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[Minotaur Games] Edge of Eventide dramatic campaign for Pathfinder!

Negative and Positive energy in relation to Alignment.

Master Spell Index Cross-referenced by Caster Class?

Need help stating up a unique monster.

Do grappled targets count as willing if they want to follow a teleport

15 point buy, why does it appeal to you?

Lion Blade Prestige Class 2016 - please explain prereqs

Create Pit vs Paralyzed Opponent

FAQ REQUEST: Warpriest sacred weapon and effective size category modifiers to the weapon.

Need help making 1 round of Total Genocide

[Everyman Gaming LLC] Who Are Your Childhood Heroes?

"Zygomind is CR 18?" or "Well I'mma Not Sleep Well Anymore"

Spells for a dragon to learn?

Multiclass Archetypes XI: Resurgence

Adopted by Kitsune

Serpentfolk Stats?

Does Titan Mauler allow you to use large two-handed guns

My GM being fair?

Best spells to destroy an army?

Should i take a step back?

Rule bending and inconsistency.

Help with DM writer's block: What is the Bane of Sorrow?

My party just wants to KILL EVERYTHING

will Ascendant recollection work for a bloodrager?

PaRaProMo 2016 - 1,001 PC Race Ideas

The biggest intrinsic issue with PF (and TTRPG in general)

sorcerer vs oracle as support blaster with pet

know of any gnoll traits and feats?

Cheating gm?

Sword for a wizard

Chosen One (Paladin), Diplomancer - Build Advice

Flanking with a different weapon

Roleplay vs Rollplay

Calculating party wealth in a conquest (solo-ish) campaign

Your personal Top 3 Favorite Races

Exactly when can a witch use cackle to extend a 1 round hex?

Do Death effects overrule regeneration?

Help me create a 4e seeker for Pathfinder

Can you do do a swift action as a move action (or standard) instead?

Katana; Swashbuckler Weapon Training

pinned condition and attack action

Paizo Blog: Villains Everywhere!

Communal Effort: Mythic Arcane Discoveries

Heavy things breaking stuff

Samurai - Sword Saint

What would be a good build for a solo Pathfinder Society agent?

What atheism looks like in pathfinder world?

Stat the Gods!!!

[Forrestfire Studios] A new company, a unique casting class, and more

[Rusted Portal] Apocalypse the Risen RPG Kickstarter Live!

Evasion when you are actively grappling someone

Efficient Quiver and Melee Weapons

Aztec Troglodytes?

Ideas for a Cavalier / Rogue Or Stealth Cavalier.

Wondrous Item of Mirror Image

Can a a troll be killed by death effects?

Best outsiders for true name, and why.

[Zenith Games] The Colossal Creatures Bestiary

Black Blade Saves

Your favorite monsters?

Druid Wildshape Calculator

Are there rulings to LOSE weapon proficiencies?

Advice on casting defensively as a magus

making a bloodrager what are the ways to get pounce w / o races

Multimorph - Polymorph any Object interaction

(Contest) Find the Highest Manifester level Possible

Reflex save while paralyzed

same natural attacks and blood rager.....

what qualify's as "off-handed"

Alchemist and Liquefy

Monstrous Extremities--Cripple Movement?

Feywild Question

Can you suggest a class / archetype / alternate magic system for this player?

what classes are there that improve / use / add natual attacks?

Question on Ridy by Attack feat.

A newb question

What use is monks Slow Time?

Blade Lash + Reach Weapons and / or Increased Reach

Barbarian vs unchained barbarian swift foot

Half-Undead and Undead affecting effects?

How do I solo Pathfinder?

Can a skinwalker race become a lycanthrope?

Mythic Adventures - Legendary Item Undetectable vs Tricksters Supreme Stealth

Bestiary 6 Wish List

Party member running after danger

A very Intrigueing situation any thoughts or advice on how to move forward

Paladin Sword of Beserking

Ghoul touch allows a saving throw right?

Crank Crossbows: How Do They Work?

Occultist Conjurer's Focus

Assimar: Angel wings and Fly alternate ability

How do I balance encounters for THIS party?

Kineticists Only - Can It Work?

Pinned Question

What condition(s) does a Bolt Ace's 'Pinning Shot' ability cause?

What options for an eldritch guardian?

Am I missing any Arcane caster classes

Halloween Themed Items

Question About Lore Warden (Fighter Archetype)

Forcing Alignment Change.

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