAQ on Hat of Disguise duration

Anti-magic army design

What races make cool bloodragers?

Multiclass Archetypes IX: ACG Unleashed

Harpoons and the grapple quality

Twf Slayer for Skulls and Shackles

Mythic Rules: What is the Accepted Wisdom?

Really Simple Prestige Classes [Little Red]

witch assistance

Can you take Free / Swift Actions when Nauseated?

Version 10.11 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available!

Is There A Difference Between Witches And Warlocks?

What is the point of Dizzying Defense?

Two Weapon Fighting Rogue + Deliquescent Gloves

The Masquer, a Factotum and Chameleon-inspired base class

Boon Question - 'Custom Order' and Bane

PFS feat for a support-ey level 5 oracle?

Dust Form Question

Paizo should turn the Eldritch Scion into an alternate Class

Help with: Halfling Mouser-Swashbuckler build & level dip of Sorcerer.

Best Neutral Diety for a Holy Vindicator?

[Interjection Games] The Interjection Blog is live!

Help with WoW Death Knight pathfinder

Quick house rule - Repositioning a shield

What would your demiplane be like?

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Lords of the Night Playtest

Shadowdancer fix

[PFS] Feat advice for unarmed Monk

Arcane Enlightenment + Flexible Hex

Dragon / Magic-based campaign

Stupid Question

Sword and board character advice for PFS

Guide to the Class Guides

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