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Lilith's page

9,209 posts. Alias of Liz Courts (Contributor).

Full Name

Lilithid, Demon Queen of Victuals




Wizard 6/Loremaster 10/Web Monkey 10/Artist 6





Special Abilities



Lawful Naughty


ME! Know my power! *hand out a plate of cookies*


Redmond, WA


English, Tech, Geek, Latin (in my sleep)



Homepage URL

Portfolio, DeviantArt Gallery

Strength 13
Dexterity 21
Constitution 17
Intelligence 34
Wisdom 20
Charisma 40

About Liz Courts

First post!
Proud Werecabbage!

You can read my full stats at DM Tools. DM Tools was inspired by a post on these boards, originally just a Stat Block Bank, but eventually expanded to include generators and other handy DM...well, tools. :)

I am a sometime artist, please visit my website - if you like me, commission me!

On the Demon Queen thing...I love to cook. The Dark Side has cookies, don't you know? I like to homebrew as well. My specialities are cordials and a butt-kicking Belgian Abbey-style ale called "Enunciator Terminator."

Wayfinder - A Pathfinder fanzine
Keep an eye on the Paizo forums for Wayfinder announcements.

Games I Play
LIVE Gamertag - LilithDarkmoon (Viva Pinata only)
XFire - lilithdarkmoon
EVE Online - Charybdis Lasceaux (inactive)

Published Works
Most of them are located here!
Arcana Minor: Lightning Strikes! (artist, cartographer) - Monster Mayhem: Ghostly Powers (author)
Portrait of a Villain: The Desire (cartographer)
Temple of the Forgotten God (cartographer)

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