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Is Dimensional Assault an actual charge?

Why do dragons hoard treasure

Magical Swashbuckler

Is the Android race overpowered?

The Oracle or the Shaman, Which to choose?

Homebrew World help: Super-Specialized Casters

Dismount and 5' step?

The Arcanist

When do you get your feats?

Paladin of the Silver Flame - Benefits?

Pathfinder Complete Compilation Books of Feats, Spells, Classes

Path of Shadows?

How to build someone who rises when the chips are down.

The Songbird of Doom: A Guide to a most unlikely tank and Mechanism of Mass Destruction (Warning: GMs will hate you)

Had my worst GM recently, anyone have any tales of GM terror?

Eldritch Knight build for a created fey race.

Ultimate Campaign Mass Combat

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Seeking conceptual advice

Does Effortless Lace Reduce the Penalty of Two-Weapon Fighting?

Quicky on invisibility & flat footed

Multiclassing and Wizard Spellbooks and Gunslinger Pistol

Mythic Adventures - balance concerns

Sleeping in Armor and characters who either don't sleep or sleep for 2 hrs

Does the concept of "forbidden" magic imply lawfulness?

Are Drugs Poison?

Mastermind Investigator's Inspiration

All monk party - what should I play?

Let's add some flair to a necromancer

How do I put the fear of the almighty GM back into players?

Vestigial Arms, TWFing and "Multi"-Weapon Fighting

Rolling High Level Characters

I didn't ban the Master Summoner... but maybe I should have

Breaking Attacks of Opportunity

Guide to the Class Guides

"Monster" orphanages and sanctuaries (Golarion)

Homebrew Class - Umbra

Sound Striker - Wierd Words Ability questions

PFS Alchemist and Alchemy Crafting

Jump and Shield Slam

To Augment my summon or not .. that is the question (PFS)

Is there a good class or combo for AoE damage and healing?

Ideas for places you DO NOT want to be as an adventurer.

Powerful build - weapon size?

shield and armor share enhance?

I have a bad GM

How to Build Mounted Combat for PFS?

Class Design Input

Price increase in Pathfinder tales

Should I / Could I play this race.

Multiclass Archetypes IX: ACG Unleashed

Your Ban List

So, I've got a person who thinks Slashing / Fencing Grace is OP...

Vahaan, a playable race of tiny fey creatures.

Sell me on the Gunslinger?

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

staff in one hand, wand in the other and other spells, spell-like!

what product is the trait "By Land or by Sea" in?

Converting the races of Warhammer to Pathfinder

Please no more combat expertise!

Mastermind Investigator

Why go Eldritch Guardian?

Why don't fighters take Master Craftsman?

I love the powerglove

Incorporating in depth magic item crafting into your games

life goal affect alignment?

Lore Question on Oakstewards and Sevenarches?

Untargeted Ray Attacks and Misses: Does the Ray Continue

DM Needs Your Help! I'm stumped with an encounter.

[Kickstarter] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls project is LIVE!

Mystic Theurge Tactics

Un / Holy Ice Weapon and Unarmed Strike as Deity's Favored Weapon

Rage Powers: Elemental Totems

D&D 3.5 Core Monk Build Advice

Chase Card Rules and Obstacle-less cards.

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Inquisitor

Improved Familiars and the Mauler archetype

Killing from Miles Away

i would like to simulate arrows lodging themselves into player and enemy characters when hit but cannot find any rules on it

Eidolon "Rake" ability improvement

Dreamscarred press: Obese dwarf - does slow and steady apply?

Help me get over my HATE for Combat Expertise! Please

Rod of Interminable Hexes + Prehensile Hair?

Wild Shape and Ice Armor

Whip wielding character

Question about unscathed Trait

I have a bad GM

Question about Barbed Arrows

Razor Coast

Brawler Gear

Unique Game Idea

Companion Advancing Help

White Haired Witch / Brawler Grappler

You Are Not Your Gear - Automatic Character Bonuses

"at will" abilities, what does it take to activate?

mythic heroism question

How to Make Ghosts?

Which of these weapons would you suggest?

Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion

cap on enchants???

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