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Joshua "KtFish7" Guillion has died.

Can I ever dual wield Longbows as a human?

Monk's unarmed strike damage and Brass knuckles / Cestus?

Does ANYONE just like Pathfinder as it is?

Highest dmg archer build there is

Gun Kata

RA and CD subscriptions

101 Paths to Apotheosis

Knee-jerk reactions from the Advanced Class Guide

Possible Mythic Adventures errata

ACG; Ecclesitheurge "Blessing of the Faithful"? Possible Errata needed

So I hatched a tatzlwyrm, what now?

(PFS) Should I retrain my 4th Level Oracle?

Do you need your material component(s) in hand to cast a spell?

Dragon Disciple and Bloodrager

Slashing Grace: DEX to Damage, but not Attack Roll?

war priest Vs Battle clerics vs battle oracle

I want to ride a T-Rex like a Tauntaun, Help Me do it!

Is Summoners Relationship with Eidolon Evil or Wrong?

Individualized Spell Lists --- "What NOT to include?"

Ultimate Technology Wishlist

GM advice: I showed my players the advanced race guide

All Hail Fencing Grace!

Archetypes you'd like to see.

So, does Concealment negate all Precision Damage?

Lessons for 2nd Edition: 5th Edition D&D and Pathfinder's Complexity

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Dirty Tricks - Examples

I stack Monk with MORE MONK (actually Warpriest)! And other random noodlings from the ACG.

ACG - Investigators and spell trigger items

Help with frostbite (enforcer) / bodyguard Magus

The new Fighter and how it compares.

How about a Sandpoint Box?

Brute [homebrew] blast from the past

Strength or Dex Kensai for my next campaign.

Technomancer? Say what?

Countering Fireball without Counterspell?

Aasimar MT classes:

Weapons made from different mataerials

Bestiary 5 Wish List

Seeing the Arcanist in action

Android Slayer for upcoming Iron Gods game

Slayer: no point to make a rogue anymore... why fulll BAB?

Question about Slayer studied target

[Northwinter Press] Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters for Pathfinder is here

How many tricks does Pumpkin the Tiger start with? (PFS question)

Seriously, who DOESN'T want a pet? (Help me make a guide, please)

Arcane Bloodline Sorcerer, Metamagic and Staff of the Master?

If they were to make a new edition of Pathfinder...

This Is Weird But I Need Advice for A Multiclassing Eidolon

Feral Gnasher Build Advice

OK, Bestiary 4 devs, fess up :)

Thinking about a new campaign

Scarred Lands returning?

mutagen master fighter and extra discovery.

brawler mutagenic mauler archtype

Stealth rewrite

[Strange Magic] Shadow Magic as a Stretch Goal

PFS - Teamwork Scout and Animal Companion

Countering Fireball without Counterspell?

Ladies and Gentlemen: It's time we made the rogue work.

The Dice Tower thread

Biggest natural attack

Kitsune Enchanter

Bolt Ace: How do you even?

Are Godlings overpowered? Why / why not?

[Rogue Genius Games] ACG Advanced Options pdfs

Question: Bestiary Monster Target Numbers

Overrun Vs. Reach

Help with the flying Spaghetti Monster

Monk questions

More Attacks of Opportunity - Flowing Monk

some beginner questions about armor details and penalties

Mystic Theurge Advice!

A Map or Setting like a medieval version of London

Technology at the Table

Gaining literacy in a language through magic

PFS - Low Charisma and Familiar

four handing an large sized bastard sword.

Warpriest nerf, real?

Are the older melee classes getting less attractive / obsolete?

The Gauntlet of Spiragos

Shaman advice

Darigaaz's Discount Pile O' Builds

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

[PFS] Advice on a Dhampir shaman build

Super Wisdom Monk / Warpriest

Counterpunch unavailable for monks

Falling onto a swarm

Opportune Parry & Riposte + Snap Shot

Trapper Ranger UMD?

House Rules for my next Campaign

Combining feats and feat taxes.

Yup, It's time for Pathfinder 2.0

Does the cleric spell list suck?

The Barrier World project - Steampunk Magitech Post-Post Apocalyptic setting

Help with a witch cartomancer build

[Rogue Genius Games] Talented Classes product line

The Bolt Ace

How to build a better brawler?

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